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The First Month: Learning to Parent Together

gab3.jpg 04/01/2004

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Greetings all! I bet there is no parent out there who dares saying that parenting is easy!! It has been quite a few tiring weeks I must admit. Getting used to the constant awareness and worrying about a little one is no easy task.

Lucky those, I guess, that are able to get some other family member to help out. Inęs and I are the only family in South Africa (most are in Portugal) so it is certainly a lot of work. Celia says that in a way maybe that is how Gabriel wants it, to show us that just the two of us can do it.

Inęs and I however try to work it out in a balanced way, we alternate on giving baths to Gabriel, on nappy and clothes changing (certainly when I'm at home including throughout the night, except on work days when I try to at least help out once in the middle of the night), on ironing baby's clothes, burping him, etc.

gab2.jpg I once again take my hat off to those women who still do all these things on their own, it is already hard if two people share them! I call on men to be more active on their nurturing role, I promise women are really grateful for all the help you give them. Plus we men get the chance to acknowledge women on just how hard a job it is, which they have been doing mostly all alone this time.

Men might counter that they are the providers, they have to put the money on the table, but we think times are changing where the nurturer and provider roles are shared amongst the couple… it allows dad to play a more active nurturer role while giving mom a bigger sense of independence and of being a provider as well. I do not expect Inęs however to start working immediately after giving birth… it is hard enough having a body recuperating from giving birth and being a mom too! ;-)

While observing Gabriel we have noticed a few interesting things:

gab1.jpg 1. His breathing is of a perfect Yogi! Breathing in through the nose and out through the nose. Our Yoga teachers have emphasized how important it is that during class we breathe this way and how good it is for oneself (we have tried to breathe this way on a daily basis and after a while it does become quite natural). We just wonder at what point in our childhood are we taught that breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is a better way? 2. How he stretches just like a cat every time he starts waking up… he does it several times until he's confortable enough… maybe just showing us how important it is to stretch everyday to keep oneself flexible…

One of the physical effects that Celia speaks of in her website while we are trying to maintain our selves in 5D/6D is flautulence and burping. Before Gabriel was born we were already experiencing these sometimes funny occurrences, but his physical presence now seems to have heightened these occurences big time!! ;-) … maybe saying 'Come on, get used to these new energy frequencies already!"

I asked my Higher Self the other day(through channeled writing) if there was anything we could do to help Gabriel further. He said: "Lots and lots of love! He needs to understand that he is fully supported by you two on his mission. Mommy will play a major part in this. You will be setting the path for him."

And the last advice he gave was "Drink water, both of you!". :-)

So my dear friends we leave you for now. We are throuroughly enjoying the new parent role but oh boy it isn't easy…!!

Love and light

José, Inęs & Gabriel

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