Becoming Light(er) : Your Crystal Body and the New Energies

by Celia Fenn

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This article is written to assist those who are in the Indigo to Crystal transition, and also those who have completed their transition. Archangel Michael has once again asked me to share this information with you in the understanding that many of you are struggling to find ways of coping with the new way of life. Understand that this new way of life is very different from the old, and you cannot just go on living as you did previously. There are certain changes that must happen as you become lighter in body, mind and spirit. You are becoming light, as you assume your conscious role as a Human Angel.

The Human Angel or Crystal body is lighter than the old human body. It carries and transmits more light at higher frequencies. It transmits the new multi-dimensional frequencies to assist others to begin their transition as well. But when we say "lighter" we don't necessarily mean in weight. Many Crystal children and adults are fairly solid and stocky. This keeps them grounded and "here" in their bodies. The lightness is the ability of the physical form to hold and transmit light at high frequencies.

In this article we will discuss how lightness may be expressed on the Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Levels:

The Physical Body

At this level there are two aspects that are vitally important in maintaining the health of the physical vehicle. These are Diet and Exercise. Many of you will say that you don't feel like exercise, in fact all you want to do is sleep. But exercise can help you to break through this to a more balanced way of life.

DIET: The principle of eating in the New Energy is to eat as close to the source of light as possible. This means eating high on the food chain. Primarily plant food, since plants transmute light into glucose for human consumption via the process of photosynthesis. So eating fruit and vegetables, fresh and organic if possible, is more likely to ensure that your physical food is a good source of light.

We have also found that the Crystal body seems to need a great deal of protein. But this should be Vegetable sourced protein if possible - legumes, beans, lentils and chick peas. If you practice Food Combining (don't mix protein with carbohydrates) you will find these foods quite easy to digest.

Try to eliminate from your diet those foods which are "heavy" and "dead" in terms of their light value. These are processed and convenience foods. Also alcohol, sweets, caffeine drinks and tea and coffee.Drink lots of pure clean water and herbal teas.

You will find as you become more accustomed to your Crystal state, the need to simplify your life and your diet. You will begin to enjoy eating at this very simple and "light" level. Your body will respond by having more energy and being more grounded when intense surges of energy pass through. This is because you will now have the physical strength and resiliance to deal with the high frequency energy that passes through your body.

EXERCISE: Using your physical body in exercise is also important in the Crystal state. Because the Crystal energy is so powerful on the spiritual and mental/emotional levels, the body must be kept toned and healthy.

You cannot live in your head and spend your life in front of a TV set or a computer. If you do these things, then they must be balanced by physical exercise.

If you do not exercise your body, the power of the Crystal energy moving through you will ensure that you become and remain "spaced" and out of touch with reality.

I often have to counsel people to make a conscious effort to return to their bodies and begin being present in their own lives. Some people spend years in this "twilight" state because they are not aware that all that is required is to strengthen the physical body so that it can ground the Crystal energy.

The exercise does not have to be frantic or regimented, it can be as light as walking or swimming for half an hour. But it must be regular and consistent.

The Emotional/Mental Bodies

As we move deeper into the New Energies, our former way of life is crumbling away. We are becoming aware that so much of what we assumed would always be there, no longer is. We are seeing the illusions that we built our former way of life upon, and we are moving into freedom.

But as we do this, we often experience much sadness and loss as we let go of things which were central to our lives. And we experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Equally, the chaos all around us intensifies as people who are still unawakened become more and more confused and frightened. Some Crystal people are sensitive to this unresolved fear, and may "pick it up" and be affected by its intensity.

We are being trained by Spirit to exist or "be" in a new way.

It is a way of complete trust and reliance on the guidance of Spirit and the Angelic realm. And a way of releasing the need for ego to be in control.

We have to Let Go and Let God, as the saying goes.

This is difficult for many people, but the more you resist the changes the more difficult they become. The more you allow the changes, the more they tend to flow.

As Crystal beings we need to practice habits of affirmative and conscious thinking.

This means living in an awakened and conscious way. Being conscious of what we are thinking, doing and saying at any given time. And how this affects both ourselves and those with whom we come into contact.

So many people are living in morose and depressed and fear-filled states. The Crystal being knows that these are illusions based on fear. When you are in your higher consciousness, seek to express what you truly are - love, joy, harmony and peace. Let your presence be a blessing to each person that you meet. Allow the light that is in you to transmute the fear that is in them.

But, in order to function in this way we have to develop mental and emotional habits of affirmative and trust filled thinking and feeling.

My own personal mantra is taken from a medieval mystic called Julian of Norwich, who always affirmed that "All is Well" - "all manner of things will be well". This is a statement of trust that no matter what happens, there is a higher plan that will work for the highest good. It is our role to allow that plan to unfold no matter what is is.

Remember also the lines from the Desiderata:" You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

The Spiritual Level

The challenge for Crystal people now is to live the truth of their Multi-Dimensional spirituality.

To be "light" in heart, mind and spirit.

In order to be "light" in the New Energy - you must have recognised and come to terms with both your own shadow energy and that of the human collective. And this recognition should be accompanied by a deep compassion and love.

Owning your own shadow will allow you to understand why there is so much fear in the world, and also to understand how holding your own shadow in balance can help to heal and shift that fear. Every individual that opens their heart to compassion and moves beyond fear helps to heal the greater consciousness of humanity.

And once you live beyond fear, you can live in the eternal present. And truly experience the power of the "Now" moment. You will flow and change with the greater flows. And the Crystal being is sensitive to the shifts in the energies, and trusts and allows and indeed facilitates the changes.

And, finally, the Crystal being knows that the whole purpose of our evolution is to explore who and what we are and can become. We are Light Becoming. And in order to fully experience that reality we need to become creative and playful in the way in which we live and think and are.

Exploring our creative potential will be the next big adventure in the development of the Crystal Consciousness!

So, newly birthed Human Angels, spread your wings and allow yourselves to fly!

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