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Parenting a Crystal Child the Conscious Way: No 7


One Year Old on the 10th December

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Greetings all, it really has been a long time since I last wrote… sad yes but the last few months of the year have become hectic and so I told myself that at least I would write something on Gabriel's birthday…. That's right, this "little" cute being has turned one year old and what a wonderful journey it has been in seeing him develop is physical abilities, how he absorbs things we do and then almost immediately attempts to do and most times successfully is really amazing.

He's now started to give his first few steps (about 2 weeks and a bit ago) and he's slowly mastering the art of walking… still a bit wobbly though and sometimes prefers turbo crawling because it takes him places faster! :-) He's also got 6 teeth now and Inęs is therefore happy that we've started the process of stopping breastfeeding to using the bottle! ;-) Surprisingly enough he has taken to the bottle in a nice way, we think mostly because he doesn't have to suck so much to get milk out… anyway we are glad that Inęs breastfed (still does a little) until he was one, we really think it was useful in building up his antibodies. But we also agreed with what the paediatrician said that after a year the breast simply becomes more of a sucker and nothing else.

We had a lady that came to visit us last week to come and interview us about these special beings and the lady asked if we could spot any "special" abilities as yet. She said "…besides that is of the way he looks deep into you and reads you like a book and makes you feel happy because he's a happy baby." Well we said define "special"? He is special in that, like she said, he reads you easily and makes you feel ok to be yourself, he can read your thoughts I feel at least on a few occasions, he likes to dance (moves from side to side, very cute! :-) ). As a proof of his "mind" reading I have on a few occasions been humming something in my head and he starts dancing to it. He likes to share too, we think it also has to do that Inęs and I like to share and he sees us feeding one another at times. So now when he for example eats a banana, the first thing he does is to grab a piece and give it to my or Inęs' mouth…! So yeah, all those things are special traits of these beings and a lot more will be shown as he develops and grows older.

Costabrava2.jpg He's also loves water, we introduced him to the swimming pool a couple weeks ago and the first two times he wasn't that keen, partially because dad was a bit "rough" initially but dad eventually learnt how to be softer (thanks Inęs ;-) ) and he now loves it, even asks to go in it (we have bought a safety net too as we feel this is important seeing how he is quite active and tends to run out to the garden if he sees the door open!). I wonder what is the minimal age for a child to learn how to swim?!

On Friday it was Gabriel's birthday and I made sure I was at home at 3:58pm, his birth time! :-) yes, yes I am a proud dad. The bigger party was for Saturday so on Friday it was just the three of us, which was nice too, actually four if you count my sister who was using Messenger to sing him happy birthday too when he blew the candle! :-)

On Saturday we had an initial naming ceremony in which we honoured him and the name he chose for himself. Celia guided the blessings of the four elements and it was very beautiful and good to see his "community" present who are going to support him as he grows. After that it was birthday cake time and then off to the pool… all the children obliged of course! ;-)

We have also started the process of him sleeping in his own big bed (we removed the base for now so that he doesn't fall over big time). We started by us all sleeping in it (actually forced to as our bedroom bathroom was under "construction"), it worked out well though as he got used to it. Now he falls asleep in it and when he awakes comes and calls at our bed. We take him and fall asleep in his bed and then go back to our bed (in principle if we don't fall asleep ourselves!). Eventually he will get used to staying in his bed throughout the night… getting there! ;-)

So this it for now, thank you all for sharing your stories, we wish you all a happy holiday and a New Year filled with abundance, peace and harmony.

Love and light Jose, Inęs & Gabriel

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