Rebirthing the Divine Masculine : The Return of the Water Gods to Human Consciousness

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, you have indeed reached an exciting and wonderful time in your transformation process. As you have opened yourselves to receive the Cosmic Fire of the Solar Divine Feminine energy transmitted from the Galactic Sun, you have accelerated your transformation, and as a Collective you are now ready to receive into your inner being and consciousness the rebirth of your Divine Masculine energy. You are rebirthing your inner masculine energy at a higher level of consciousness.

Now, dearest souls, many of you have dreamed recently of water and of the ocean. Sometimes these dreams are beautiful, and sometimes they are threatening, depending on how you react to these stirrings of the Masculine energy within. You are connecting with the deep changes that are occurring within the element of WATER on your planet. These are both literal and physical, as well as spiritual and archetypal. These forces and energies are all moving together.

On the physical level we can say that the deep atomic and molecular structure of water is changing on the subtle levels. The water molecules are becoming more crystalline and more able to hold the higher vibrational patterns of the Higher Dimensions within themselves as a response to the higher Solar frequencies that are entering the planet right now. Water is also returning to its state of original perfection. And, dearest souls, since your bodies contain much water within your cells, these changes are affecting you on a deep level as well.

Dearest Lightworkers, water holds the memories in your cells. It remembers your experiences and your feelings and emotions. As the water molecules within you clarify and re-configure to their original templates of crystalline clarity, you are releasing and clearing all the "old" vibrations of emotional trauma that have been recorded and stored within the water memory banks of your cells. Your cells are cleansing and purifying and restructuring on a very deep level as they prepare to hold the frequencies of perfect health that are manifest in Unconditional Love and Gratitude. You are indeed changing on very deep levels as you allow these energies to do their transformative work.

And this is what we call "rebirthing" the inner Masculine. All the old patterns of the Masculine, based on control, domination and victim energies, are being released and making way for a new masculine energy, one that is clear, supportive, loving, strong and responsible. It is an energy that will support you as you move into the New Earth. It will work with your Heart energies and it will support you in your manifestation process.

Water and the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence

Dearest Ones, you are so used to the element of Water in your lives that you have perhaps forgotten the wonder and the miracle that is the element of water. In the beginning, as many creation stories will tell you, there was only the deep cosmic "waters" and the electrical spirit of the Source energy, and then Matter was created. Water is the embodiment of the magnetic flow of Divine Creative Intelligence. When the electrical or solar flame of Divine Inspiration moves on the water, creation and manifestation take place. And so it is, even today, water carries the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence within your bodies. Each water molecule holds the "holographic" memory of all that is and all that has been.

And so, as you cleanse and clear away the dominance of the old patriarchal masculine patterns of being, you make space for the rebirth of the masculine in its New Earth form. Now, dearest ones, the Peace and Love that you seek to create will be supported by this loving and clear masculine energy.

And so, this brings new meaning to the way that you move with the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence. As you enter the 5th Dimension and Multi-Dimensional functioning, you will find that time seems to speed up. Indeed, this is just an illusion, for what happens is that as the water element within you clears and restructures, the Divine Creative intelligence can move without hindrance, and so as it blends with the electrical solar energy within you, manifestation is so rapid and so clear that it seems that you are overwhelmed with the speed of manifestation and the seeming corresponding speeding up of time. You will learn, dearest ones, as you become more accustomed to your new Masculine energy, how to support yourselves in your process of manifestation and how not to be overwhelmed with a tidal wave of created events and objects! You will learn to create a rhythm that is comfortable for you and that does not exhaust you.

Water, Emotions and the Heart

In your old 3D Earth you came to associate water and the flow of water with the flow of emotions through your body. In the Higher Dimensional New Earth, you are learning to work with the flow of FEELINGS from your heart and then through your body as emotions. For the flow from the Heart is the higher flow of Divine Creative intelligence and it mediates the flow of this energy to the lower chakras for its expression on the physical plane in a grounded way.

For, as we say, emotions are also the flow of Divine energy through the body, but here the energy is experienced at a lower or slower level, that of Matter, and the emotions serve as motivations to action. As love or hate or anger or happiness, or many other emotions. Now, however, when you are balanced in your Heart as the Center of the flows of energy, the Heart acts as a conduit or gateway for the expression of FEELINGS which can then be "stepped down" and translated as emotions.

For the "Feeling" language of the Heart is Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude. When all energy flows through this Heart gateway, then you are able to express emotions that are mediated through Unconditional Love and Compassion and Gratitude. Then, even if you need to express anger, and you may, you will do it with Compassion and Love and without the destructive force of unmediated emotion. You will also be grateful for whatever is being revealed and cleared in this expression of emotion.

This is the gift that is given to you now, as the Divine Masculine energy is reborn. The Water Gods return to your archetypal consciousness, with their power to mediate the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and to create Abundance and Peace.

The Return of the Water Gods

Dearest Ones, your ancestors knew of the power of the Divine Masculine to mediate and support the flow of energy from the Heart. In the ancient archetypal stories, the ruler of the Oceans or the Water Element was a Male God, known as Poseidon or Neptune to the Greeks and Romans. For, they knew that the Masculine energy has the power to mediate in the flows of Divine Creative energy as it manifests in Feelings and Emotions.

The Water Gods were those who held the power and the authority in the Deep World. In the old stories, they were understood as the archetypal forces within the psyche of the individual and the planet herself. When this male energy is strong and clear, then the Oceans can be held in balance. As the Water molecules refine and become more crystalline, the male consciousness of the Water Gods will once more flow in life-giving ways on the Earth.

In Ancient Egypt, the Water element was necessary for the creation of wealth and abundance in the land. When the Nile rose and flooded the land, abundance returned. So, the people recognized the power of the male energy, for they would say: "Osiris has come again". Osiris is the male partner of the great mother goddess, Isis. When Isis, whose stellar home is Sirius, aligned in the sky with the Earth sun, then Osiris was reborn as the Horus child. The Male energy rebirthed at a higher level of consciousness.

And so it is that as you birth this higher level of consciousness, as you become the Divine Child or Christed Ones, you will feel the return of the Divine Masculine in its archetypal form of the Water Gods.

They will support you in your new consciousness, and they will show you how to use the Heart to mediate the flows of Divine energy that you express on the physical plane through your lower chakras. They will support you as you create abundance and joy, for as the Egyptians would say: "Osiris is risen and walks the green land once again". Indeed, the green land feels once again the presence of the "Green Man", the vibrant male "Pan" energy that brings life and abundance to the Earth. Nature herself responds to the supportive love of the Green Man, who is the Earth equivalent of the Water Gods.

So, dearest Lightworkers, this is a powerful time of balancing and harmonizing. The Divine feminine and the Divine Masculine within are united and balanced. The Feminine transmits the powerful energies of Love and Compassion and the Masculine supports the transformation of these energies into the creation of manifestations of Love and Abundance on the Material Plane.

And so, all that remains is for the expression of Gratitude. The male child is reborn - the Divine Masculine supports the manifestation of the New Earth through Love.

We wish you Love, Grace and Joy at this time.

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