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News Flash : Gabriel was born on 10th December, 2003!

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It's close… Inęs is 39 weeks today (08/12/2003) and I have a feeling that Gabriel, our rainbow-crystal child, will want to come through on this full moon day but we shall see… his due date is on the 16th (quarter full moon) so let us see what he decides!

But this journey has started long before Inęs and I got pregnant… some two years ago, when we first thought of having a baby (and I after much thought and discussing with Inęs had decided I was not quite ready at that stage) and I was having a session with Celia… Gabriel came through. Back then the name Gabriel was not in the picture; even though we did pick the names before we got pregnant (we decided very naturally in Jan 2003, it was Gabriel if it was a boy or Catarina if it was a girl).

When "he" came through 2 years ago though, Celia picked up this being said it wanted to be known as "rainbow". And back then and up until 3 months into the pregnancy we even thought it would be a girl as both Celia and my Higher Self saw a very female energy…!

Well yes, of course during the scan Gabriel "clearly" showed us… he was a boy!

So back then we did not quite understand what he meant by the word "rainbow". Inęs was not quite comfortable with having "Rainbow" as Gabriel's second name!

But before we go any further with what he meant, let us give you some background on us.

My name is José Correia, 27, born in Portugal on the 25th June, 1976. My spiritual journey has brought me to beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. From young, my mom was into the esoteric so I was introduced via her (from being very Catholic, to visiting African Sangomas, I've been thereJ). When I came to Cape Town, my good friend Karen and back then my flat mate introduced me to Celia. That is where I feel my journey towards becoming a full embodied Crystal/Indigo Adult began on a serious note and after much work I think I'm getting there!

My wife Inęs Correia, also 27 (slightly older by 3 months - she likes young men you see! J), born in Portugal on the 15th March, 1976. Inęs has been a bit psychic since young and quite sensitive to the environment. I introduced her to Celia after we got married (we went out long distance for 5 years before we got married and she then took the brave step in joining me in Cape Town) and her spiritual journey took off.

Ok, so coming back to Gabriel, it seems what he meant and became clear in a few sessions with Celia (in which he wanted us both present) is that he is one of the new Rainbow Crystal children coming through (see Doreen Virtue's Article about Rainbow Children: (, hence his reference two years ago to "rainbow". It also seems that reason we initially thought he was a girl was because Rainbow children embody the Female Goddess energy in its fullness and are here to show us all on how to achieve this.

This took us by surprise of course as questions start springing up: will we be able to be good parents to a Crystal/Rainbow child, what is a good parent anyway, what are we supposed to do?

So this brings us to this newsletter of sorts. Gabriel himself asked us to produce such writings so that other adult human beings can share in our experiences and maybe take something out of them, on how to try and raise such powerful beautiful beings. I say other adult human beings because we (Celia and us) think that it does not matter whether you are just parents or not. The responsibility of educating all our children (mostly by example) lies within us all.

From Thought Form to Now

Even though Gabriel has not come into the physical world, our "parenting" has started for a while. Like I mentioned before he first came through about 2 years ago. Since then we have gone through major changes ourselves, and I know it is partially because of Gabriel… these children require their parents to be at a certain stage of spiritual development in order to cope with their energy levels. So they (along with your Higher Selves) put you in positions where you are "forced" to make certain decisions, sometimes small ones and sometimes big ones but always for the better as long as you follow your heart. Otherwise you will go mad!! ;-)

This is certainly not easy… our eating habits for example have changed considerably… the Universe brought us a book called "Eat Right for your blood Type", which has sort of helped our bodies feel stronger and less heavy.

Another decision that was quite big was me deciding to put part of the company I had created to sleep. The small new company had started to take off a few months ago and work was coming through. But I was working a full time job, plus working during the evenings on the projects that my company got. I tried for a while to balance it out with spending time with Inęs (and Gabriel) while trying to keep in some sort of physical shape at the same time (hey I like my tennis! J )… I started not enjoying it anymore as it was becoming stressful to say the least. Still I maintained at it as I felt responsible to be the provider of the family.

In one of the sessions where Inęs went to Celia, Gabriel asked Celia to call me in. He wanted this sorted out… he wanted me to make a decision on what was more important. He said, us men especially would have to start changing our ways from being a provider and a distant nourisher to becoming a more balanced being in which both husband and wife are both the nourishers and providers of the child. So after much thought and discussion with Inęs (she was also a bit upset of course as she thought the company is what I wanted), I decided that I was not enjoying that part of the company anymore and I have made it dormant for the time being. I will still try though to provide a service through the company, which does not require as much time as it did but let's see how that goes. What I'm saying is, it does not have to black or white, try and maybe find a middle ground.

To end this introduction newsletter (sorry for being so long already, I feel we have so much to say), let us just share, especially for the mothers, a technique taught by Celia to Inęs on how to build up your connection to "your" child while they are in the tummy!

Lying on your bed, allow yourself to relax and then imagine yourself in this beautiful garden, filled with flowers, a waterfall running somewhere, huge strong trees, etc. Now imagine this bench in this garden where you are sitting down and holding your baby to be. Talk to it, let your imagination go here as there is no right way, hear it talk back and develop that bond with your child to be. It might tell you some messages, it might not but the important thing is to bond with it. When you feel the time to go, simply say goodbye and imagine yourself drifting of back into physical reality!

Love and light

José and Inęs

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