The Energies for February 2005

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Ones, we watch with appreciation and interest as New Earth takes shape among you. Slowly you are waking up to the fact that you are fully in the Fifth Dimension. You are beginning to understand more fully who you are at this time. You are the Creators of your own Reality.

The planet continues to adjust after the powerful shifts in December. It is unlikely that there will be any major shifts in February. It will most likely be a quiet month in which you will be given time to adjust and balance your energies before further shifts occur. Many of you will find that you are particularly tired and stressed, especially those of you who may have been working intensely on the inner planes to assist with the tsunami aftermath and helping to hold the energies in their new state. You may have noticed the significant adjustments in time and space perception. The planet has shifted significantly, and this is impacting on your experiences of time and space. Time may seem to be moving too fast. You may find yourself to be very clumsy, dropping things and walking into things or falling over things. Indeed the Earth's vibration has increased, and the planet itself is now vibrating at a higher frequency. Nothing is as it was before. We suggest that the best antidote to these feelings of intensity and pressure is playfulness and passion. When you are fully centred in the present moment, then you are fully present and "time" has no claim on you. You are able to bend or shape "time" to your own needs. This is a skill that you will all learn as you enter more fully into the higher vibrations of New Earth.

The sun begins the month in the Air sign of Aquarius, and then moves into the Water sign of Pisces on the 19th February. Aquarius is the Air sign that is most compatible with the New Earth energies, making this a good time to explore new ideas and new concepts. When the sun enters Pisces on the 19th, this will be an opportunity to allow these new ides to be integrated into your being.

Soulmate Relationships in February and the Focus on the New Male Energy

The month begins with Mars, the planet of the masculine energy, situated right on the Galactic Center at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. This, together with the sun in Aquarius, allows for an infusion of new ideas and energies from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center, concerning the New Male Energy that is being "seeded" into the Fifth-dimensional Earth. It is the energy of the "god" who will partner the "goddess" of the New Earth. It is a male energy that is strong, confident, powerful and yet totally connected to the Earth. It is the energy that will steward the Earth, and will be fully involved in re-etsblishing and maintaining the balance of energies on the New Earth. Mars moves into Capricorn on the 7th of February, another strong male sign, so you can expect a continued emphasis on the energy of the male, and men re-discovering their inner strength and power as "gods" of the New Earth.

As men take back their power, and as women move into their power as goddesses, the new soulmate relationships continue to evolve. We have a surprise and a treat for you. On Valentine's Day, the special festival of love on the 14th of February, the energies will be optimal for either beginning new soulmate unions or moving existing unions into closer alignment and harmony. At that time, Venus will be conjunct and transiting Neptune at 14 degrees of Aquarius. This means that the higher and lower octaves of love - that is the spiritual and the physical - will be united and present an ideal moment for soulmate bonding on all levels. So - enjoy your Valentine's day in 2005. It will be a special festival of love for those who have the keys to unlock the secrets of fifth-dimensional soulmate unions.

Chiron will enter Aquarius on the 21st of February, bringing another new infusion of healing energies to the planet. This will be an optimum time to focus on new advances in healing and spirituality.

The Moons in February

The New Moon occurs on February 8th in the Air sign of Aquarius, and ther Full Moon on the 24th in the Earth sign of Virgo. A Virgo Full Moon is always a good time to work with the energies of the Earth. To draw from the Earth the wonderful Crystal energies available at Full Moon, and to give back your energies through rituals and ceremonies, through dance and music and meditation.

As you continue your journey into the New Earth, we walk with you. We guide you and suggest to you the best paths to follow. But we ask you to make your choices. You are the Creators now. You are the ones who are shaping New Earth. In February we ask you to continue to be compassionate, loving, and gentle with each other. Have respect for each other and the fact that you are different while yet the same. You are learning to reach out to each other from these shared spaces of Love and Compassion, while yet understanding that your complexity and diversity makes you unique and individual and special. Embrace and Celebrate your One-ness, and respect and honor those places where you are different as evidence of the great abundance of the expression of God's grace and wisdom manifesting through you as human angels. You are indeed blessed to live at this time and share in this Great Creative Adventure called New Earth.

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