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Welcome Gabriel : 10/12/2003

gabriel3x.jpg 21/12/2003

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Hello my fellow beings! Obviously, since the last letter, Gabriel had other ideas when he wanted to come out… he decided to join us on this wonderful life journey on the 10th December 2003 at 15:58 (GMT+2:00) weighting a healthy 3.627 kgs!

I really take my hat off to Women… the pain you have to go through to bring a baby into this "world" (all through 9 months) is astounding. I can only be deeply grateful to Inęs for what she has done… and when we think pain-wise things might just get better after birth think again… until her intestines have fully adjusted and her stitches have fully healed, she has gone through horrific pains. One feels so helpless watching her cry and not able to do anything about her (except try and confort her somehow). Gladly they are slowly drifting away…

But back to just before the birth, I had already filled the room with light, even had "painted" it with rainbows, waterfalls, dolphins, you name it… just to give him a wonderful welcome. I also asked my guides, angels and the Elohim to help the transition…. Actually I just want to share something with you, which I trust no one will take it as me bragging or anything but merely as sharing news so that others can take advantage off. When Gabriel contacted us some time ago, his spiritual name "Rainbow" also meant something else (besides being of the Rainbow Children).

He wanted us to know that he was creating a rainbow portal through which future Chrystal beings could come from 9D to 6D (yes most Chrystal children are now being born in 6D as they master all dimensions below a lot easier than we adults do) unscathed. i.e. without getting any of the old archetypes' dirt!

gabriel2x.jpg So he asked us (both Inęs, Celia and I) to create the portal with him and then hold the one end (the 6D end) and make sure it was well rooted. So in we went and the meditation was very powerful. This crystal tunnel with ever-flowing rainbow colours was created and Gabriel started his journey down the portal. We wondered why was he starting the descent so soon (about 2 months before birth) but he said that is how the process worked. Anyway we went to meet him inside the tunnel and words are difficult to describe these wonderful beings… this golden blueish powerful light shining from him. While he smiled at us I just told me that when he gets "down" there he must just be patient and let us teach him the physicalities of being a human being!! :-)

So during that two month period we just tried to hold the portal in our beings and sometimes went there to strengthen it.

So back to the birth time, after I had filled the room with light, I had gone up to the 6D end of the portal and part of my being was there to welcome him. The other part was witnessing one of the most wonderful gifts of mother/father nature. There was some worrying moments as his head was a bit big (takes after his dad!!) and they had to use a sucker. Plus being an active baby as he was his umbilical was around his neck and arm. He eventually came out (Inęs had to be cut unfortunately - brave woman) and what an indescribable moment, the minute they put the baby on top of Inęs' chest (I was standing right behind helping her neck for the contractions)! Wow… a very bloody baby but wow… there it was, out "little" Gabriel! :-)

While I was still trying to come to terms, one more time (throughout the pregnancy too I mean), that I was a father and while they were washing Inęs, they handed him over to me. Now I'm bragging… what a beautiful child! ;-) the thing that surprised me the most was how inquisitive he was already, trying to get off me, almost as if saying "Ok now I'm out, I want to start my work!"… hold on buddy I told him, you just be patient…!

Anyway over the past few days, and as our sleeping patterns slightly improve, we have discovered that he's a very good baby in terms of not crying for anything other than when he is hungry or uncomfortable with something. He sometimes does get a little collicky we think but a little massage and some paedietric drops help a bit.

I read somewhere that crystal babies, even though they can't talk with the parents they can "talk" telepathically… and so when he's lying there quietly (after either of us has changed his nappy), I try and engage in conversation. At times he gives me this deep look right in my eyes and there for a while I see his wise soul shining through. I try and tell him just to be patient and of course that mommy and daddy love him lots… he also likes us to touch him and give him lots of kisses.. but which baby doesn't!

Anyway, Gabriel has awoken and it is time for a bath… and as always team work does it best!

Love and light

Jose and Inęs

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