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Parenting a Crystal Child the Conscious Way: No 8


gabrielmarch2.jpg Hello all

I think toddlers are very good at making sure what Archangel Michael has requested from us lately, that we live in the present… especially when they are climbing everywhere now and can walk pretty fast! :-)

I think it is such a wonderful phase of Gabriel's growth (1 year and two months) where he's a lot more mobile and being the very inquisitive being that he is, we get to laugh a lot at the various incidents he sometimes gets into. Like the one time when Inęs was watering the garden with the hose pipe and he demanded to take over the watering duties… and did he indeed water the garden… and himself and the patio! :-)

Because of his mobility he's also very prone to bump his head a lot, at one stage he had some many bumps on his head we would wonder what people would think of us as parents! :-) But he seems to take it in his stride and the bumps tend to disappear quite quickly.

Inęs finally managed to completely stop breastfeeding at 1 year and 2 months. It seemed it wasn't so hard for Gabriel to give it up, it was harder for Inęs but she now has her breasts back! ;-) I do advise all husbands to be very supportive of their wives when they stop breastfeeding as their confidence in their bodies take a bit of a knock.

The sleeping part has also progressed nicely, for the last week or so there have been days where Gabriel has slept from 8:30pm to 5 or so in the next morning! Ahh those days felt really good! :-) And they are becoming more the norm now… so we are very happy.

The one thing I've noticed is that Gabriel physically radiates energy big time, i.e. heat. If you hold him for a while and you become more aware, you definitively feel yourself getting warmer and on one day I could feel the waves pulsating through. No wonder he doesn't like it when we cover him with the bed sheet at night. ;-)

Gabrelmarch.jpg Speech wise he can now understand, most of the time, things we tell him, like close the door, fetch this or that, go to mom outside and so forth. I think the last time or second last time I wrote I mentioned he was saying a few words…. nowadays though he seems to have gotten lazy and mostly uses grunts to ask for things… I think he maybe thinks, well if my parents can understand me perfectly then why do I have to speak? :-) we are trying to revert that by asking him to say the words otherwise we don't do it but we don't force it, most times he gets away with the grunts, especially if they reach high pitch! :-)

Food wise we introduced fish in January and he likes it so we now alternate between chicken and fish. He likes his rye bread, cheese, rice, some pastas, chickpeas and beans but on the veggies side he currently only enjoys cauliflower and green beans. He has lost his interest in soups though and enjoys pear, grapes and banana on the fruit side. We laugh when he tastes something he doesn't like, his faces are quite comical especially if it is a sour thing. :-)

This is it for now my dear friends, and I can only say that we are beyond happy having this precious being among us!

Love and light

Jose & Ines

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