The Energies for January 2007

2007: The Year of Love Made Manifest on Earth

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, you stand now on the threshold of a new year, this year of 2007. We say to you with great joy, that this will be a wonderful and miraculous year, it will be the year of Love Made Manifest on the Earth. You were given a great gift of Love in December of 2006, and the unfolding of that radiant love energy will continue throughout 2007. You will experience that Radiance and Luminosity in every aspect of your lives.

But, we can say too, that in 2007 you will become aware of the two distinct worlds that exist side by side at this time. The Old Energy world based on third-dimensional perceptions will continue its downward spiral into violence and chaos. This will be an illusion that will be largely orchestrated by the media through coverage of events in the Middle East. Those who live in this world of illusion will feel anxiety and stress and anger, especially around economic and security issues. But, this world is weakening, and as more people awaken, its illusory nature becomes plainer to see.

The New Earth is emerging into manifestation, based on Unconditional Love, and it is becoming stronger every day. Those who have crossed into the New Earth will feel the positive and loving energy of support and joy as they begin to live from the heart and become more proficient in the skills of creating abundance and miracles. You, dearest ones, are the pioneers and leaders who will manifest the New Earth as you live your truth and your passions and create abundance and joy and love.

These two worlds will exist side by side, and it is up to you to make a clear choice as to where you will be. It is like tuning yourself to a radio station - the one station is 3D radio and the other is Multi-Dimensional or 5D radio. When you are "between" stations, neither in one nor the other, you will feel fuzzy and out of tune with yourself, as if you are in a void. When you are in 3D mode, you will feel fearful, angry, anxious, with a sense of lack and low self-worth, accompanied by judgments and the need to control. When you are in 5D station mode, you will feel balanced, calm, joyful and abundant, discerning, flexible and things will flow effortlessly into manifestation. You select the station with Intention and Conscious Choice. You decide where you will tune your energies and which frequencies you will transmit to others. And, in the New Earth, it is a simple choice, it is not difficult at all.It is merely a question of making a choice, And once you make the choice for the Higher Dimensional frequencies, you will attract others who have made the same choice, and together you will form Communities of Light that will transmit the frequencies of Unconditional Love into manifestation on the material plane.

Twin Flame Love: The Gift of the Sacred Heart

Dearest ones, we have already spoken at some length about the new Light Codes that were activated in December through the Solar energies. These Solar energies will continue to activate and energize the Earth's crystalline grids as you move towards the planetary New Year at the Lion's Gate portal in late July. The planet is moving already into a new cycle of spiritual evolution, and in March, at the Equinox, powerful energies will once again be activated. There will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 3rd of March and a Partial Solar Eclipse on the 19th. These points will represent opportunities to fine tune the Solar and Lunar energy codes as they are transmitted into Earth's Collective Awareness fields.

Dearest ones, in this cycle of evolutionary growth, you will begin to truly understand the Great Gift of Love that you have been given in this transformation process. Becoming a Christed being and receiving the Twin Flame love into your Heart is the Miracle of Ascension.

Beloved Ones - be aware of this wonderful mystery of your new Being as it unfolds. You see, many have had expectations about what your Ascension would be. They expected to become more psychic and more telepathic and better healers, and indeed these are part of the awakening into Light. But we say also, these expectations are based on the gifts already given in the past. All humans already have access to these gifts if they do not repress them or close them off. For the great teacher, Yeshua ben Josef, said that you would so all that he had done - and more! And so, the greatest gift of Ascension is the Twin Flame Love. When you begin to feel the flows of this energy and to understand its power and its gifts, then you will understand Ascension and what you are becoming. You are becoming gifts of Love within yourselves, even now, you are transforming and changing.....

For, Ascension is about moving from a mind-based reality and ascending into a heart-based reality. Here, in the Temple of the Sacred Heart, you will find Love as you never imagined possible in human form. You will find this love within yourself, as the essence of who you are, and then you will learn to project this love into the exterior world as radiant luminous Love.

And, when you have achieved that, then you will learn how to enter into radiant and joyous relationships in which that powerful light and love will be transmitted between partners as a way of making Love manifest on the material plane. But, this will not happen until you have learnt to balance and transmit the radiant love of Source first within yourself and through your Heart, and you have fully become "the Light of the World" within yourself. Then you can share that light with another. It is indeed a sacred gift as the two partners join their Sacred Heart temples and become ONE in the Radiance of Source.

