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One of the areas that has been most affected by the coming of the Crystal Energy and the shift to Multi-Dimensional living, has been that of relationships. Many people are experiencing heartbreak and pain as longstanding relationships disintegrate. Or they find themselves alone and without a partner, despite a sincere desire to be in a loving relationship. Or they enter into a series of relationships that just don't seem to "work out", and then they tend to give up and lose interest in the whole process.

What is going on?

Why are relationships under such extreme pressure at this time?

Surely this transitional time would be when we need relationships the most?

Yes, we do need relationships, and we will have the support that we need, even if it sometimes doesn't feel like it. But relationships are one of the key areas where the tidal wave of change is being most intensely felt. Maybe this is because the need to relate and to be loved and accepted is such a key human need. And it has become a place where old energies need to be released to allow for new forms and structures.

The Indigo Children, in their roles as "Systems Busters" have been instrumental in helping to initiate these shifts, and the Crystal Children will help us to consolidate new ways of relating.

In the wake of the Indigo children, we have moved from a society that only accepts male/female monagamous relationships within marriage, to a society that is more prepared to accept different kinds of relationships. The importance is the need to relate, not what sex or class or race the person with whom one is relating belongs. This is a revolution that is opening up a whole new way of thinking about what relationships are, what it means to relate, and how we conduct our relationships.

The Old Ways of Relating : Relationships, Archetypes and Karma

In the old third-dimensional energy, relationships were often based on physical attraction or magnetism. The concept of "chemistry", "love at first sight" and many other romantic concepts fostered by endless movies and novels was the motivating force. It was all about what you looked like. And this was accompanied by whole industries to ensure that you stayed youthful, slim and sexually attractive in order to ensure that you would "attract" a suitable partner. This, it was argued, was nature's way, and the best looking humans attracted a partner and reproduced their genes. Well, maybe so. But human relationships are not just about reproduction. They no longer need to be. There are enough people on the planet to allow us to begin to remodel relationships as about something other than sex and reproduction.

Also, when two people enter into a conventional marriage, the force of the archetypal energy is often so strong that they are almost compelled into predetermined roles. Many people who swore they would never end up replicating their parents marriages, did just that. Why? Because despite good intentions, the archetypal impetus of the marriage system, built up over thousands of years, tends to take over and create the reality. Men and women fall into "provider" and "nurturer" roles, or they enter into power games to see who can dominate and who will submit. Or they play out victim, abuser, rescuer dramas. And quite often, they pattern these dramas on their parental models.

These patterns are learnt in childhood, as the child observes the parents in their dance of relationship, and the subconscious records all the details for future reference. In Metaphysics we call this the "Inner Child Drama" and it contains all the unresolved issues of both that family experience, and probably many past life family experiences where the soul has played out all the roles in the "family drama".

We have learnt to explain this process of soul roles as "karma", and we tell ourselves that we have to go through this experience in order to learn. The partner in the relationship is seen as a mirror of our issues, and we diligently work to assimilate whatever "learning" there may be for us. And probably just as diligently reincarnate in order to continue with this supposed "learning".

But one of the things that Indigo and Crystal have taught us is that "karma" is an outdated concept. KARMA IS FINISHED! And this doesn't just mean that now you have graduated karmic school to become a wiser being. It probably means that there was no such thing anyway. It was just another "system" that humans invented to help to explain why all the other systems they had invented, including the "system" called "marriage", were uncomfortable and had to be endured and worked at and persevered with.

As we enter into the Crystal state, we begin to understand that relationships are about creative partnerships. They are about soul bonding, experiencing the self and the self as other, and about co-creating. They are not prisons, and were never meant to be. They are about FEELINGS. Being able to share and communicate the full spectrum of feelings to and with another person. And this can be done within the parameters of loving parental and family relationship, but there are many other ways that this can also be explored and enjoyed.

The Multi-Dimensional Relationship

The new forms of partnership are very different. They are based on different criteria and needs, and are played out in different ways. As we become more at ease with the Crystal state, we will become far more accustomed to these new kinds of relationships.