February 2007

by Celia Fenn

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February 24th: One More Time?...... Here is an interesting phenomenon that we need to watch, maybe. We are working with the new Solar Light Body, both our own and that of Planet Earth. Patricia Cota Robles described this process beautifully in her latest channel, which you can read on Now, the Solar Light body is closely affected by what happens on the sun, for in many ways it is the sun or our connection with the sun. The sun provides the conduit for the intense radiance that comes to us from the Galactic Center.

Now, three months ago, in December there was a Sunspot that produced the most powerful Solar Flare that the planet has seen for the last 25 years. It was called Sunspot 930. Now sunspots usually fade and die after a few weeks. But not this one. It keeps going, and we experienced it again as Sunspot 941 (a new name) when it rotated back into Earth view a month ago. And now, it has re-appeared as Sunspot 944. But it is the same vortex of energy.

Here is an image of the sunspot from the website

sunspot940.jpg The question is, of course, whether this vortex will be a major player in the new energies that are coming up in March. March is always a powerful month, with the Equinox bringing changes. It is always the time when the energy initiated by the previous cycles begins to be replaced by the incoming energies that will climax in July and early August at the Lion's Gate.

This March, we also have a Lunar and a Solar eclipse. It does seem like the energies that we have been working with will continue and will be probably intense in March. I have not as yet been given any information about these cosmic energies from the higher dimensions, I think that will come in the monthly energy report from Archangel Michael.

For now, lets just see what happens. There is an alert for Auroras or Northern Lights over Scandinavia and the USA, as there will be a solar wind entering the planet's atmosphere on the 25th, so those of you in that area can keep an eye out for more spectacular displays.

The one message I have been given is with regard to the events in the Middle East, which seem to be accelerating towards escalation of violence once again. There may be an attempt by the powers that be to use this opportunity to create more violence with the aim of damaging the new earth grids at the most vulnerable place. Historically, for over a thousand years, the Middle East has been the one place where it is easy to foment emotions of hatred and violence. If there were to be damage to the old earth grids there, it might have the effect of damaging the new grids because the grids are still close enough to cause damage.

Lightworkers in the area know that they have to keep strengthening the grids with the intention of love and peace. But, for those of us who live far away, I have been told by Michael that the best way to hold the integrity of the New Grid system is to hold the integrity of your own personal merkaba and lightbody.

In fact, your lightbody is part of the Earth's new Lightbody. And as you know, the quantum world has shown us that everything is connected and that if you hold the energy of your lightbody, then through the law of resonance or vibration, you are helping the Earth to do the same. Your ascended lighbody spins on the matrix of the Icosa-dodecahedron, as does the Earth's ascended Light Body. As you hold your center, you help the Earth to hold hers. The image below is a model of this sacred geometric shape.

icosa2.jpg In this case, even if there is violence by choice of some, its effects will be limited. When those who use fear and violence as a means of control realize that this is no longer effective, we can know that they will cease to attempt to use these tools.

So, in the days that come, focus on holding your center, being grounded, filled with love, and above all, holding the intention of PEACE for the PLANET. For as you INTEND, so you CREATE!

February 17th: The Quiet Storm After all the turbulence and shift of the last two months, February may seem like a quiet month. There is no great solar activity right now, and the cosmic weather seems clear. But there is no doubt that we are still feeling the after effects or the after "shock" of the great transition that we have been through.

Add to that the effects of Mercury Retrograde...everything seems jammed and stuck or falling apart! Actually, what is happening at high speed, is that all sorts of "jammed" issues are coming up to be rapidly resolved. That is why I call it the "quiet storm".

I am finding that these issues are happening so fast that my head spins and I can't keep up. Its like...whooosh...ok, thats gone. Next!

It can be both frightening and confusing, the speed with which things happen at this time. Its almost like we have no control over what happens, and in effect this is true. The Higher Self is in charge, Spirit is in charge, and in this "window" of opportunity provided by the wave of cosmic energy that poured through recently, many very necessary shifts are being made.

Our work is to accept these shifts and changes, and not to try and resist them and their impact on our lives. They are helping us to find balance, no matter how hard and difficult they might seem. This is especially true of emotional and relationship issues. We are having to speak our truth and walk our talk and then take the consequences!

This is how it should be! This is the path of the Spiritual Warrior. Our work is Courage, Trust and Acceptance. Holding our Center and accepting that All is Well and that all will unfold for the highest good.

So, we can support each other through these changes, and let them happen without judgment. Most importantly, don't judge yourself. Remember, Love and Compasssion start with you and then extend to others!

So, on the positive side, here are some images from my garden. I have noticed in the last six months a kind of regeneration in my garden, as though the fairies have "come back" and of course, they have. My next channel will talk about how we carry the fairy energy within ourselves and how it is activating right now.

So, the first image is of a frequent "visitor" to my garden space, an Ibis. He is fairly friendly, and doesn't mind sharing space with me as he hunts for food. I love him because he is the symbol for the Egyptian Messenger God, Thoth, who is the equivalent of Archangel Michael in the Egyptian theology. So, he is a very special visitor for me, and he usually appears at special times in my life.

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These are African Laughing Doves. This image reflects for me, the energy of the Twin Flame. These two beautiful birds sitting in the sun making love to each other.

