Aligning with the Cosmic Heartbeat

Equinox Message for March 2006

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, at this time of the Equinox energies in 2006, we bring you a powerful message of the Heart. This is a Joyous and Blessed moment that is the culmination point of much of the work that you have done over the last two years. As the Earth moves towards a point of perfect balance between day and night, yin and yang, you too are finally moving into a perfect balance between your inner masculine and feminine energies.

The influx of energy from the Galactic Center has meant that the Planet is once more receiving the loving and nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine. And, at this point of balance both you and your planet are about to fully synchronize or harmonize with the Cosmic "heartbeat".

Your Galaxy has a "heart" at its center that pulsates in the same way as your heart. This Galactic center, also known as the Great Central Sun, pulsates waves of Light and Sound harmonics as Energy. This is the Galactic "heartbeat", and all beings who are in harmony with the Cosmic and Galactic energies align their personal frequency pulsations or light energies with that of the Galactic "Heart".

For a long time, humans and their planet have been out of alignment with the Galactic Heart. You have experienced the "disharmony" of being "out of step" with the waves of loving energy that come from the Galactic Heart, which, in turn, are synchronized with the Cosmic Heartbeat of Source, All That Is. But now, with the opening of the new light meridians in the Galactic Lightbody, you are, as a Planetary Collective, returning into alignment with the Cosmic pulsations of the Great Heart at the Center of All.

For indeed, dearest Lightworkers, the Cosmos is a great Field of Love, and the Source is the Heart at the Center whose Love and Creativity provides the ongoing energy for Evolution and Creation in pure love. Do you not know, dearest ones, that it is with your Heart that you find the connection with Source and All That Is, and not with the mind or brain. Your Heart has its own intelligence, and that is the intelligence of the Love of Source. The intelligence of the Mind is the lower intelligence of the material realms, which also has its place, but is now coming into alignment with the Higher Intelligence of the Heart.

As you move into this alignment phase, many of you will feel the energies moving in your Heart Chakra. You may also feel a "fogginess" in the mind or brain, as the "switch over" occurs. You may feel pain the Heart Chakra area, especially in the rib cage, or you may experience heart palpitations or a tightness in the chest. Just allow yourself to breathe deeply and gently, as your heart aligns with the energies of Higher Love and Higher Purpose.

You may also feel very emotional and vulnerable at this time, and you may be experiencing clearing away of old energies around relationships and love.

For the implications of this moment are deep and far-reaching for all of you. As you bring your masculine and feminine energies into balance, you open the way for perfect balance in all relationships. This includes also the moment when you will begin to feel the connections with your Galactic family in a very real way as you begin to align on the same energy frequency of Galactic Harmony and Love. And also, this is the time when it becomes possible for Soulmates and Twin Flames to enter into relationships of perfect Balance and Harmony. These are significant gifts at this time.

And of course, dearest ones, as you move into this place of blessed Harmony and Love, all that is not in harmony will become very evident and will fall away as you begin to "pulsate" in harmony with the Cosmic Heartbeat.

You are ready now to experience Love as you have not experienced it, except at "Home". Now you have brought Home or Heaven to Earth, and you are ready to receive and experience such Love and Joy and Peace, right here and now. The same Love and Peace that you experience at Home. For "Home" resonates with the harmonic pulsations of Source Love and Energy, just as the Earth does as she aligns with the Cosmic Heart.

This is a great moment, a moment of Joy for all of you who have worked for the return to Oneness. For you are now indeed fully "One" with the Cosmic Heart. For did we not say that you were Cosmic Crystals in a Field of Love? Now your Crystalline Bodies will pulsate with the frequencies and harmonics of the Great Heart at the center of All.

It is indeed a time to celebrate at this March Equinox of 2006!

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn
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