The Energies for May 2006

Emerging into the New Energies: Releasing Expectations, Using Discernment, and Reconnecting with the Sacred Earth

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, as you enter the month of May, the month of the Wesak Full Moon and its association with the tradition of the enlightenment of the Buddha - light continues to flood your planet. Many illusions are being illuminated and released as you move forward into the New Energies.

As the Third Dimensional grids of the Old Earth continue to weaken, many of you are experiencing a very tumultuous time in your lives as you release the old and "recalibrate" yourselves to the new frequencies. What is Old and Old Energy must be released to allow the new to come in. You may feel tired, vulnerable, insecure, you may feel that you are struggling or are uncomfortable in your physical body as you pass through this "void" into the New Energies. Old physical and emotional problems and issues may have returned for their final healing and releasing as you move into the New Earth with your new clear crystalline body.

Dearest souls, since the grounding of the "Field of Love" energy and the alignment of the Paradise Grids on the Planet with the Galactic grids and the opening of the ninth dimension, your Earth has changed. It is a multi-dimensional planet grounded in the Fifth Dimension. Humanity now has to release its dependence of the old Third Dimensional economic support system and cross over to the supportive Earth energy of the Fifth Dimension. It is for this reason, as you finally understand the illusions of economic security and consumerism, that you will feel, for a while, vulnerable and unsupported. And then, dearest Lightworkers, you will understand that the Earth provides you with all the support you will ever need if you learn how to connect and access this support in your lives.

Releasing Expectations

Dearest Lightworkers, as the New Energy begins to move into manifestation and takes shape as a new society with new values, it is good to release all expectations about how it will happen and where.

It is best to leave the formation into material reality to the work of Spirit and the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence. Holding expectations of what should be will only block the process of manifestation in your life and prolong the state of transition and the feelings of being unsupported and vulnerable. It is only when you surrender to the process and trust that you will be cared for and provided for, that you allow the new energies to begin to take shape in your lives.

We may say, dearest Lightworkers, that the New Earth energies may be quite different to what you may have expected, but they will be exactly what is needed by the Earth and its sentient beings at this time, including Humanity.

This is a process of Spiritual and Material evolution in great Love and Creativity. The Highest Good for All is what will be grounded at this time, and indeed it is not for any of us to say what that might be. Divine Creative Intelligence will provide and we will receive with you, dearest Lightworkers. We await in joyous anticipation the revealing of this gift.

Using Discernment as You Make Choices

You will find, dearest Lightworkers, that as Humanity moves forward into this new manifestation, that there will be much tumult. Big changes do create waves of confusion and uncertainty. In the Collective Consciousness, these waves of change are creating intense anxiety and stress for those who have no real understanding of the inner and outer processes at work here, and these feelings are being translated into panic, aggression and increasing "hysteria" in many people. Many Lightworkers who are sensitive are feeling these emotions as they surge through the group unconscious like a tidal wave. In many cases, these emotions are being set off by past life memories of the Loss of Atlantis and Lemuria that have been triggered by the Dimensional Shifts that the Earth has experienced, and by pre-conditioned programming regarding the "end of the world" that is being manipulated and played out by many for their own purposes right now.

Dearest Lightworkers, as these feelings intensify you will find that you will need to hold your center in peace and calm. Do not get drawn into these energies of intense anxiety and aggression. Do not get caught up in dualistic battles of "light" and "dark" by those who urge this on you, however subtle and "rational" their arguments may be. The old will fall away, and becoming involved in violence and chaos will not create the New Earth. Rather, place your energies in places of peace, calm and unconditional love.

Dearest Ones, use your discernment. We cannot tell you what choices to make. That is for you to decide based on your own inner integrity. But, at this time of deep change and heightened and intense passion, let your choices and actions reflect due responsibility to yourself and others and be based in unconditional love and compassion, no more nor less.

Crossing Over: Reconnecting with the Sacred Earth

When you make the transition, dearest ones, you will reconnect with the Sacred Earth and its power.

You will understand, as your ancestors did before you, that the Earth is a living, sentient and sacred being, and that it provides for all who live on it. Your ancestors knew how to connect with the Earth in sacred rituals and meditations, and how to work with Spirit to call to them all that was needed for survival. The Earth provides and the supply is infinite. There never was or will be a shortage of resources, only a population that has forgotten how to access the nurturing and providing of the Earth itself and how to share this abundance.

And so, dearest ones, as you cross over and discern how ancient and sacred the Earth is in its wisdom and love, you will once again access the sacred mystery of life on planet Earth. Not all can be known. Not all needs to be known. Miracles arise in the acceptance of Mystery and the Unknown.

The keys to this way of life are Respect, Honor and Sharing. Respect for all sentient and non-sentient beings. Respect for those who have wisdom and experience, and respect for those who have youth and strength as their gifts. Honor the gift of life and all that is given, and share what you have with those who have less.

And, dearest Lightworkers, it is time to come to an understanding of the true meaning of Service and Community. Many of you have developed great gifts and potential in many lifetimes. But, at this time, you may be asked to serve in other ways. The great focus on "me" will be shifted to an understanding of "we", the community, and how one's individual gifts and talents are needed to serve the larger whole rather than one's self-gratification. This too is part of an understanding of sharing and respect. Releasing the needs and demands of the Ego self in the service of the greater good of the community in which you have been placed by Spirit.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, in this month of May, spring for many of you, you are asked to bring in light and make your life a sacred and wonderful gift. Reconnect with the Earth in whatever ways are meaningful and rich to you. Ask the angels and guides to work with you as you begin to access and work with the new Heart based energies of the New Earth. Seek to serve in Unconditional Love, and the rest will fall into place in miraculous ways.

The Planetary Energies for May

The sun is in Taurus for the first part of the month. Taurus is an Earth energy, and although ruled by feminine Venus, has strength and determination. This is a good time to connect with the powerful Earth energies, in preparation for the more volatile energies of Gemini, or the "Twins", later in the month. Gemini is an air element, and encourages you to look at both sides of an issue.

The Full Moon is on the 13th of May, and is in Taurus/Scorpio. This is the Wesak Moon of Inner Enlightenment, and provides powerful energies of illumination if used wisely.

The New Moon in Gemini is on the 27th of May. This is a good time to be thoughtful and introspective and take stock of all the issues in your life at this time, in preparation for the Mid-year Solstice in June.

Pluto continues to be situated conjunct the Galactic center in Sagittarius, providing the powerful energies of change and transformation to the planet at this time. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, of transmutation, and of endings and beginnings. It is indeed a time for a new beginning for the Planet and all her people. May this be birthed in peace, love and calm.

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