The Energies for June 2006

The Flow of Time and the Power to Manifest

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Children of Light, June 2006 will be a very powerful month. The energies are filled with potential and healing, and you are being guided in your first steps in this new reality of the Fifth Dimensional Earth.

This year, 2006, has already seen incredible shifts and changes in the Earth's energetic matrix, as the planet settles into her new multi-dimensional grid.And already, you are beginning to feel the flows of the 8:8:8 vibrational harmonic that will be the signature of this year's Lion's Gate energy in August. This energy is about Time, and how you work with the flows of Time in the Fifth Dimension and Higher. So already you are feeling a substantial difference in the nature of time in your new reality.

This affects the process of manifestation, for if you are not balanced in the present moment, you will be unable to draw the energy into that moment to crystallize a manifestation. If you are locked into the past, or if you are always looking to the future, then you will have no place to "ground" your creations. For you stand now at the point of "no time" or in the eternal and infinite "Now" moment of Spirit essence, and yet also in the material world where the illusion of Linear time is still strong. But as this year progresses that illusion will weaken, and you will learn how to access your Past self and your Future self to find the power in the present moment.

For you stand, as it were, at the center of the figure "8" as it lies on its side...the symbol of infinity. As you stand there, you command the power and flow of both circles. And so it is that you are given the opportunity to begin to connect powerfully with the ancient wisdom in your DNA in order to begin to manifest in the New Earth. You will access the power of Who You Are (the past) in the present moment to create the power of a New Creation (the future). That essential flow is necessary for manifestation in the New Earth. You cannot create only out of your limited Third Dimensional perspective. You have to create from the entire "spectrum" of who you are, and this includes your Higher Self and Spirit. So, all creations and manifestation become partnerships between you and your Higher Aspects and Spirit. In this process, manifestation may be slower, for the aspect of Divine Timing is important. Manifestations happen at the best possible moment for the highest good of all, not just for your ego's interest and benefit. This new process of manifesting through divine timing means that many of you are frustrated as you seem unable to create and manifest as you did before. Indeed, you are learning patience and acceptance, and you are learning to surrender and submit to the highest good. This may be difficult for you, for you have learnt in your culture to gratify the ego and the ego's desire in the fastest possible time.

Now, dearest souls, you are learning a new pattern of manifestation. For you are learning also patience and gratitude and commitment. In the world of the Third Dimension it had become your habit to manifest rapidly and to show little commitment to what was manifested. You became addicted to the "highs" of rapid manifestation and the sense of ego power that went with it. But now, Spirit asks you to consider your creations with gratitude. For each one of you is within his or her own creation. Do you feel a sense of gratitude for that creation? Are you enjoying it, or are you seeking for something else already? And with your relationships, are you exploring the commitments you have made, or are you seeking for something or someone new?

In the New Earth, you will need to develop that sense of gratitude and commitment to your creations. For the need to keep creating and re-creating does not allow you the time to enjoy your creations and reflect on who you are through your creations. Indeed, time is of the essence in the New Earth. Time to "be" and enjoy. Time to be still and to reflect. For the stiller and calmer you are, the more gratitude and respect you show, the higher your internal vibrations will be, and the more at ease you will feel in the New Earth.

Time is the key to the multi-dimensional reality. For time and space are illusions that hide the essential truth that all is in perfection and all is of the the Source energy. The time you take to just "be" with your creations is the time you spend in the eternal love of Source. And you learn to see beyond the illusions into the "reality" of deep and wonderful Unconditional Love. And it is only when you express and manifest Gratitude and Joy for the perfection of your Creation, that you are ready to create again. Remember how the Creator said "it is good" after every "day" of creation, and then moved on to the next day? And, dearest ones, how many of you are unhappy with where you are, and frustrated and bored. And so, your Higher Self has you working to reach that moment of total acceptance and gratitude that will allow you to move on into new ways of experiencing the adventures of the material plane.

And so, the expression of gratitude is the key to the Flows of Time. Not only expressing, but also feeling that gratitude, as you stand at your point of power within Infinity, the Master of both Past and Future. But the point of Mastery is Gratitude and Joy! And if you are deeply unhappy with your creations, then you will need to see where you have created from ideas and desires that no longer align with who you are. And when you find that point, just let go and release. Forgive yourself and then express gratitude for that point of learning and what it gave you - and then be ready to align with perceptions that are more aligned with how you sense yourself to be!

Remember, dearest souls, that wherever you are, you have created this from your desires in the past. Express gratitude for the past, and then allow yourself to begin dreaming yourself in a new and more powerful way. Take the best and the most powerful from your past, and dream according to that. This is the gift of the energy of June, that you as Lightworkers are ready to take on this power now! We might almost say, let yourself connect with the powerful energies of your past in Lemuria and you will begin to feel what the future on the New Earth may be! For the Ancient Path of the Sacred Earth will serve you well at this time!

The Power Energies of June

There are two powerful moments in the flow of time this month. The first is the Full Moon on the 11th June, and the second is the Mid-year Solstice on the 21st of June.

The Full Moon is the optimum moment for connecting with the energies of the Ancient Wisdom and accessing your power as a Co-Creator with Spirit. The Full Moon is at 20 degrees of Sagittarius, which is just six degrees from The Galactic Center and five degrees from Pluto which is still conjunct the Galactic Center in relation to the Earth. What a powerhouse of energies in the Ninth House of Higher Wisdom! This energy will also not be easy, as the moon also squares Uranus in Pisces at 19 degrees. This means that the energy will be intense and electrical, and may give rise to unusual events at this time. Pisces is also the twelfth house of deep and spiritual consciousness governed by Neptune. With Sagittarius governed by Jupiter, the emphasis will be on Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. This is a powerful line-up for deep shifts and transformations in the Spiritual Awareness of the Collective. Perhaps even Miracles can happen at this time.

For you, dearest Lightworkers, there is the choice as to how you will deal with this energy. You have already begun to feel its transformative power, and now you can choose to work with the energy at its peak on the Full Moon. At that time, the paths of the Ancient Wisdom will be opened to all those who choose to connect with their ancient heritage. It is a time to connect with the power of the Sacred Earth, the elementals and the devas. It is a powerful moment for opening your inner being to the spiritual consciousness of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth. Call on the Earth to assist you and guide you through this moment of intense power.

Ten days after Full Moon, this power will reach its second peak at the Solstice. This is a Sacred moment when the Earth "stands still" in its spiral journey and then begins to move in the opposite direction. It is midsummer in the North and midwinter in the South. It is a time of rebirthing and renewal. And, at this time, the elementals will be present to assist the New Earth and those who choose to work with her in rebirthing into the energy of the new season. For the north moves towards autumn and the south towards spring. And so the spirals of Earth's existence continue through the flows of Time and Space. This is also a wonderful time to celebrate and connect with the energies of renewal and continuity. As you stand in your point of power in the Infinite "now" moment, you can also celebrate the flows and spirals of that wonderful and playful energy called "time" that allows you to keep creating and experiencing the Unconditional Love of Source.

And then, after these moments of intense power, the sun moves from Gemini and into Cancer, and the New Moon in Cancer falls on the 25th of June. Connecting with the gentle water energies of Cancer will connect you with the grace of the Divine Mother, and will allow you to rest and refresh your energies in the beauty of the Divine Feminine. A good time to rest and reflect and just allow yourself to enjoy the experience of who you are and what you have created.

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