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Parenting a Crystal Child the Conscious Way: No 10

Shifts and Changes in Gabriels's Life

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Hello everyone

I'm back! Been a little while but quite a bit has happened since my last diary.

Well going back to how Gabriel was having difficulty coming to grips with the whole day-care experience, we can now say there has been a 180 degree turn around… he now quite enjoys going and staying there!

I had a chat to Celia about that and it came to the surface that indeed the recurring ear infections could have been exactly that, him having to find his inner balance while being confronted with the need to interact with other children.

He was now being forced to learn how to hold his balance without the need to control everyone to make it nice for himself. Hence, why he was not playing with the other kids and sitting in his own corner just focusing in his own world…

Because crystals kids are so powerful they tend to withdraw and create their own nice little world. Their mission though, as Celia mentioned, is to be a group energy/helper.

I'm happy to say he eventually began to understand that concept, he started sitting around the other kids and interacting with them… and guess what the ear infections went away too! :-)

Until recently that is, when he once again was thrown off balance, this time I feel by him feeling his grandfather's death, or should I say, more the emotional rollercoaster that his parents and family went through the previous weeks.

gabriely.jpg I feel in a way he was already aware that granddad would be starting a new adventure somewhere else, when, the night before I was leaving to see my dad in Portugal (at that stage I was still feeling my dad could recover), and we were lying in bed falling asleep with him, I was telling him mentally that soon in August (when we go to Portugal again for my brother's wedding) he would be able to give granddad lots of kisses because he would need them. There and then, he turns around to me and gives me two kisses… at the time I was only surprised that he had been able to listen to what I said mentally and thought perhaps he had misunderstood me… but now that I think about it he was perhaps telling me to give those two kisses to granddad as an hello/goodbye…

He is now becoming more verbal, making little sentences, a few understandable! :-) It is quite funny though, because he speaks/listens to Portuguese with us and English at the day-care so he tends to alternate between "ola" and "hello" quite often to our amusement! :-) Like we've mentioned before in one of the diaries, Maria Montessori's pedagogy encourages this because between ages 0 to 7 is when their absorption is at its peak.

The other interesting thing that he has learnt is to pull hairs and sometimes bite and hit. While we don't hit him and try and explain things from the heart but with a stern voice, we do occasionally if he pulls the hair, then we pull his hair slightly too, just so that he knows that it hurts too… of course the crying starts and he becomes very offended (and we hate doing it), but we feel it's sometimes necessary so that he understands he has the power to cause pain.

So I leave you here for now, thank you all again for the lovely emails we get!

Love and light

Jose, Inęs & Gabriel

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