Guest Meditation by Nadia Annicchiarico of Sicily

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Sit quietly in a peaceful place,relax,close your eyes.

Invoke the Presence of Divine energy in the way you prefer, and pray the Divine Energy to fill you with Its Grace.

Visualize a bright white light coming down from the Cosmos and entering you through your head ,filling all of you and your aura.

Now,visualize the Violet flame (a white violet shining light),coming from the Universe to purify your chakras.Let's start with the root chakra,the muladhara chakra.

Let enter the Violet Flame in your root chakra,while singing LAM .

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Now let enter the Violet Light in your sacral chakra,Swadhistana,while singing VAM
Let enter the violet Flame in your Dan tien,in the navel area,singing UAM
Let enter the violet Flame in your solar plexsus,while singing RAM
Let enter the Violet Flame into the Heart chakra,while singing YAM
Let fill your throat center with Violet Light,While singing AHAM
Let enter the Violet Flame in your front chakra,Ajna,singing OM
Let enter and fill the top of your head chakra with the violet Light,singing HRIM
Now,let It purify your whole body and Aura
You're ready

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Visualize the Violet Flame as a cloud surrounding the whole planet Earth

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Visualize pillars of this violet energy descendig into the Earth to clear and purify the continents,( follow the movement with your hands,if it helps you),let the Violet Flame flow :

To South America
North America
Middle East And Israel

Now,let the Violet Flame descend into the Oceans and down, into the depth of Mother Earth, to the Center.

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Now,visualize a cloud of white shining light, surrounding Mother Earth,the Joyous light of Oneness.Let descend it to fill the different areas of the planet:

America,North, Center,South
Let it flow now to the Centre of the planet,as well

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Now visualize a very light blue cloud surrounding Mother Earth.This is the light of Peace. Let it flow down to the planet and fill with It the continents:

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Let's call in now the Christic Energy. Let's visualize it as a cristalline net,shining around the whole planet. Descending over the peoples,It brings the consciousness of Unity Beyond separation.

Let it descend over all peoples, area by area or all together,as you better feel it. Anchor the net to the Center of Mother Earth.

We can end the meditation with this invocation:

"May all peoples and beings on this planet live peacefully and happily from now on!"


You can send,if you like,different colours light beams to the different life realms.

A green light to the deserts so that life can blossom again

The same Violet Flame to the rocks and crystals,to clean and reprogramme them to spread Love and Light

A light pink to animals,to support them or A golden one for the ill or very sad ones.

About Nadia Anniccharico

nadia2.jpg Nadia writes about herself: I'm now 38 and I had my first experience of merging in white light,quite spountaneously 20 years ago exactly.Since then, I was brought By many "coincidences"to different spiritual experiences and I knew the work of an English group,called Aetherious Society,and from them I learned to send white light while repeating mantras.During a stage of the dance of four directions from Native Americans,I had the idea to send light to the four directions and to all people also when I was dancing.It was making dance a real sacred event and was useful to clean up my aura,as well.Then I was suggested by my friends to try to send energy to solve global crisis and I could notice it was helpful.Then I had a period of pause,having a child,my daughter Tara,and then I learned the healing way of pranic healig from Choak Sui.So I made a synthesis of the techniques he uses for single people and my previous meditation and I started to use these techniques for global healing in the way I explain in the meditation.Sometimes I also use violet energy to create protection for the people from the effect of negative energy sent from radios and satellites and so on.For what I can see,it works. Of course more people acting is better than one.The more connected people are in meditating the more effective are the results,so I think this meditation is for people who has used similar techniques before .A pure heart and a strong intention is anyway the most important thing! I wrote a book in which I explain better all this and I start with more simple meditations or just affirmations whlie merging in white light and sending It to people.

The Name Shining water was given to me from a German child in India,she watched me very seriously and told me "You are shining water." It was very touching and very connected to these meditations, flowing light. So Shining Water.Is the name I use in the Net. In Italian, Acquasplendente.

You can mail Nadia here: [email protected]

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