The Energies for January 2006

2006: The Year of the "Flow" and Creating Miracles

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, after the turbulent energies that you have experienced in the last few months, you will be glad to know that you are entering a relatively quieter period in which you can relax a little and begin exploring your new Inner Landscape.

The New Earth or Paradise Grids that were activated in March of 2005 are now fully ready to support the Creation and Manifestation of the New Earth. The challenge for you is to begin this process of Manifestation, and to create the Abundance and Peace that will be the dominant energy of the New Earth.

You will find, dear ones, that 2006 will be challenging in many ways. The Old Earth grids and the New Earth grids will no longer "overlap" as they have in the past. Now, you will not be able to live with a foot in each world, so to speak. Now is the time when you will have to make a firm commitment to this new way of life.

The Old Earth grids will continue to crumble and disintegrate, and as this happens, people will become more and more angry and frustrated. There will be unrest and continued economic instability. In some places, it will seem as though complete chaos has taken over. In fact, chaos will be a key factor in the disintegration of the Old Earth energies. Wherever Old Earth energy predominates, you will find chaos. The New Earth energies will be characterized by Peace, Calm and innate Order or Flow.

Where you find yourself will be your choice in the next year.

Making the Choice

Many people say to us, "...but we have made that choice, and yet we still cannot create abundance and love in our lives." And we would say, yes, dearest souls, you have made that choice, but you have made it with your Head and not fully with your Heart. Part of you is still aligned with and clinging to the Old Earth grids.

This can usually be seen in your expectations. You are still expecting that the economic system will provide your abundance and peace, and you have not yet moved fully into the "flow" of Divine Prosperity. For the Old Earth was based on a rigid third-dimensional structure that controlled resources and abundance according to rules and regulations. You gave your power and trust to this system and followed the rules, and you expected that system to care for you. The New Earth energies move through a free-flowing fifth-dimensional grid in which the "flow" of Divine Prosperity is available to all. It is your birthright to be personally connected to that flow and to be able to manifest what you need and desire from it through your personal power. And the joy of the New Earth is that you can help each other to achieve Manifestation. You can create Miracles together. For Divine Intelligence loves to bring together beings who desire to create miracles and "play" in the abundant flow of this energy.

And so, as you begin this year, we will ask you, dear ones, to see how in the last several months you have had to "give up" everything that was not in alignment with who you truly are. Friends, partners, relationships, jobs......yes indeed, many changes and shifts, some heart-breaking in themselves. But now, you are in alignment with your Inner Integrity. Now you are ready to create from an alignment of Head and Heart, fully choosing the New Earth flow of Abundance and Love!

What is the "Flow"

Dearest ones, this is a key concept for you in this coming year as you step into the New Earth of Prosperity and Peace! You will need to be ever mindful of the "Flow" and your connection to it as you work with the new grids. After a while, it will become easier for you, once you have found the Flow and "mastered" the techniques of "Flow management".

We would define the "Flow" as the DIVINE CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE that moves through all things. It is loving, supportive and beneficent, and it seeks your Highest Good in Love and Joy. The Ancients knew this energy, before the third-dimensional grids were locked into place. They called it "The Way"! They knew that to follow the "way" was the path to Prosperity and Wisdom.

The "Flow" is, however, not just something that is "out there", an external source that must be found. It is within every cell in your body, and every atom of your being. You are Divine Creative Intelligence. And so, aligning with the "Flow" means aligning with the Divine Creative Intelligence within yourself.

Can you see, dearest Lightworkers, how all the deep work that you have done in the last few years has had the purpose of disconnecting you from dependence on the artificial third-dimensional systems and grids, and returning you to the Natural Flow of Abundance!

Aligning with the Flow

Learning to align with the Flow cannot be done with the mind alone. It is a choice that is made at levels far deeper than the ego or mind. It is a choice where the ego or mind aligns with the Higher Aspect as it works with the Flow Of Divine Creative Intelligence.

The only way to find this path forward is to go within and listen to the Inner Voice of the Heart. For it is the Heart and the Feelings and the Intuition (not the emotions), that will show you the "way" to the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence. This is because the Intuitive Wisdom of the Heart is far wiser and more ancient than the mind and the emotions. There is room for mind and emotions in life, but they should not lead, but be the followers of the True Voice of the Heart!

Following this path will often lead you to make choices that will not seem "rational" or "logical". They will be choices of the Heart and the Creative Energies. And out of these seemingly "irrational" choices, miracles of Love and radiant Blessings can arise!

For the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence loves to provide miracles that emerge from a Magical World of Love and Trust that has no basis in sequential logic.

You will know when you are aligned with the Flow. Miracles will happen. When you are not, then you will encounter obstacles and chaos, and nothing will "come together". Then you will have moved out of alignment with your Heart and into your Head of Ego space. But know, dearest ones, that your Higher Aspect is always aligned with the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence. It is simply a matter of realigning with your Higher Aspect through your Heart.

Creating the Miracles

Dearest Lightworkers, once you have aligned with the Flow is a simple matter to create miracles with the New Earth grids.

The path to Manifestation is well known to you! Simply create an Intention and Focus your energy. This is the "Masculine" side of manifestation. Then be accepting, patient and grateful. This is the "Feminine" aspect of manifestation.

Know that your miracle will arrive. You have begun the process. As your Manifestation Skills improve through practice with the new grids, you will find that the time required to wait for Manifestation will become less.

So, beloved ones, let 2006 be the year in which you Manifest Miracles!

Important Energy Aspects in January 2006

Pluto is still transiting the Galactic Center, so you can expect the powerful energies of transformation to continue, bringing tensions and chaos to Old Earth economics and politics. This will continue for most of the year and into next year, and will bring significant social changes in many parts of the Planet. This will enable the creation of new groups and structures more aligned with the flows of New Earth energy. Many Lightworkers will be involved in the creation of these new Group structures that will emphasize personal and group empowerment rather than systemic control and compliance.

The first major energetic events in 2006 will be in March, when there will be Lunar and Solar eclipses, and the Equinox. But we will speak more of these shifts at a later stage.

The Full Moon will be on the 14th of January. This will be a Cancer/Capricorn moon. It will be an ideal time for balancing the Inner Male and Female energies represented by Cancer (the mother) and Capricorn (the father). Equally, it is a good time to work with the Water element (Cancer) and the Earth element (Capricorn), bringing them into balance. Call on the Cetaceans and the Mer elementals, and the Fairies and the Devas, to bring Earth and Oceans into balance and harmony.

The New Moon will be on the 29th of January. The New Moon will be in Aquarius, an Air sign. Allow the "winds of change" and the Sylphs to work with you to usher in the New Energies of New Earth!

It is indeed a Blessed Time to be on Planet Earth!

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