The Energies for March 2005

The New Male Energy and the New Earth Shaman

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest ones....the month of March has begun with the introduction of the powerful new energies of the Paradise Matrix entering in through the Phi Gate. Many of you reported an increased sense of joy and bliss and energy around the time of the March 5th activations. Indeed, this energy that comes to your Earth at this time is the promised foundation for a golden and glorious future. You can begin buidling your future New Earth now!

As we mentioned to you in our Stargates message, this energy will continue to anchor in the Crystal Grids until the next major activations on the 5th and 11th of May.

Enter the New Earth Shaman: Bridegroom in the "Sacred Marriage".

In the month of March the focus will continue to be on the Male Energy and its powerful transformation. On the 21st March, just after the Equinox on the 20th, Chiron and Mars will be conjunct at 0 degrees of Aquarius. This powerful conjunction of the Wounded Healer (Chiron) with the Male Energy (Mars) in the House of the New Age, is symbolic of the healing and transformation of the Male Energy on your New Earth.

At the time of the Full Moon and the Equinox, the Sun will be in Aries, a powerful house of Male Energy. The Moon will be in Libra, the house that signifies Marriage and Partnership. This combination continues the Cosmic Ritual of the Sacred Marriage, for the Bridegroom emerges to meet his Bride, the Feminine energies from the Galactic Center.

The Divine Feminine energy is already finding its expression in the Goddess energy that many women are finding and assuming at this time. Now it is time for the male to emerge as the New Earth "god" or "bridegroom. The perfect partner for the Cosmic Goddess.

If Isis presides over the Ritual of Sacred Marriage, her partner is Osiris, the Earth God. The New Male energy identifies with the Earth. He is the steward of the Earth, and he is committed to the service of the Planet. His focus is on bringing back the sacred balance through partnership with his beloved wife, the Goddess. In the New Earth, many of you will echo this ritual, as you unite in Sacred Partnerships based on service to the planet and receiving and grounding the energies from the Great Cosmic Mother at the Galactic Center.

Many men on the Planet will begin to wake up to their responsibilities to the planet and to their communities. They will cease to pursue money as a goal, and will turn their energy towards the care and nurturance of the Planet. Some will emerge as powerful leaders and teachers and role models for other men. These teachers will be Shamanic, and will be identified by their commitment to Nature and the Spiritual world represented and manifested through nature. They will have much to teach those who are ready for the next stage of the developement of the Fifth-Dimensional New Earth.

Bringing Higher Consciousness to Relationships and Marriage

At this time, as you experience the Sacred Marriage and the energies of the Paradise Matrix, you are also experiencing a raising of consciousness around the ideas of Relationship and Marriage.

The powerhouse for this is the planet Jupiter, bringer of Master Consciousness, which is now situated in Libra, the house of Marriage and Partnership. As you feel these energies, dear ones, many of you are feeling the deep need to find relationships and partnerships that are intimate and spiritual and meaningful. You are looking for Soulmates in order to express your Twin Flame energies in service of the Light. This is the energy of Jupiter acting on your consciousness.

And, dearest ones, our message to you right now is that in the future partnerships and marriages will become deeply sacred once again. You will honor and love your mate and partner, because you will see how together you embody the energy of the God and Goddess within your partnership. And you will be true and faithful to that partnership by choice, because it will be a deep and sacred union, one that brings joy and unconditional love to your heart and your being.

So, be prepared for a time in which you will test your relationships, to see whether they measure up to the exacting new standards being set at this time by the energy of the Sacred Marriage.

The Role of Creative Passion

In the individual, the Male Energy will be expressed through the Lower Chakras, those connected to the Earth. The Feminine Energy is expressed through the Higher Chakras, and the two meet and blend in the Heart Chakra.

It is Creative Passion from the Divine Source that creates this Marriage.

The Feminine energy transmits the ideas and energy of Spirit and the Male energy transmits the energy and passion of the Earth Matrix. When they meet in the Heart they combine to produce the powerful energy that will move you forward on the Adventure of Unfolding into the Fifth Dimension.

The Equinox and the Moons in March

At the Equinox, the day and the night will be of equal length. This marks a point of equilibrium between the seasons on Planet Earth. It is a time to pause and reflect on what has been and what is to come.

In the Northern Hemisphere, winter recedes and Sping approaches. In the Southern Hemisphere, summer is over and autumn moves in.

The dynamic Yin and Yang balance is also reflected in the shifts and changes on the Planet.

The New Moon for March is on the 10th. The New Moon will be in Pisces. THis is a time to intiate and begin new spiritual projects and conceive new ideas.

The Full Moon is on the 25th, in the seventh house ruled by Libra. This is the House of Relationships and Marriage, and we can expect that this Moon will bring further light and energy to relationship issues.

So expect that in this month you will be lead to question and examine your relationships. And that many of you will find miracles within your relationships.

When the sun moves into Aries on the 21st of March, we will also be starting a new astrological cycle. Aries is ther House of the Self, and so this always heralds a good time for self-examination and a re-affirmation of the Self in positive ways.

Why not decide that this cycle will be the one in which you express your Creative Passion?

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