Whatever happened to Time?....and Working with the Children of Light.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, this is indeed a powerful time. You have entered into the closing phases of this cycle of transformation and change, and you are emerging fully as the "Masters of Light" that you truly are. You are seeing yourselves fully as the Galactic and Cosmic beings that you are, Human Angels who are privileged to live and experience on the material plane of Earth life. And what an adventure of Light this is! As we said last month, as your consciousness shifts to embrace this new sense of who you are, you will cross the quantum threshold and begin to see what is real and true and what is only illusion.

And, only Love is real and true. All other conflicts,negativities and aggressions are but shadows and illusions designed to draw your attention away from the flow of love and keep it fixed in despair, anxiety and fear. For the Ascended Planet Earth has chosen to express only Unconditional Love, and if you align your own inner vibration to that Love, then you will begin to perceive the essential beauty and goodness in the grand design of life on Planet Earth. And you will not allow yourself to be manipulated by those grand masters of illusion who seek to control you through creating illusions of fear and anxiety.

But, so many people say to us, "I do not feel like a Master, and I feel lost and confused", or they say, "I never have time to do anything anymore and I am always tired. Whatever happened to time?"

Well, dearest ones, it is true that as you moved into the new Fifth-Dimensional Matrix, that time accelerated as your vibration was lifted and raised. But we would also like to explain to you what has also happened with your perception of time.

You have become multi-dimensional Crystal beings or Human Angels. Your energy flows freely though all your energy and physical forms. Now, previously, you were in the habit of repressing unpleasant emotions and feelings, and not dealing with complex situations. You would "hide" in work, or play, or addictions. But now, you are learning to deal with every emotions and feeling that arises, so that you may be a clear channel for Divine Essence, with no blocks or repressions.

So, indeed, much of your time is now taken up with processing deep feelings and emotions. Many of you have considerable "backlogs" and are having to process and release some quite old issues in order to reach the clarity of heart and mind that will allow you to emerge as fully Crystal or Christed beings - the true Masters of Light.

And so, as you work to process these feelings, you do experience confusion, anxiety and even exhaustion. But we say, dearest Lightworkers, allow this process and be patient. Soon you will see the rewards and feel the benefits as you emerge into clarity and peace.

And know that time spent on deep inner work and processing is far more valuable in the long run than being productive and busy in the material world. For you can only "give out" energy on the level or frequency that you hold within. So, if you allow yourself to process and then raise your frequency, you will be empowered to hold and transmit even more light. Allow therefore, that you may need to "do" less and "be" more, and give yourself permission to give time to these processes. Then you will find that the flow of time will become more fluid and easy, as a more natural and multi-dimensional rhythm is established within your being.

Working with the Children of Light

And so, dearest ones, as you move forward to become Masters or Warriors of Light, you will find yourselves connecting with and working with those other Warriors of Light on your planet - the Indigo and Crystal Children.

Yes, indeed, as you know, the Indigo and Crystal children have supported the transformation of the planet with their powerful energy. They have held an energy of pure unconditional love and support, so that you might enter into that love and ascend with the planet. You have much to be grateful for in the gifts of these wonderful beings, your children and grandchildren!

And now, they call you to join with them as fellow Christed beings or Warriors of Light to begin the peaceful and joyous process of manifesting the New Earth and the Communities of Light that will fill the planet with Light and Love in the coming years.

The first wave of Indigos, born in the 1970s and 1980s, are now moving into adulthood. They are more than ready to express their gifts and talents in creating a new society with you. They are here to express their passions for sustainable ways of life, for creativity and joy and fun. They are wise souls who know that they need to work with the Earth and to honor the Earth and her cycles as they create a new society.

As you emerge as Masters of Light, you will find your own passions and creativity and you will lend your wisdom and experience to these Children of Light, as together you create a new society based on unconditional Love, Caring and Support. They are ready - are you?

And, dearest ones, the beautiful Crystal children have their own work too. They are now motivating many of you to become passionate about working with the children of the planet, to ensure that every child that incarnates is loved and welcomed and cared for.

Many of you will begin to hear this call from the Crystal children. For only a planet that honors and loves its children can create peace. For children are the next generation of adults, and if they grow up in fear and pain, that is what they will express as adults. But if they experience Love and Support, that is what they will become, loving and supportive and peaceful adults.

Know, dearest ones, that the Angelic forces are working even now with the Children of Light to plant the seeds for the manifestation of the New Earth and its Communities of Light. So, as you complete your Ascension cycle, you are also "seeding" the next cycle when these seeds will blossom and become the Light of tomorrow.

And so, you will see in the months and years that come, how the Children of Light will lead you forward. But, teach them to honor you and your wisdom. Support them, love them, teach them to honor themselves and they will use their energy and their love to create and manifest that world that you have so long dreamed of creating.

It is a Creative Partnership, and the Children of Light are ready to work with you!

And, as these seeds are planted, many of you beautiful Ligfhtworkers will suddenly find that your work will change. You will lose interest in what you have done and will be led or guided to new projects or new work that will be in alignment with the manifestation of the New Earth.

So, dearest ones, again we say, be patient and be aware. Look into your hearts and feel the way in which Love is guiding you forward. What choices can you make that allow you to fully express the Love that is the Essence of your Being?

The energy of October will support you in these choices and changes.

The Energies for October

In October, the sun will be in Libra until the 24th, when it passes into Scorpio. Libra is an Air Sign ruled by Venus, that favors the energy of Love, Joy and Balance, especially in Relationships.

In fact, dearest ones, both Venus and Mars will be in Libra in this month, providing an ideal energy for you to focus on your close and intimate relationships and finding ways of bringing them into a place of unconditional love and balance. Allow your meditations to guide you to the best ways to create Love and Harmony with those that you love. But also, to create Love and Harmony and Balance on the Planet.

On the 24th the sun moves into Scorpio, a water sign and a powerful sign that hosts the 11:11 Stargate. At this time, you will begin to feel the powerful energies of this Stargate as its message of powerful spiritual illumination begins to flood the planet and energize the next steps in your spiritual evolution.

In October, the Full Moon falls on the 7th. The Moon is in Aries, which is a Fire sign that represents the archetypal energies of the Warrior and the Child. Indeed, as we mentioned earlier in this message, an ideal time to celebrate your own emergence as Warriors of Light, with the Crystal Children who are born as Warriors of Light! Use this Full Moon energy to celebrate with your beautiful and wonderful children!

The New Moon is in Libra on the 22nd of October. Use this seed time to bring love, peace and joy to all your relationships, and to center yourself and hold your energy for the powerful 11:11 Stargate that will come in November. The November Full Moon on the 5th, just days before the 11:11 gate, will be in Taurus/Scorpio, and you will be prepared to be the channels for the powerful new light and consciousness that will enter the planet at that time.

And so we wish you grace, beauty, love and peace in the coming month.

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