The Energies for September 2005

You are the Bridge

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, you are riding the wave of a very powerful energy at this time. Since the opening of the Sirius stargate in August, the surge of energy through the Earth's grid system has been immense. Many of you have struggled to hold your balance as this powerful transformative energy sweeps through your lives and brings many changes.

Know too, that this energy will not dissipate, but will continue to build and intensify between the Equinox on the 22nd of September and the Solstice on the 21st of December. The Planet is gearing itself for a great leap in consciousness that might be termed "mass awakening". This is most likely to happen in the first four months of the year 2006.

In December of 2005, at the Solstice, the planet Pluto will be 2 degrees from the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. From January to May in 2006 it will be right on the Galactic Center in relation to Earth. Pluto in Sagittarius is the "engine" that drives the Transformation and Ascension process on Earth. This means that the already powerful energies transmitted from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center, will be amplified through Pluto's transformative energy before they reach Earth.

Many of Earth's Human Children will awaken between this period of September to December 2005, and again many more in the first quarter of 2006. There will indeed be much work for you as Lightworkers. You have been trained and prepared to play your part in providing the "Bridge" between the Old Reality and the New, so that many may cross over into the New Earth. We know that you feel in your Heart and Soul that your time has come and that you are ready to be of service in this Great Shift.

Keeping your Balance

It is important that in preparation for this work you hold the balance of your energies. As the new Orange-pink Ray does its work of clearing the lower chakras and opening the Heart, many of you will experience intense periods of emotional energy clearing that will manifest as depression, anger, physical illness and general feelings of exhaustion and malaise as your bodies once again detoxify and balance.

It will pass. You are working on clearing your own energy field and grounding your own energies so that you may create that strong energy bridge that will support the awakening and ascension of many into Higher Consciousness. For it is the Unconditional Love and Support of the already awakened ones that will facilitate the awakening of many more.

It will assist you in you simplify your diet, drink lots of water to assist the detoxification process and cleansing, get enough exercise, fresh air and rest. Strengthen your bodies so that you may better carry these powerful energies as you have undertaken at this time.

The Equinox and the Moon Cycles

The New Moon is on the 3rd of September in Virgo, and the Full Moon on the 18th of September in Virgo/Pisces. This combination of Earth and Water energies will assist you to integrate the spiritual and material energies as you move into the Equinox cycle.

At the Equinox, the seasons change, from summer to fall/winter in the North and from winter to spring/summer in the South. It is a moment of Shift and Change in the Earth's own cycles that accelerates changes in our own personal life cycles.

In the Ascension process, the Equinox will mark the release of the old energies and the integration of the new energies of ascension and enlightenment that entered through the Sirius gate in August. The period between the Equinox and the Solstice will be the first "New Earth" cycle, as those who have shifted into Higher Consciousness assist many others to cross the perceptual bridge into the reality of Higher Dimensional living.

The 22nd of September will therefore provide a wonderful opportunity for rituals of releasing of the old energies and integrating of the New Earth energies of Love, Harmony and Peace.

The Role of Joy and Bliss in the New Energies

Dearest Ones, many of you experience these energies as difficult, because you struggle to hold your balance. Many of you are also releasing many lifetimes of negativity and fear, and you feel as if you may never move beyond the struggles and the discomfort and the loneliness of this process. We want you to know that the easiest way to integrate these energies and to hold your balance is to seek your joy in complete trust that it will be given to you.

The Ascension Rays, especially the Gold Ray and the Orange-Pink Ray, are Rays that promote feelings of Joy, Unconditional Love and Bliss. The more you actively seek joy through positive experiences and expectations, the more you will be able to open to and express the joy of Ascension.

And as that joy enters your being, you will begin to move towards the state of bliss that is your natural state in the Ascended Earth. But, at this stage of Bridging and Ascending, as you stand between the Old and the New, it requires focus and intention to express and integrate the joys of the Ascension Rays.

The joy is found as you express your Creative and Divine Essence, and as you share Love and Intimacy and Support with your Soul Family. And ultimately, all on the planet are family. You are ascending as One Earth and One Family, and it is your Joy now to assist each other across that Bridge into the New Reality called New Earth.

It is your Joy and your Privilege to be that Bridge through your Love and your Support and your service to the process of Ascension!

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