Dear Starchild Readers

I think we will all remember 2006 as the year of Great Change. There have certainly been many changes at Starchild, and they been positive and filled with growth. It has been a while since we sent out a monthly newsletter to tell you what is on site, but we are getting that going again. Our Mailing list team is now Jeanne Vijlbrief of Holland who send out the mails, and Claudia Garcia of Chile who takes care of the mails that you send back to us.

The first change was our change of name. We are now called Starchild Global, to emphasize our work to provide a global community for Lightworkers. And to go with that change, many changes in our presentation and content. Although the site is still centered around the messages from Archangel Michael, we have now opened a section for Indigo Teens and Twenties, and a section for Crystal Children. We have also entered into partnership with two online spiritual communities, to bring you more opportunities to network and connect with others. Many of the mails I receive are asking for connection with others, so these communities answer that need.

For Indigo Teens and Twenties, we have connected with Daniel Fischer of the USA who runs the "Indigo Society" forum. This forum caters for young people and provides a place to meet and talk about issues of interest to the growing community of Indigos. Then, we have also linked to "Ibrido TV", the project of a creative Indigo, Daniel Berlanger. Ibrido brings you all the good news about how the Planet is changing in positive ways. The links for "Indigo Society" and "Ibrido" are to be found on our Home Page:

Our community for Lightworkers is called "World of Souls", and is a partnership with Olof Hasven of Sweden. This is a very technologically advanced site. With your membership of this community you can add an image to your profile, contribute to the forums, post articles, have your own blog, and post or download music files. Membership is free, and the beautiful music downloads are free as well. Olof, who runs the community, is a gifted musician and channel, and is also responsible for our new theme song "Starchild", which you can hear on the site. To connect with "World of Souls" you can use the link on our Home Page:

We have also begun inviting guest writers to contribute their expertise and passions to the site, and have enjoyed many great articles recently. This month's special is about "Birthing the Crystal Children", and we have an interesting and informative article by Asha Ramakrishna of Massachusetts in the USA who works with helping mothers to make the birth process positive and meaningful. Asha talks about her own experiences as a mother. We have also invited Asha to contribute a regular column on parenting, so that is something to look forward to as well. You can read Asha's article here:

We hope to post another article soon by the author of the "Sacred Birthing" site as keep watching. We will be posting a special thanksgiving article by Licia Berry of Colorado, USA, on your realtionship with food, to help those of you in the USA to deal with the season of abundance and plenty.

In our children's section, we have entered into a partnership with Gabrielle Silva of Colorado, USA, and Ragananda. Ragananda is a wonderful, whimsical character who has her own "bug band" and has the most wonderful adventures that she shares with children. Gabrielle writes the section called "Ragananda's Diary", in which she includes images and music that will appeal to children. You can find Ragandanda's Diary here:

And, last but not least, I have started a section of the site called "Children of Africa". This is to tell you about the work that I am doing on behalf of Starchild Global with the children of Sir Lowry's Pass village in South Africa. We are asking for donations to assist with our project of upgrading the Soup Kitchen for children. The work is under way, and we have done some painting, structural changes and gardening, and we donate fruit and vegetables every week. We are also planning a Christmas party and play for the 24th of December, and we are hoping to provide toys for the newly created play area. So please, go to the site and read about our project, and please donate if you feel motivated to do so.

Wishing you Love, Grace and Joy

Celia Fenn and the Starchild Global Team.