The 11:11:11 Energies

A Photo Essay in Crystals

Images by Jan Custers

Text by Celia Fenn

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At this time of Radiant Cosmic Energies, we are privileged to be able to share in Jan's interpretation of the energies through his beautiful Crystal Images.

Each of these images holds the power of the Cosmic 11:11:11 energies, and can be used as a focus of meditation on the energies.

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The Crystal Energies
carrying the key to Christ Consciousness
flow through the Cosmic Gate

Gold and Silver
Indigo and Orange and Pink
The Divine Feminine
and the Divine Masculine
Unite in Sacred Union
Creating patterns and paths
for the New Earth

The Two that are One
The One that is Two
Hear the Celestial Music

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Breathe in the Sacred Energies
allow them to flow through you
feel the power of Alignment
As your Higher and Lower beings merge
in one Perfect Union

It is time to Sing and Dance
and harmonize with the LOVE
of All That Is!

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© 2004-5 Jan Custers,Celia Fenn and the Starchild Ascension Group
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