Chaos or Peace? Making Your Choice - and Aligning with the Cosmic Pulse and Creating the new "Temples of Light"

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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This image was taken on 31st of January at a Sacred Site that has been seeded for a "Temple of Light" that will link the land with Oceanic "Temples of Light" activated by the Southern Right Whales in the Southern Oceans.

Dearest Lightworkers, as we discussed with you last month, your planet has entered a chaotic and stressful time. The recent intense electromagnetic Solar activity of December and the transit of Comet McNaught in January has created deep turbulence that is being expressed as feelings of panic and anxiety and depression in many people. You will find, dearest ones, that as the month progresses and as you move towards the period of Mercury retrograde, before the Equinox and the eclipses of March, these feelings of anxiety and panic will increase among many people. There will be increased anxiety around the perceived threat of "global warming" and increased anger at events in the Middle East. This increase of tension will lead some into a state of semi-hysteria that will be expressed as emotional outbursts and nervous stress and even breakdown.It is a time to walk in Strength and to exercise great Compassion and Unconditional Love, and to be supportive of each other as far as is possible for you.

Dearest Lightworkers, you are indeed in the midst of great changes. The Earth is taking manifest form in her new Multi-Dimensional grids. There is great turbulence in the energy fields as the old gives way to the new. Nothing is as it was, Time and Space are experienced differently, and everything seems unstable. It is a period of transition and change - we call it the "Inner Pole Shift", as humans experience the energy of change within themselves.

Dearest Ones, it is also a time of Choice. As the old grids fall away, creating fear and chaos in the minds of many, it is your time to choose. Will you choose the fear and the anxiety, will you fall into fear and anxiety and anger, or will you be the Spiritual Warrior that you are, holding your strong center in Peace and Calm?

Know, dearest Lightworkers, that as you pass from the Old World and into the New, you, as a Collective, are clearing the old wounds and traumas of Atlantis deep within the Collective Psyche. At the time of the Fall of Atlantis, the Collective Consciousness was unable to hold the Earth grids through the shift, and the grids fractured, creating massive destruction as the forces of change became unstable and ripped the fabric of the planet in a massive and physical "Pole Shift" event. You were not ready, then, in your Collective Spiritual growth, to manage such a shift. But now, dearest ones, you are indeed! You have held the energies and worked with the Celestial realms and the Cetaceans and the Elementals, with the Crystal children, to activate and energize the planet's new crystalline grid system. It is there, it is complete, without fractures! The process of Ascension is under way because the grids are ready. You have done well! You have succeeded! And now - as you hold your energy within yourself in Peace and Calm, so you are helping to release the last vestiges of the deep trauma in the Collective Consciousness that keeps people from awakening and locks them into "end-times" and massive destruction scenarios such as "Global Warming" and "Nuclear War". When you understand, as a Collective, that you are experiencing the changes as threatening only because you are "re-playing" your deep Atlantis trauma, then you will be able to move across from the Old World and enter into the New. In the New Earth there are many Lightworkers already hard at work on the process of manifesting the new reality, as we will discuss in this message a little later.

Dearest Ones, know that All is Well! Know that the New Earth is firmly anchored in the new grids and the work is done. The changes are difficult, but you can hold your energy through the changes. Make a Conscious Choice for Peace, Love and Calm, and live that choice with dedication and integrity. Know that you are safe. Know that you can choose to be in the New Earth and to experience the Love and the Peace. Make a choice to maintain your personal Spiritual Practice and your connection with the New Earth through Meditation, Prayer, Singing, Sharing Love and Celebrating the Joy of Life. CHOOSE LIFE - this is so important right now!

And now, dearest ones, we will speak a little of the wider Cosmic energies being activated in this process, and then we will speak of the new "Temples of Light" that are being seeded on the planet with the assistance of the Angels, the Faeries and the Cetaceans.

Aligning with the Cosmic Pulse

Dearest Ones, as you enter these new Dimensions of Light called the New Earth, you will become aware that everything around you lives and "breathes", even those objects that you may have previously considered to be "inanimate", such as rocks and trees.

You will understand that in this new quantum reality in which you live, everything that you perceive is "energy" or light and sound, and that everything that you perceive is manifested on a geometric grid that is in a constant state of movement and harmonic "pulsations". Fixity and stasis are illusions, movement change anbd flow are the principles of this reality. The "grid" is the "template" or geometric "blueprint" for the Planet and the objects that have material existence on the Planet. Each object, be it a planet, a person, or a rock, has a "merkaba" of geometric energy body or template that spins in Time and Space, giving temporary and temporal form to Consciousness that exists outside of Time and Space in the Dimensions of Infinite Love and Creativity.

