What Happened to Pluto?"

Guest Article by Astrologer Marielle Croft of Vancouver, Canada


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Why are there several great religions in the world instead of only one? Are there many Truths? Why is there a variety of Astrology systems (Vedic, Western, Sidereal, Tibetan, etc)? Why all the different languages? If something is right, shouldn’t it be unique and good for all? Perhaps this only confirms how little we know about the complex mystery of the Creation.

If there are several systems such as Religions, for instance, it probably is because there is a larger knowing or larger Truth that contains them all, which validates their individual existence as an important part of a larger whole. From a human point of view, we are limited by our sensorial perceptions and, although we aspire to the greater Truth, we can only embrace parts of it. In order to access the larger picture, it certainly is important to maintain an open mind. My truth is not greater than your truth! Yours can teach me something that is not included in mine and, thus, giving me a wider access to the Great Mystery. In remaining open, one can begin to decipher a larger reality that is revealed when embracing and exploring diversity.

On August 24th, 2006, the International Astronomical Union convened in Prague, Czechoslovakia, voted to change the number of planets to eight. Pluto was demoted to a dwarf celestial body. In Astrology we acknowledge that a new planet is discovered when enough people are ready to respond to its energy. In the old days before Christ, astrological planets consisted of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Then Jupiter was discovered, and eventually Saturn, and all the other planets up to, very recently, the discovery of Chiron in 1977. Each new discovery has coincided with a new level of social and, eventually, individual evolution. For instance, in the late 60s and early 70s, the new “pre-Chiron’s discovery” paradigm occurring was that, for the first time in the history that we know, people became interested in working on themselves. We saw the emergence of healing methods such as hands on healing, rebirthing, gestalt, primal scream. Those techniques have evolved so much over the years that there are very little secrets left about the multidimensionality of our being. It now is possible to clear our energy field, our chakras, and our meridians, to uncover the secrets of the unconscious and heal trauma, to explore the subconscious and to discover our own mystery. This revealed Chiron’s potential: the “wounded healer”. It holds a key out of our suffering and into our realization.

Now, when it comes to Pluto’s discovery in 1930, it has been associated to wars, darkness, and chaos. Pluto being the farthest known celestial body used in Astrology, it relates to the deepest mystery of our own evolution. The new paradigm emerging around Pluto’s discovery was that human potential for destruction – and self-destruction – became even more ferocious with the development of war machines. Since we live in a world of polarity, “resisting destruction” became also a fact for large numbers of people marching for peace. Destruction and chaos forcefully call for the emergence of a new order.

Pluto rules Scorpio, the sign of inner turbulence leading to psychological transformation, leading to self realization. Scorpio is the second of the three Water signs. The first Water sign, Cancer, is symbolized by a pond, Scorpio by a lake, and Pisces by an ocean. Life at the bottom of deep waters still remains, in parts, a total mystery that has triggered folk imagination. It is often believed that strange creatures live there and occasionally someone will claim having seen them.

Now, is Pluto a planet, a dwarf, or a piece of dirty ice? When experiencing a Pluto transit upon one’s natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant, for instance, its action is not vague. It is profoundly destabilizing before reconstructing one’s reality into a larger, more awakened level. Does it matter, then, what category of celestial body Pluto should be? The unbelievable distance between Pluto and Earth makes it next to impossible to fully know its true nature, let alone the vibrations it channels toward us from universe.

Pluto is believed to represent the evolutionary journey of the Soul. We are vaster than we can grasp from our human point of view. In 2006-2007, Pluto is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 26 degrees Sagittarius. The GC contains the codes of galactic evolution, the sacred geometries of manifestation, the juices of its energy meridians, and the links to other dimensions. Pluto becoming our main “phone line” to the much greater GC, doesn’t it make sense that it would suddenly appear as a dwarf instead of a planet? The debate continues, though, as some astronomers resist the planet’s change of status. Sagittarius represents our believe system, our morals, our philosophy of life, the back ground from which our motivation emerges. Now that Pluto got our attention, we can expect more to be revealed with powerful transformative results. He is, after all, the messenger of the very heart or “big boss” of our world: the GC!

At another level Pluto also is in square to the North (Pisces) and South (Virgo) nodes until the end of November 2006. South Node embraces what has been and allows it to transmute into the North node quality. The nodes are an axis of evolution. The Pluto square distracts their channel and, momentarily, it is as if there is no direction anymore. It is much like the house of mirrors at the circus where we are not sure if we face a doorway or a wall. When in doubt, do nothing! It is wiser to pace oneself and to sleep on important decisions or moves. This is a time of such profound and multidimensional change that one doesn’t have any clear landmarks anymore. The clearest guidance comes from within more than ever. This inner guidance reveals itself in the peacefulness of the heart, not in the turbulence of fear, impatience, or resistance.

Something else also calls for attention: the current opposition Saturn-Leo to Neptune-Aquarius exact on August 31st, 2006, and again on February 28th and June 25th, 2007. Saturn represents the structures and organisations of our life and society. It is narrow, focussed, and practical. Neptune represents the highest vibration of spiritual energy, the power of vision, compassion, and oneness. Saturn separates, Neptune unifies. They don’t blend well together. Saturn carries the old fashion and patriarchal expertise. Neptune having a higher frequency than Saturn gets to have the last word. The weeks around the two planets’ opposition could be very confusing. If one Saturnian’s efforts don’t come from the Neptunian’s power of vision, only mitigated success will result. Spirituality and practicality must be integrated in order to reach satisfaction and durability. Saturn represents restriction and even lack while Neptune represents moisture and water. During the opposition, there could be problems with water such as lack of it in certain areas, or bacteria causing interruption of service such as in pools, for instance, or even public reservoirs.

Basically, the slow moving planets are involved in a very strange agenda. One must remain open minded, cautious in decision making, and absolutely devoted to complete integrity. Embracing and respecting diversity, as a way to access the Greater Knowing (the Mystery) holding it, provide awakening and liberation.

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