Message from Archangel Michael on Hurricane Katrina

through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Ones, the tragedy that is unfolding in New Orleans is one of great sadness. Human suffering always brings concern to us and we offer you our support and our love at this time. Especially to those of you in the affected areas and those living in the USA.

We ask you, as Lightworkers, to open your hearts and offer what Love and Support you can to your fellow beings who are in pain and need at this time. Sending the blessings of Light will assist greatly. As you know, there are Lightworkers whose special work it is to deal with emergencies such as these and to render assistance on the spiritual planes. These ones can also use your support and your prayers at this time. Each one of you can lend your energies through the Global Web of Love and Compassion.

Why Now? ....and the Implications

The energy that has entered your planet is powerful and transformative. It seeks to create balance by exposing all that is not in balance. It is a very similar wave of energy to that which was felt in 2001with the first great Ascension waves. At that time the USA had to deal with and experience the trauma of the 9/11 events in New York City. The implications of that were far reaching, and are still being felt today by many thousands of people in the Middle East and in the USA.

But, dearest Lightworkers, especially those of you in the USA, know that the implications and the aftermath of the New Orleans tragedy, as it unfolds, will have more far reaching and profound effects than even the 9/11 tragedy.

Its transformative effects on US society will be immense. And ultimately, this transformation will be felt by all on the planet in positive ways.

The Challenge: The Heart or the Head

Those who have given their lives at this time have done so that those who remain might be given thge opportunity to move from the Head into the Heart in terms of their reactions and coping strategies.

Will you, as a planetary society respond from the Heart? And what does that mean?

The response to the 9/11 events was indeed to open the hearts and bring forth the Unconditional Love of many. People were awakened to the way in which a single event could affect the global reality. After the tsunami, many more opened their hearts and sent love and material support through the Global Web that has been developed to support such loving efforts.

However, many of the "solutions" that you as a people came up with were based on fear, anger and money. The "war on terrorism" which has expanded outwards to create more and more suffering, is one example. And you as a people often see giving money as the most effective way in which you can help others in need. It is effective, that is true. But the Heart knows that only giving of yourself and your energy is a true response of the heart. And giving more than money, giving of your love and sharing your skills and talents for the greater good. Do not leave it all to the authorities, but think of ways, simple but loving, that you might send positive and healing energies to that area. If each person on the planet sent light and love in some way, what a difference you would see. Would not these suffering people feel the warm embrace of the caring energy of their fellow humans? This is the Fifth Dimension. Positive thoughts and energies can create miracles of love and compassion.

You are being challenged, especially those in the USA, to give of yourselves in many ways, and to know that your solutions must come from the heart. Do not allow fear and anger to be your responses, but feel empathy and love for all involved. Think also beyond money to other ways of bringing relief to these people.The planet seeks balance and love. The people in New Orleans are not the "enemy" or far off "victims". They are your own people and they need your support and care and love and prayers. You are One Family.

Releasing the Love : The Responses of the Heart

The key to releasing Global Unconditional Love lies in the hands of the people of the USA right now, and on whether they can move into their hearts and fully understand what these challenges and changes mean.

If you can achieve that now - the transformation on a global level will be rapid and intense. It lies within your hands now as the people of ths USA, as spiritual leaders on the planet. And likewise, within each person on the planet who lends their love and support in this time of tragedy and need. For what lies in your individual hearts will emerge at this time. We know you are ready to move into your hearts and express the true meaning of Unconditional Love and Acceptance as members of the One Human Family.

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