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Yes, there are some wonderful energies available right now too!

February 6th: Seeding a "Temple of Light" or a MAGICAL MYSTERY ADVENTURE in the Ninth Dimension!: When you get to work in the Higher Dimensions, you find that Spirit is very playful. In the old days, in the old 3D energy, you would get your "orders" and do your work. Now, I find it to be more like a game or an adventure, as the synchronicities and the "clues" unfold.

In the last ten days or so, I was privileged to be able to work with Spirit and other Lightworkers to seed two "Temples of Light" in my area. I was guided to share these images with you, so that you can feel the energy through the vibrations of the images.

Well....the story begins like this. I have worked out at a place called Cape Hangklip with a friend who owns a wonderful piece of land there. It is a Sacred Site, and the energies are very Ninth Dimensional, that is very high frequency and very clear to the point of being "pristine". I worked there last year in September, when Starchild Global held our Whale Week at the Hoogwater Huis (High Water House) and worked with the Cetacean energy. Well, in late January, Koeka, the friend who owns the house there, sent me this image of Comet McNaught high above the house. Immediately, I knew something special was brewing in that area, although I did not know what.

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At this point, enter Bea Martin and David Johnson from Bristol in the UK. We backtrack a few months, to October, when Bea wrote to me to say that she and David were embarking on a three month trip around the world, visiting the USA, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and ending here in Cape Town. They wanted to come visit, I gave them my contact details and then forgot about it. Well, at the end of January they arrived, and booked for their session with me. When they arrived, on the 28th of January, we sat down to begin the work. They told me a little about their trip, and it turns out that they are Twin Flames who had merged their energy on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. They had been guided to bring with them, to the session with me, two clear quartz crystals that were from the same mine as the Earth Keeper Crystal at the San Marga Iraivan Temple at Kauai. This was a bit of a wake up call for me, because in 2005 I had helped with the activation of the Paradise Grid, by anchoring and activating the energies here in the South. I had worked with people in Kauai.

When David and Bea gave me their crystals to hold, I immediately felt a sense of strong connection with the Earth Keeper at Iraivan. Now, the Iraivan temple is a Hindu Monastery, although Bea tells me its purpose is to serve peoples of all paths. Also, the Earth Keeper has been used as the central energy for futher grid work in Kauai. So, here is an image of the beautiful crystal at the Temple. It is apparently 700 pounds and 39 inches tall, a perfectly pointed, six sided crystal.

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Well, at that point, the session came to an abrupt end as Spirit told me quite clearly that I needed to take Bea and David to certain places, and so began a two day adventure in which we worked with the grids and the leylines and activated two "Temple of Light" sites. So...they were all for it, and off we went....

The first day was spent in the area of the "Children of Africa" project, a place called Sir Lowry's Pass Village. There, we were guided to a piece of open land in the middle of a residential area that has been reserved for an indigenous wild flower garden in the future, and now also a Temple of Light. The elementals worked with us, and asked us to first clean up the area, and then do some simple activation ceremonies. Bea and David are Sound Healers, and so we did sounding and toning as a way of awakening and clearing the grids.

Here are some images David took of me in the process. I love the one with the two Kauai crystals in my hands, as you can see the light within the crystals glowing. In case you are wondering about the outfit, its not some kind of New Age Priestess thing. I did not know that David was going to take the images, and I had put a scarf I was wearing over my shoulders over my head since the sun was very hot. I was holding the crystals up to the sun so that the Solar Crystal energy could run through the crystals and into the grids. Yes, it does run through you as well, and I can tell you that it packs quite a powerful punch. Don't try this unless you know what you are doing. I have been doing Earth Ceremony for more than ten years, and this one knocked me flat for a few days afterwards, and I'm still buzzing.

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Here you can see the beautiful Solar Crystal energy playing through the crystals in my hands.

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The next day we were guided out to Hangklip, to the Vortex at Cape Hangklip and the incredible energies there. I remember David asking whether it was "real". Everything seemed bigger and clearer and lighter, it was really like walking in a dream. We did not do any ceremonies as such here, since the important thing was for Bea and David to encode their Twin Flame energies into the grid at this point. Apparently, it was important that this energy be part of the activation, and I was immensely grateful to Bea and David for coming to Africa and being willing to allow their beautful Twin Flame energy to become part of this new Temple of Light.

This is an image of Bea and David taken right at the top of the House.

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And here is the house itself, built into the rocks on the shoreline:

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I had a mail from Koeka, the owner of the house, to tell me that recently dolphins have been coming into the bay next to the house, and that at night the water has become flourescent and is very beautiful. She is hoping to get a video clip that we can share with you.

Finally, here is the beautiful mountain that gives its name to the area, Hangklip, or hanging rock. Seen from the sea, it looks as though the rock at the top is hanging over the sea.

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So, that was our adventure as Spirit took us through the Dreamtime of the Higher Dimensions to seed this new Temple of Light!

It seemed so far away from the anxiety and stress and violence of the Old Earth. And this is why Spirit asked me to share the images with you, so that you can feel the energy of the New Earth as it Rises into manifestation. It is Lightworkers like you and me who are helping to birth this New Earth into the new Crystalline Grids.!

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