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Thank you for joining the sound meditation Saturday 23rd sept 2006

AA Michael asks us this EQUINOX to hold the intention of PEACE, in ourselves, opening our minds and spirits to it, allowing it, allowing the shift of consciousness, balancing, and thus grounding it in the planet!

An old poem tells how Michael transforms his sword into a harp, and invites heaven and Earth to join in the song of light that flows through all beings.

In the beginning was the Word…The sound?

In the open spirit; silence, sound and light can be experienced as one.

A creative movement of the One..

Making a sound, a song, is a playful, joyful way for us to stay in the FOCUS OF THE "NOW".

As AA Michael also invites us and lovingly urges us to do.

All around the planet, on energychakras of the Earth, the global movement Circle of Sound, meet in groups, guided by Soundhealers to make sound for PEACE and HARMONY. This 23rd of sept. Equinox, we will try to meet simultaneously, at approx 17.00 GMT, 5 pm( danish time 19.). People in the COS will use Crystal Bowls, Didgeridoos.. and the VOICE. The wonderful magical human voice, an instrument and a gift we all have received. To make sound, song, and thus the prayer of the NOW.

Creating sound with the intention of PEACE, LOVE and LIGHT is very powerful! It forms like a wheel of light and sound around our planet. A living creative Chakra of love. We can all join this.

The following suggestions for a ceremony, is based on how I work personally with my groups in Denmark, and how I will approach the COS. For other ideas: please see the www.circleofsound.org.


Sit comfortably,
Preferrably in a circle

Always start by listening to the silence

Recognize that any sound you may hear in the silence, springs from the silence, ressonates and returns to silence again
As this is for all sound, for all tones
Then the silence already is filled with tones, full of song

Listen to your self
In you the songs and the sounds already live!
Let go of tensions and any anxiety for making sounds
And listen to your breath.
The breath being a part of the breath of the planet
The oceans,
The inner core,
The atmosphere

Realize in the breath you carry the balance of the
Between breathing in and out
The perfect zero point of being
As we see the Equinox balances the darkness and the light of our days
we welcome a new experience of time and timelessness,
using our physical breath as a key.

As you open into your physical body by breathing in,
You open for the vertical ressonans of A
Sing the A in this balance and let your breathing out extend,
as you give the tone to the earth, it is a gift, a relaxation,
a flow and a constant movement.
See the movement of your sound, continuing, continuing.
Sing the A OU M
And feel how you activate different levels of ressonance.
In the NOW.

See the flow and the movement.
Breathing in is opening and grounding
Breathing out is flow and release
Your tone is initiated between the two
Intention: With this tone I free myself to become a divine instrument for the sound of light.

Now activate the conscious spiritual breath too
Same as before
But place the thoughts:
"I breathe light
as I am all light
In the divine light"
"The center of my tone comes from the light pouring down through me, from the crown and all through me."

Sing using the AOUM or the OUM / OM
The sound is a movement of ressonating tone, it is a vowel, it draws the frequence, you sing, it is but also a movement of light,
You combine the higher frequences with the lower
Now play with this
Be open for the thought:
"Angels are listening and singing with me
And all around me, in the circles of the planet,
People are joining in"

If you are used to meditation and want to intensify:
You can now easily center your chakras,
Using the sound and sing into the core of each chakra,
At the same time both physically and spiritually
Taking your lightbody into the sound, and grounding it

Now :
Move to the heart chakra.
Free yourself from any illusions of what you previously would have expected. And experience THE NOW
You may see you heart in a different shape, than usual,
as you see it in the next level.
As you now contact the light with your breath, and physically sing your AOUM out loud,
placing the tone in the heartcenter,
you open the heart, for the divine light, and ressonance
The heart becomes a bowl of sound and light!

Around you in the circles and all over the planet

others sing in their heart bowls too

You can hear them in your own sound and in the silence.

Now expand, and sing through, see the movement of the sound and the light. Trust what you see.

And sing! as you constantly ask the light to send you sounds,

and sing without jugdement or critisism. Breathe any insecurity away.

You may experience unknown sounds in your voice. Allow this with no fear.

Now you may feel or even see before they are sung,
different tones, dripping as light rain into the column,
sing these, and send them through the HEART.

Place the intention
"I give this opening for the light,"
"the light is allowed to flow freely through me with the song!"
sing intuitively, allowing what ever sound or tone, whether "beautiful or not" basically using the Aoum or the Oum/ Om.
You can also sing the joyful sound Sananda.
Sananda is the Christ-name of joy and heart, he asks us to use in this work,
The Sananda- sound is a wonderfully healing, opening and ressonating sound.
You may feel the urge to sing certain Angelic names too, do this trustfully, and they will join you.

You may feel an opening like a column of light.
You may want to contact the others meditating with you, in this bowl or column of light, as we are working as a global group.
And you may all feel a physical opening as well as the spiritual opening for the angelenergy, as you are making this energy extremely physically by singing, in the physical body, and allowing the energy through!
This can be felt as a tingling, as a windlike swirl or vortex through or around you, as a vibrating feeling, or a warm heart opening, allow this without fear.
Remind yourselves:
" We are the instrument for the divine sound of light. This is a work asked for by Sananda and AA Michael".

Just by sitting and allowing this, you are healing the planet, yourself, and you are doing a really blessed work.
See the flow of sound, as it moves through the heart, and on into the oceans, into the ground, the earth or even into specific needing places, giving:
And it is!
Sit in this opening a while, and maybe join each other in a hymn or song.
If you know songs of peace and divine love by heart, you may know feel the urge to sing these, or freely improvise new songs, use old hymns, whatever comes to you.

Listen to the Silence.

You will find yourself very grounded, but in several dimensions and layers, as you open your eyes.

Thank you all for joining this blessed, and very important work
Blessings in the light and love of Sananda Christ.

Vibeke Rolskov
Sindal, Denmark


Sangundervisning/ Soundhealing
Din magiske stemme
Sangens frigørende Energi
Synger med Engle
Circle of Sound
[email protected]

Scottish trad,
alternative text Vibeke Rolskov


Amazing song!
How sweet the sound!
To sing with you in light
Amazing Grace to lift the voice
To sound so free and bright!

Angelic Song
Now flows around
Sananda: name of joy!
Sananda: heart of song and sound
Sananda: light and love!

Amazing grace!
How sweet the sound!
It flows in light to see!
The healing songs of heart is found
A time of joy so free!

We lift our souls
In sounds of light!
In song the angels know!
Let God open our Hearts
For love so bright;
Transforming: Cups that flow

Angelic Song
Now flows around
Sananda: name of joy!
Sananda: heart of song and sound
Sananda: light and love!

Irish traditional

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine upon your face
May the rain fall softly on your fields
Until we meet again
May God hold you
In the palm
of his hand

Tallis 16 årh

alt. txt Vibeke Rolskov

All praise to Thee, my God, this night!
For all the blessings of the light,
Keep me, oh, keep me,
King of kings,
Beneath Thine own almighty wings!

Jay jay jay! Sananda Jay!

Sananda jay, Sananda jay

Vibeke Rolskov

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Vibeke Rolskov is a Sound Therapist who lives in Denmark.

You can contact her at: [email protected]