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Parenting a Crystal Child the Conscious Way: No 5

Gabriel Goes to Portugal with Mom and Dad

portugal1.jpg Hello all!

We are finally back from our Portugal trip… and I must say, even though Inęs and I were born there, that we are glad to be back. I felt that the energies there are still a bit "raw", and by that I mean there is major spiritual processing going on there, lots of people are still attached to the third dimension and its archetypes and because of it they are very stressed out and most seemingly without direction.

So it was not easy experiencing all of this old energy given also that we arrived there on the 4/4/2004 when further old structures fell away. Kinda felt that Gabriel was going there to help ground the new energies (and us too I suppose :-) ). Yet for such "raw" energy there is major potential, there are quite a number of light workers who are slowly helping others "see" more clearly and move beyond the limitations of the third dimensional thinking. The energies back here however definitely felt lighter (even though major processing is going on everywhere) and a little easier to navigate.

But we had a great time there, seeing how the rest of the family took upon getting up close and personal with Gabriel. Everybody fell in love with him and it was great to see some becoming more feeling-aware. It was definitely tiring too, I got to spend a month seeing how it is being a full-time parent and it is not easy having to entertain Gabriel the entire day, it's rather quite tiring and I'm very appreciative of the great job Inęs does over here by herself during the day.

portugal2.jpg Of course while there, Gabriel got used to not so "good" habits (in our eyes anyway) like being picked up a lot, getting rocked to sleep every day and sleeping in our bed at night from the very beginning (instead of starting out sleeping in the cot). Also the way of living in Portugal tends to be rather late - everything happens an hour or two later so it was common for us for example to have dinner at 8:30pm. I say "not so good" because he's getting really heavy at 5 months (+- 8.6 kgs) and poor Inęs back here can't carry him around the entire day! :-) So the Universe made it such that Inęs' mom came back with us for 4 weeks! She's helped us slowly get Gabriel used to falling asleep without us rocking him to sleep or without spending all day on one's lap… not easy but slowly getting there!

While in Portugal Gabriel started eating some solids and his digestive system took a bit of a hit, at the same time I wanted to know what else could we do to aid Gabriel cause he was having some nightmares so I did a channelling with my Higher Self and this is what came out:

What does Gabriel have? Why does he wake up scared?

He doesn't have anything. He's just learning how to deal with the energies. It's true that it's hard for him and sometimes it scares him. He's not used to integrate himself on other people's energy field and when a few are more "heavy" it's hard for him to "digest" it.

Can we help?

No. You can only support him . Help him maintain the desired energy level. In these times people are also working a lot on the level of traumas. Everyone is going through that.

We think of him as a wise and powerful being, can he already deal with the different types of energies, in terms of planetary energies and of other people?

As I said, it's still hard for his little body to hold these energies but he's getting there. Don't despair. But you are doing well to assist him whenever necessary. Take courage to face off your own fears, by doing that you already help him out a lot.

Why is so difficult for him to poo?

His digestive system is still adapting, the intestines are elongating; it's uncomfortable for him down there but he's almost there, be patient. The glycerine suppositories do no harm to him.

Anything else?

It's good not to forget the goals, the objectives, leave what is not important.

Anyway, that was it. The past two weeks (today is 06/06/2004) we have learnt something about the feeding amounts… we were still wondering after a month and half why he was struggling to poo, he wasn't pooing by himself and we would wait 3 or 4 days before giving him a suppository. It turns out we were overfeeding him! Yup, in our haste to make sure he was feeding well, we were giving him too much food, and no surprise that his digestive system wasn't coping very well… the past week or so he has been pooing daily and there are two more relieved parents out here! :-)

gabsmile.jpg Gabriel's personality is starting to shine; he's a very inquisitive, extremely friendly being. Just like Kate's Crystal Sarah, Gabriel does not mind being picked up by anyone, his easy-going smile seems to get everyone that passes by to take notice and smile themselves!

He does however have very little patience at times, throwing some tantrums. I think he's so used for things to happen instantaneously on the Higher dimensions that he struggles to understand why they take a little more time to happen on the third! :-)

Another thing is that he loves movement… you must see how he giggles when he sees children playing and running around! :-)

We did find out more about the vaccinations. After much research we found an article, which we feel weighs the pros and cons of vaccines quite handily because the article itself is a conclusion of the author's research on more than 350 pages about the subject.

The first part of the article is available at:

After reading that and finding it useful, we then had to buy the whole article from them, the price was very low even to ship it to South Africa it cost a whole $7! You can get it from choose the "Vaccine booklet" at the top of the page.

After reading the whole article and using our intuition we've decided that normal vaccines do more harm than good, and we have stopped giving them. We are seeking alternatives though homeopathy…

Although the article from this particular website was very useful and I definitely advise parents to get it, I just want to say that I don't endorse some of the points made on the website's main page… particularly no 5, which to me leads to unbalance… as stated in a previous newsletters we believe both parents should both provide and nourish where possible. Yet we must respect other people's path so no judgement from my side on their spiritual growth.

Love and light

Jose, Inęs and Gabriel

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