Elementals and Earth Changes

by Celia Fenn

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Friday, 27th May 2005

Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa.

Today I went hiking in the mountains.

It was a grey and wintery day, and I was not really in the mood for being outdoors. But my guides thought otherwise.

So they didn’t tell me…until I was there and had no choice but to hike…….

(I hate it when they do that!!!!)

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It was very beautiful and I was very conscious of the Elemental energy…the fairies and devas….

Very present…

But also aware that I wasn’t hearing them very well….

I couldn’t work out what they were trying to say to me…

This is probably because I am so conditioned to “hear” what I expect fairies and devas to say

From what I have read in past traditions

And well…they were not saying that.....

(this is Africa after all…not England…but we do have fairies here too)

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It was only when I got home that I understood what they were saying.

The reason I was there was that a friend asked me to come with her to look at a country property that she was interested in buying. Well, it was big…and we walked and walked...and walked. The road had been washed away by a huge storm in the area 3 weeks ago. Not only that, but the river on the farm had “walked” about 20 metres and found a new course. There was evidence of upheaval and change, not only on this farm but in the entire area.

The fairies told me that the Elemental Energies were helping to reshape the earth. The earth had shifted slightly in December 2004, and the elementals were helping to “re-arrange the furniture”, so to speak, so that nature was more comfortable with the new alignments.

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The message is that the Elementals are working with us now in the positive process of re-shaping the earth for the new Paradise.

We can see these changes with fear as “earth changes” that are a punishment for how bad we have been, and which cause pain and loss. Or we can embrace them with joy, and make sure that the loss of life is minimal. We do this by holding our own inner balance and understanding that the power of the elementals is working with us and for us!

Isn’t that a wonderful message for today and our times!

It is now…it is what people need to know about the fairies, the elementals and the Goddess, …now…so that they can understand that the world of nature is not “out there” trying to harm us, but is working with us in creative and wonderful ways….by our choice……

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...and a special smile of agreement from Dax the African Dassie......