So, dearest Lightworkers, you will go into the New Earth as bearers of the Radiant Light of Cosmic Unconditional Love. You will be Luminescent and you will be Miraculous and you will Be - a new Creation of Light beyond what you could have imagined or expected!

Manifesting the New Earth with the First Wave Indigos

Another exciting development in 2007 will be the emergence of the Adult Indigo-Crystal, of those who were the first wave of Indigos, as a factor in life on the planet. Those who were first to incarnate in the early 1970s, are now moving into and through their second Jupiter return, and being "powered" up to work as a Soul Group to help to begin manifesting the New Earth as Leaders. Jupiter, the planet of Mastery and Wisdom, is now situated in Sagittarius, approaching the Galactic Center, giving an added acceleration to the emergence of the Indigo Master Souls as a factor in Global Society.

You will see these young adults emerging in many powerful places with innovative and exciting ideas that will transform the way you live on Earth. This is their "Mission", and they will be excited and passionate and focused as they begin this phase of their work.

They will emerge in technology, in computer sciences, in local community organizations, in business and finance, in eco-politics and sustainable practices, in the media, in fact, everywhere! You will recognize them by their "New Earth" philosophy of life. They will live lives of Significance and Meaning, rather than achievement, and they will strive for abundance for all, rather than individual wealth and affluence. This is not to say that they will not achieve or be wealthy, but it will not be their main focus in life. The New Earth is about caring for people and caring for the Earth, and the Indigo First Wave will take seriously their new roles as guardians and keepers of the Planet. They will be the Leaders in manifesting this new reality on Earth.

They contain within their souls the "codes" for these new ideas, it is their mission as a soul group. As first wave ascended Lightworkers, you who are older will be mentors and role models for them, and you will need to guide them and respect their energy and work. This is a deep responsibility, as many of these Indigos grew up without adequate role models or mentors, and have little respect for the wisdom of the Elders and the Wise Ones. You will need to learn together how to respect each other for the gifts that you can share as you build the New Earth.

As you open and develop into Communities of Light, the pathways - Spiritual Warriors, Wise Men and Women, Elders, Mentors - will once again be established among you as you learn to love and respect each other and your work in life.

Nurturing the Children of Light

Also important at this time will be the incoming waves of Blue Star Crystal Children. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, for the next year, these incoming souls will have the energy of Galactic Masters.

These precious souls will work with the Rainbow Crystal children to hold the energy for the New Earth as you begin the process of Manifestation with the Indigo adults.

It will be important for you, dearest Lightworkers, to create a world in which each and every child is loved and supported. When you understand how the children support the processes of spiritual evolution and growth with their energy, you will see why it is so important that every child be loved and protected so that they might do their work for humanity.

So, in this year of 2007, do not forget the children. Work with the Children of Light to create the kind of loving and supportive communities that you would like to see. It doesn't matter if you feel alone at first, every little energy helps to create a collective spirit of nurturing and love for these newly arrived souls wherever they are, so that they may do their work and emerge into their full potential as bearers of the crystal energy and the Unconditional Love of Source.

The Energies for January 2007

In January, the Sun will be in the 10th house of Capricorn, an Earth sign, until the 20th, when it will move into the 11th house of Aquarius, an Air sign. Grounded Capricorn will provide an ideal opportunity for the integrating and grounding of the powerful Solar energies of December. The movement into Aquarius, with its Leo Full Moon on the 2nd of February, will once again bring in the intense Solar Feminine energies.

The Full Moon in January will be on the 3rd, with the Moon in the Water sign of Cancer and the Sun in the Earth sign of Capricorn. With Cancer being the bearer of the Divine Feminine energy, and Capricorn the bearer of the Divine Masculine, this is an ideal time to also seek to balance and fine tune your inner Masculine and Feminine energies as you work with the Twin Flame energy within.

The New Moon will be in Capricorn on the 19th of January, and here you can pay particular attention to your Masculine inner energy, and to being grounded and centered and responsible. This is the sacred energy that nurtures the Earth, and it is within each one of you.

Finally, we have already mentioned the significance of the Jupiter transit through Sagittarius in 2007. This energy will also assist each one of you to move into your own higher Master energies. Now is the time, dearest ones, to truly become Masters of Light. The expansive and loving energies of Jupiter will support you and nurture you in your first steps as Masters of Light on the New Earth!

We wish you Love and Joy and Grace in the Year that Comes!

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