As the merkaba spins on its geometric axis, it also "pulsates" to the rhythms of the Cosmic "heartbeat". Yes, at the center of your Galaxy is the "Great Central Sun". which we would liken to the "heart" of your Galaxy. Light "pulsates" from from this central sun in the rhythms of a heartbeat, and indeed, your own heartbeat is a smaller and individual version of the Galactic heartbeat. When you open your heart chakra fully into Unconditional Love, you align with the pulsations of the Universal or Source Love, for the Galactic Heart is in turn aligned with the greater Cosmic Pulse of the Heart of Source Light and Love.

We would liken this pulsation to "breathing", for as you know, the heart and the lungs are situated next to each other and there is a close interdependence between the breath and the beating of the heart as it transmits oxygen, prana, and Cosmic Love to the body. So, now, we introduce you to a new concept which we call the "InBreath" and the "Outbreath" of God.

In the larger expanses of the Cosmos, the Time/Space interface encompasses much larger spirals of creation. What you perceive as a 26 000 year cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes on your planet, we would call the "inbreath" or "outbreath" of Source for your system. At this time, you are completing an "outbreath" and commencing an "inbreath".

In the "Outbreath" cycle that you have just completed, all things "expand" outwards and move away from Source in an exploration of new ways of being and new experiences of light. In an "inbreath" cycle, such as you are now entering, all things are drawn back towards the Source, to replenish the Love and Re-energize for a new cycle. In this "InBreath" cycle, there is a great consciousness of Infinite Love, as all is drawn towards Source to be re-energized.

Now, as you see where you are, you will see that you are a pivotal point where the last breath is complete and you are preparing to energize as you return towards Source on the flow of Light "breath" in this cycle. So, the first step is to activate the Twin Flame union once again. Souls have switched or flipped their inner magnetic poles, and their magnetic charge is now reversed, and so they begin to seek soulmates with whom they can bond into a Twin Flame relationship so that they can demonstrate amd express the Infinite Love of Source on the physical plane. And so, the presence of Infinite Love and of Source, becomes ever more powerful and potent, and energizes the grids of the New Earth to create a radiant Manifest Reality.

Seeding the "Temples of Light"

Dearest Lightworkers, in the New Earth reality there is a very exciting new work under way. Many Lightworkers have been called to activate the Cities of Light in their areas, and then others to initiate Communities of Light to work with the Cities of Light. Now, Lightworkers are being called to seed the "Temples of Light" on the Planet.

A "Temple of Light" will be a sacred building or space where people may come together to experience a deep communion and connection with Source and the energies of Nature. The "Temples of Light" are being sponsored on the New Earthy by the Angelic Realm, the Cetaceans and the Devic and Faerie realm. Chosen Lightworkers are being guided, in this time, to certain sacred places to "seed" the blueprints of these "Temples of Light" that will arise in the future New Earth.

A "Temple of Light" will not belong to any particular path, religion of faith, but will be open to all people who wish to experience a deep connection with Sacred Energy and wish to celebrate the Sacred Earth. The "Temples of Light" on the Earth will also connect with the Oceanic "Temples of Light" created and activated by the Cetaceans. These, in turn, will connect with the Communities of Light and the Cities of Light on the Higher Planes, to co-create a scintillating and sparkling web of sacred energy that will energize and activate the new crystalline grids.

So, dearest Lightworkers, in this Sacred Space beyond the chaos and the turbulence, the seeds of a golden future for a Sacred Earth are being planted right now. If you wish to be part of this work, you need only ask your Higher Self to guide you to a Community of Light and a Temple of Light that can best use your skills as a Lightworker.

Dearest Ones - the Future is Now! The Indigo and Crystal Children work with you to create that Golden Future. Have Trust and Faith - and you will see the seeds blossom forth into a manifestation of Perfect Love!

The Astrological Energies for February

As we have already mentioned, Mercury goes retrograde from the 10th of February to the 7th of March. You can expect this to be a challenging time in which you will need to exercise patience and keep a sense of humor about things that don't work out. Hold your center and stay grounded.

In February, the sun will be in Aquarius until the 19th of February, when it moves into Pisces. The Full Moon is on the 2nd of February, in the fifth house ruled by Leo. It is a Fire Moon, and its intense energy will highlight issues of Creativity and Relationships. This intense energy will add to the turbulence and stress of this time. Remain peaceful - All is Well!

The New Moon will be on the 17th of February in Aquarius, the eleventh house ruled by Uranus. This energy is electrical and powerful, and this is a good time to seed new ideas and energies for the New Earth and the "Age of Aquarius".

The most important planetary influences for the month will be Jupiter in Sagittarius, between 14 and 17 degrees, and Pluto at 28 degrees, still conjunct the Galactic Center or Great Central sun. These energies will continue to drive the energies of awakening and expansion in the Collective Consciousness.

And so, dearest ones, we wish you well at this exciting time! Choose for PEACE, LOVE and LIFE, and stay GROUNDED and CALM. May you experience the Peace that Passes Understanding!

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