Earth Shifts and the Return of the Paradise Matrix to Planet Earth: The Sacred Marriage of Sky and Earth

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Ones, we bring you news of exceiting events that are due to take place that will soon change the nature of your Planet appreciably. These are wonderful and positive changes that many of you have worked for over many lifetimes!

As lightworkers, most of you are aware that the Earth has entered a period of rapid change and transformation. This is being experienced by you on the material plane as "natural" disasters. The Earth is shifting her physical template in order to accommodate the changes that must come. And these are wonderful changes.

We spoke to you in an earlier channel about the signficance of Hawaii as a new spiritual center for the planet. It is on Hawaii that a wonderful event will take place on the 5th of March. At this time, a spiral of energy will be released from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center. This spiral of energy, containing significant new creation codes or activators, will enter the Earth through a special portal on Hawaii. Once it has grounded there, it will activate certain ancient codes that are woven into the Earth's matrix at the Hawaii point, and also at other points on the Earth which will be activated at a later stage.

This "marriage" of Sky energy and Earth energy will unlock the ancient creation codes for the Paradise Earth that were placed there by the original Elohim angelic creators. The Paradise Matrix will once again be activated and Earth can begin the process of building her physical 5th Dimensional Paradise on the planet.

Let me explain to you, dear ones, that this activation on the 5th of March will activate the original blueprint for a Paradise Earth that is stored in the Earth's Akashic records. Within Planet Earth is a set of "planetary DNA records" that includes everything that your planet has ever experienced since its creation. This includes the original Sacred Geometry Codes for Earth as a Paradise that were originally activated in Lemuria before the fall into matter at the time of Atlantis. The Paradise Earth was in fact the original plan andf intention of the angelic Elohim creators for this planet. That intention is due to be re-activated with the spiral that touches down in Hawaii on the 5th of March.

As you, as planetary lightworkers, prepare to receive this new energy, you are experiencing a rapid shift in consciousness once again, dear ones. Your vibrational frequency is speeding up once again - and many of you are experiencing physical symptoms of the cleansing and purification process that this is producing in you. These are some of the symptoms:

You are in the process of releasing your last blocks and resistances to fully entering into your power as gods and godesses of the sacred New Earth. You are clearing away ancient fears associated with the rituals of the Sacred Marriage.

For indeed, you are all invited guests at the Sacred Marriage of Sky and Earth. In this ancient sacred ritual, the mating of Sky and Earth produces or births a new energy or a new Earth. You ancient ancestors understood the significance of Sacred Marriage and its ritual re-enactment as a process of renewal and rebirthing.

As the Cosmic Godess and the Earth Father unite once more in this Sacred Union, you will all be celebrants at the marriage. You will anticipate and enjoy the renewal of Paradise conditions and great abundance to your planet. You will sing and dance at this wedding.

And, finally, we offer you a "gift" from this marriage. Your own unions and relationships will benefit from the renewal of the sacred marriage between heaven and earth. many of you will entrain to this energy and find your own ways to re-enact the sacred marriage in your own sacred and loving relationships.

In the Paradise Earth you will once again enjoy the physical and spiritual bonds of the god and goddess within your own loving marriages. It is the gift that is offered to you at this time.

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