The Energies for November 2006

Walking in the Dreamtime and the 11 : 11 Stargate

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest ones, as you move into the month of November, you will become increasingly aware of the power of the energy coming through the 11:11stargate. And this is the time when you will become increasingly aware of the power and the purpose of your new multi-dimensional bodies. For indeed, as you well know, your bodies have been through many changes in the last few years as you have opened up to your full potential as multi-dimensional Beings of Light.

And now, you are beginning to understand and experience what these new Crystalline or Christed bodies can do. This may initially be a disorienting or uneasy experience for many of you, for you are learning to "walk" in the "Dreamtime".

Let us now explain what we mean, dearest ones. The Indigenous Ones of your planet have called the realm of the Higher Dimensions, the "Dreamtime". This was because this realm was previously only accessed by shamans in trance state, who journeyed to a world which seemed to them like a world of dreams and illusions. This place called the "Dreamtime" was also the home of the "spirits" or higher beings of light, and much wisdom and guidance could be obtained by walking in the Dreamtime world.

But, know dearest Lightworkers, that since you have moved from the Third dimensional reality into the Fifth Dimension and activated your multi-dimensional matrix, you have "closed the gap" between the physical plane and the Dreamtime or Higher Dimensions. You are now effectively living and walking in the Dreamtime as you go about your everyday life.

This is what some refer to as the "thinning of the veils", for the separation between the world of Spirit and the world of Matter no longer exists in the same way. As a multi-dimensional being, you are capable of being in both places at once, and walking in both worlds. All humans are now capable of this, but only the brave pioneering lightworker souls are now actively allowing themselves to experience the full power of this state of being at present.

For what this means is that you are living in a physical body but with all the power and ability of your soul available to you in that physical space. And indeed, living in this reality is much like living in a dream, for you understand and perceive the fundamental illusory nature of material reality. But this becomes a powerful truth, for you are able to understand too, how a dream may be shaped by the dreamer, simply by shifting or changing the focus of attention or energy. This is the true meaning of the power of the co-creator. For anything in the material world may be changed or reshaped simply be accessing the Dreamtime and reshaping the energy that creates that reality. And, as you become more skilled and more comfortable with this new ability of your multi-dimensional being, you will begin to see how your world will be transformed and how the New Earth will be shaped by those multi-dimensional human angels who will harness and focus the power of unconditional love to create a reality of peace and joy for the New Earth.

And know, dearest ones, that as you approach and enter the energy of the 11:11 gate, you will feel an intensification of this energy as more and more of you will begin to understand how to use the energy to shape your reality. The intense Scorpionic energy of the 11:11 gate will create ideal energetic openings for many to begin to experience fully the ability to consciously walk in the Dreamtime.

There may be physical effects, for what happens is that the left and the right brains begin to work simultaneously and together. So, instead of needing to use meditation techniques to access higher levels of reality, you will find that you are able to do this spontaneously, and that you are always connected to this higher level of being and functioning, all the time. In other words, dearest ones, your soul and your body are learning to work and function as one. And in this process, your body is learning to follow the lead of the soul through the feelings of the Heart Chakra, for the language of the soul is feeling and that which you call "intuition". And the soul is learning to respect and honor the needs of the body. It is a partnership in which the one must honor the other.

So, as you move into this way of being and functioning, you may indeed feel very tired at times, and you may struggle to sleep or relax. Your physical body or vehicle is aligning with your higher or multi-dimensional self, and your body is learning how to carry this high vibration of energy. Your soul is also learning how to fully inhabit your physical vehicle, and at times you may feel waves of energy as the soul fully enters into the body. Sometimes this energy may feel very intense and uncomfortable, as the body and soul learn to align with each other and co-exist in this new higher dimensional reality.

But, dearest souls, this is a great privilege and blessing. You have crossed the quantum threshold into a new way of perceiving and being. You are beginning to perceive and understand yourselves as human angels, spirit beings with material bodies, who have all the creative powers of their spirit essence.

The Gift of the 11:11 Stargate: The Experience of Radiant Love in Action

Dearest Lightworkers, as you move through the energy of the 11:11 gateway, you will have the opportunity to connect with an experience Unconditional Love in very intense and immediate ways.

You will be surrounded by this deep and wonderful light that pours through from the Galactic Center and carries the opportunity for ever more intense experiences of the Love at the Center of All Things.

And so, you will begin to truly understand and accept that All is Love, and that whatever you see that is not love is being created from that place of illusion called the ego. And as you understand that, it will become easier to release those illusions and seek and see only the love that is the true fabric of reality. What is illusion or ego may be accepted for what it is, rather than changed. For the key to walking in the Dreamtime is to accept what is with discernment and understanding. For whatever changes must be made will arise from the ability to dream anew, rather than simply change what is. For what is will fade away and be replaced by whatever arises from the newly created Dreamtime focus. This is the ongoing flow of Divine Creative Intelligence that shapes all things. For it is not physical action alone that changes things, but rather the ability of new dreams and ideas to take root and become manifest and to replace the old and worn out dreams. And this is the ongoing flow of evolution and creation. All things manifest through these impulses, and all great teachers and thinkers have understood this principle.

So, at this time, become pure love and express that love in all that you do. Become love in action, and use your skills of dreaming and energy shaping to dream a world of Peace and Love. Become the dream of Love and Peace, and so that will flow from you into manifestation.

And as you dream that reality, ground it into the Material Plane by expressing Love in real terms. Find ways that you can serve others and express love, for the New Earth is about sharing and expressing love. There is always someone that you can help and support, and who will appreciate your sharing of that Radiant energy called Unconditional Love.

The Energies for November

The Sun will be in Scorpio, a water sign, until the 22nd of November, when it will pass into Sagittarius, a fire sign. The influence of Scorpio will be very intense in the early part of the month, as the energy of the Full Moon amplifies the energy of those planets in Scorpio.

The Full Moon in Taurus will be on the 5th of November, and the New Moon in Scorpio will be on the 20th of November.

The Full Moon magnifies Scorpio and Taurus energy. Scorpio is a Water sign associated with the deep currents of the psyche. When Scorpio is active, there is the opportunity for deep shifts and changes within the psyche, both of the individual and the Collective Consciousness. The energy of Taurus is a powerful Earth energy, and Taurus always provides a good opportunity to ground the changes into powerful new ways of being.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, we wish you well in this turbulent and exciting time of transition and change. Remember that you are always supported and loved from the Higher Dimensions, and that you need only ask and it will be given.. Be open to Receiving with Gratitude, and Sharing with Joy.

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