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Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Angel by Ilse Aranti of Denmark

Dearest Lightworkers, and so you enter into the peaceful energies of July, with the sun in the Fourth house of Cancer, bringing the gentle and soothing Love of the Lunar Divine Feminine. Enjoy its gentleness, for soon you will be feeling the excitement and the joy of the new, as the Solar Feminine energy of Leo enters the planet through the Lion's Gate Portal, from the 25th July to the 12th of August.

This is the planetary "New Year", a time of Celebration and Joy and Abundance. And so our message to you at this time is to celebrate the Light and the Love. We see, from the Higher Dimensions, a beautiful Network of Light and Love spreading around the planet. As people awaken and as their awareness increases, so their inner light becomes stronger and more available to others.

We know, dearest lightworkers, that you have been through a difficult time this year. As you have taken back your power and stood in that power, you have begun to remember Who You Are. You have come to see your power as a Co-Creator with Spirit. We have spoken to you in others messages about the skills of Creation or Manifestation. But we know also, that as you have taken on this power, you have had to release all that is not "real" and all that is illusion. This includes patterns of co-dependency and addictions that are very subtle and deep, and sometimes very old, the result of past-life patterns. And so it is that many of you feel tired and lonely, as you come to terms with what has fallen away in your life. Know that whatever has left was not needed. Your Higher Aspect has worked with you to ensure that no illusions are allowed to block your understanding and acceptance of Who You Are. A Human Angel. You can work with with Spirit to have every need in your life met from Within. Your Strength and your Power come from Within!

So we would say that the aloneness and the fatigue are just pauses, as you gather your power and begin to create your Heart's Desire. By now, dearest ones, you will have a clearer idea of exactly what is your heart's desire. And when you are clear on that, then it will be easy to manifest. There will be no fears and no conditioned beliefs to prevent the manifestation.

But know, dearest ones, that the greatest Joy of the New Cycle will be the creation of Communities and Networks of Light around the Planet. You will begin to come together in groupings to accomplish certain kinds of global lightwork. There will be much power in these activities, because you are powerful. You will work and create from absolute alignment with your Higher Aspect and the Source, and you will create with great clarity.

So, it is indeed a time to rejoice at all that has been accomplished, and all that must still come as you continue to create.

The Lion's Gate 2006: Standing in your Mastery

This year's alignment between Earth, the Sun in Leo, and Sirius, brings a powerful energy of Joy and Completion and Celebration. On the 8th of August you will experience the harmonic of the 8:8:8 energy. This powerful vortex of Light will be the gateway that ushers out the "8" energy of 2006, which was where you took your power, and ushers in the "9" energy of 2007, which is where you take on your Mastery. Yes indeed, the energy that lifts your soul and spirit will be the energy of the achieved Master! It will be the realization and the recognition of your own individual ability as a Master of Light and Love, for that is what You Are! You will no longer allow anyone to make you believe or feel that you are anything less!

As the fiery and creative energy of the Solar Feminine pours through the Lion's Gate, let yourself enter into the Joy of the Divine Feminine. Feel the power of Sekmet, and express the Joy of Hathor! For it is indeed a joyous time. We did say to you in December of 2005 that you would be entering a time of Completion - and so it is.

And now, this flow of loving energy will enter your lives. You can begin to feel the playfulness urging you to manifest Lightness, Love and Prosperity in your life. It is there for you as you step into the Power of Who You Are - the I AM of your Essential Being. And the knowledge that you need never lack for anything ever again.

The Energies in July

The FULL MOON falls on the 11th of July. This Moon is in Capricorn, and represents an ideal time to balance the Male energy of Capricorn with the softer and more feminine energy of Cancer. Imagine the God and Goddess coming together in a Sacred marriage of Earth and Sky! Imagine to Love, the Joy and the Bliss of their Union. Celebrate!

The NEW MOON is in Leo on the 25th of July. This is the powerful gateway for the Lion's Gate energy of 2006. A good time to meditate on the coming energies and on how and what you would like to create or manifest in the coming cycle.

Mercury goes retrograde from the 4th to the 28th of July - so go carefully and be aware that communications may be disrupted or difficult in this period! Try to be more understanding and patient!

And Finally, Pluto, the planet of transformation is still 2 degrees from the Galactic center in relation to the Earth, and continues to Power the great Transformation of Consciousness on Planet Earth right now.

© 2006-7 Celia Fenn

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