The Energies for June 2005

Holding the Balance for the Planet

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


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Dearest Lightworkers, June promises to be a very challenging month in the unfolding of the New Energies on Planet Earth, In this month you are being asked to actively assist the process of transformation by helping to create balance and stability, which is so necessary now.

The Earth is moving towards the Solstice point on June 21st. This is the time when the Earth reaches a point of balance and turns on its axis to begin its return journey towards or away from the sun, depending on the hemisphere from which the event is viewed. It is a delicate moment. You can imagine it much like a dancer, poised and balanced in the midst of a turn. If she is disturbed at that point and loses her balance, she may fall.

This is where Earth finds herself now, and she needs the assistance of Lightworkers to help her to hold the balance. Remember, the last solstice in December 2004, was followed by the tsunami disaster,as the planet shifted dramatically out of alignment. As you approach this coming solstice event, you can work to hold the balance on the planet by maintaining the balance in your own life.

The Relationship between Inner and Outer Balance

The factors that create the imbalances on the planet are a combination of the instability of the human collective consciousness at this time, plus the powerful surges of transformative energy that emanate from the Galactic center. As we will discuss with you later, there is a powerful alignment of planetary energies in the Solar System on June 21st and 22nd, that will certainly create maximum disturbance and tension in the cosmic, solar and planetary fields.

As individual lightworkers, you can assist in minimizing the shock waves and trauma to the Earth by actively working to hold your own center and balance. As lightworkers, many of you will already know that you transmit and receive energy for the collective consciousness. You will be asked to carry even more at this time. And it is important that you hold your center and keep your energy in stability. Advanced Beings of Light throughout the Galaxy are working to stabilize the cosmic field through these changes or "birthing pains". As newly awakened and conscious human angels, you are being asked to assist in this process on your own planet.

There are two ways that this can be done. Firstly, the simple process of meditation and visualization will be effective. Visualize yourself as a field of energy, with a strong column of white and gold light at your spine. See the chakras spinning light along this spinal center, and creating and holding perfect balance. See the balance and feel it in your field.

The second way is to live the balance in your life. As people around you may become more anxious and unsettled as the energies become more intense, make a conscious effort not to get drawn in to these energies. Focus on peace, trust and the knowledge that no matter how difficult things may appear, there is a greater plan and all will be well. Feel yourself as a stabilizing force and extend that to the planet.

Understand, dearest Lightworkers, that the mass unconscious of those who are still unawakened needs to live out its nightmares. This element of your collective consciousness is still focused on playing out the end times scenarios of death and destruction. It does not have to be that way. Yes, you are experiencing powerful transformative energies, but they can be held and managed for the minimum pain and destruction.

The responsibility of Lightworkers is to hold the energy of the awakened consciousness, for new beginnings, and joyous re-birthing on the Planet. Hold the vision and the energy of the New Earth. Focus on Peace, Creativity, Love and Life. Choose these rather than negativity, chaos and fear. This is how you will hold the balance, both in your own lives and on the planet.

You will create a stability field that will help to neutralize the chaos in the collective consciousness and help to create peaceful transitions through these powerful energy surges that bring the energies of transformation and rebirth.

The Planetary Alignments for 21st and 22nd June

As we explain these planetary alignments for this time, you will see how powerful these energies are, and how delicate the balance.

The solstice itself occurs on the 21st, and the Full Moon on the 22nd of June. On the 22nd the sun will be in the fourth astrological house of Cancer, as will Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Opposite them in the 10th house of Capricorn, will be the Full Moon at 0 degrees of Capricorn. Four degrees from the Moon will be the Galactic Center field at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, and Pluto at 22 degrees of Sagittarius.

Can you feel, dearest Lightworkers, how the alchemy of the planets is at work here. The energy of the Full Moon which is intense and magnetic joined with the powerful energy waves of the Galactic center and the transformative engine of Pluto, opposing in the balance, the energy of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Saturn is also approaching the cusp of Leo as it leaves Cancer, and this is in itself indicates changes and transitions, both individually and on a planetary scale.

Within human consciousness there will be strong forces for transformation that will manifest in the mental and emotional bodies of humans. That is why it is so important to hold the mental amd emotional bodies in balance and alignment with the physical and spiritual bodies as your essential service to the planet at this time. That is why so many of you experienced powerful cleansing and balancing processes with the elemental healing energies of May that were transmitted through the 5:5 stargates. These energies activated and transformed right down to the level of the DNA, and helped you to prepare yourselves to hold the energies through the month of June and into July.

You will need to keep holding that energy in balance with focus, at least until the 7th of July. The 7th of July is a powerful harmonic gateway, being a triple seven vortex in the time/space continuum, and will also bring in energies that will come after the planetary alignments of June, and these will be felt cumulatively on the Earth. It is indeed a powerful time, for the energies in July will also be transformative. But we will speak of that with you next month.

The Turning Point

And, finally dearest Lightworkers, you may see this solstice as the "turning point" of your work towards the total transformation of the planet.

This process began in 1998, when the first Crystal Children began to trigger the ascension process in those adults who were ready to form the first wave. That was seven years ago. There is another seven year cycle to go before you reach the completion of this birthing cycle in 2012.

Know, dearest ones. that this is a key moment, when you are asked to participate fully in the co-creation of the New Earth. And know too, that this is indeed a turning point. There are enough awakened and active first and second wave Lightworkers to make a real difference to the planet now, and in the years to come. Take your power and begin to be what you are - stewards of the planetary peace and stability.

You can make a difference!

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