The Energies for September 2006

Crossing the Quantum Threshold

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, as you enter this month of September 2006, it perhaps time to pause briefly and think back across the last five years. Yes, indeed it has been five years since the 9/11 events in the USA, and indeed your world has changed greatly in those five years. It has been a difficult period for your planet, with much chaos and confusion. And yet, in the midst of this, a new consciousness is being born. And we will say to you, that very soon you will begin to see the manifestation of that new consciousness. You are ready, as a planetary collective, to step across what we would call the Quantum Threshold, and to begin to "see" your new reality.

Yes, we will also say that the New is here already, but you have not yet allowed yourself to see and perceive this new reality. Why? You may ask, since it is something that you have worked for and desire. And our answer would be that you have not yet been ready as a group. For this stage of the Ascension and Transformation process is Collective, and requires that you be ready to go forward together. Soon you will begin to see and perceive things that may seem strange or new. You will begin to understand things differently, you will begin to feel your life and its power differently, and yes, the scales will fall from your eyes and the veils will be lifted, so to speak, and you will see the higher dimensional reality that exists all around you. You are ready.

In the last five years, as your consciousness has shifted, so have your perceptions. You have come to realize how you have been manipulated by the global media into states of fear and submission, and you have taken back your power to make decisions about your own life that are not dictated by fear and poverty consciousness.

So, dearest Lightworkers, in this month of the Fall/Spring Equinox with its powerful balancing energies, allow yourself to experience the New Reality in its Radiance and Beauty. We urge you to cross the Quantum Threshold into this space of new perceptions. Here you will know that you are always safe and protected by your Higher Self, unless you give your permission to violence. And this permission can be quietly extracted from you by the media that creates images of fear and death all the time. As you allow yourself to react to these images, so you create emotional charges that can draw these energies into your life and so you have indeed "given permission". But, as more and more people awaken, they are not allowing themselves to be manipulated into negative emotions by the media, and are standing strong in their intention to create peace on the planet. Dearest ones, stand firm and stay focused, and those who seek to manipulate your reality and create fear will find that they no longer succeed. Even now, they are finding it very difficult to create the levels of fear and panic that they need to create violence and death.

You see, dearest ones, once you cross the threshold you will understand that those who create these wars and disasters need your permission to escalate them. If you do not give it, then they cannot move forward. Did you not see in August how the war that was started in Lebanon was ended when there was global resistance. True, that area remains volatile, but you as a collective said "No". You made the choice that prevented those who would manipulate from creating a grand war that would bring great suffering and allow for further control of the planet. You see how simple it can be when you work together and say no, and that means also not getting emotionally involved in taking sides about who is right and wrong and who is carrying the moral light. Simply call for peace and hold your own light, and know that this is all that is needed to deny the manipulators permission to proceed. For it is a free will planet, and you do not need to give your will away through ignorance any longer. You are awake!

As you cross this perceptual threshold, you will feel in your heart and know as truth, that there are enough resources on the Planet to sustain all life and that no one needs to starve or live in poverty. And as you know these truths in your heart, because you will know that the Universal plan for life is unconditional love, and that life would never evolve itself into a place of unsustainability. For all things are loved and supported by the grand design of Spirit. The Elohim creators encoded the will of Source into the grand design for the planet, and that was that every sentient being should be loved and sustained. But know, that those who create fear in order to control have led you into poverty consciousness and the belief that you are running out of resources. True enough, if you continue to live in the way that you have been conditioned to live, then you will find problems, because you have been led into a way of life that takes more than it gives and in which you have forgotten how to share the abundance of Spirit with others. When you awaken and cross the threshold, then you will see how you can change your lives in simple ways that will begin to free up the flow of abundance and energy so that all may benefit and be supported. This will mean the end of great wealth for some, but it will be something that you will choose. Understand, dearest ones, that as you awaken, you will choose to forgo wealth in favor of enough for all. It will be a simple and easy choice of the heart.

And, as you awaken, you will come to see that disease and illness are also created by manipulated thought forms that require your permission in order to exist. When you embrace the original blueprint for perfect health and balance, you will learn how to say "no" to disease and "yes" to health. Just know, dearest ones, that those who have created fear and manipulated your thinking have also benefited greatly in monetary terms by creating a mental and emotional culture of illness that requires expensive insurance and treatments. It is indeed, very simple to maintain health when you allow yourself to stop living in fear of your body and that it will break down and betray you. Rather, start living in wonder at the miracle of the physical body and know that it was designed to be your vehicle for life and to give you pleasure and joy until such time as you are called back to the light. But you yourselves create illness by allowing the fear to be a part of your life. When you cross the Threshold you will release the fear and you will begin to remember how to create perfect health.

And, as you awaken you will come to see that much that you have accepted yourself needs to be revised and rethought. You will come to understand that Love is the only reason for you to be here, and that you grow and learn through adventure and joy and fun! You will understand that no one chooses violence and suffering in order to "learn". This a way of thinking that was given to you in order to justify exploitation and abuse by those who sought power and control. You will understand that large groups of people do not seek to "leave" the planet in wars and disasters. Again this is a manipulation of your thinking to ensure that you remain indifferent to the suffering and pain of those who are the subjects of these fear and control dramas.

Across the Threshold, you will remember with Love and Compassion, that each soul that chooses to incarnate here in the material plane chooses to come to hold the Light of Source in physical manifestation. No soul of light chooses to suffer the pain and violence of illusion. These are "distortions" of the light that have been given to you to encourage you to accept poverty and suffering as "normal". We say, they are not! They were never part of the Elohim design for Life on Earth.

WAKE UP! You are PERFECT BEINGS OF LIGHT! Each one of you! And the work of an enlightened and awakened being in a material body is to create the reality of the New Earth, where every single soul that is born is safe, loved and sustained. It is the Grand design for Life in a world beyond manipulation and fear. So, when you cross the threshold, you will make that choice. To say "no" to an illusionary world of violence and suffering, and "yes" to an abundant and peaceful planet. And as you believe and create, so it will be! Call it into being, and you will begin to "see" with new eyes. You will see what is "real" right now - that love and peace and joy are here right now. You will see the higher dimensional reality emerging in greater love and compassion.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, we urge you to continue with the courage and strength and unity of purpose that you held in August. As you continue to empower yourselves and awaken others, you will become a force and a power for love and peace. You will create what you desire! Use the energies of the Full and New Moon and the Equinox to focus your intention for peace and love even more clearly.

Important Dates for September

The Full Moon falls on the 7th of September. The Full Moon is in Pisces, with a partial Lunar Eclipse. Pisces is a water sign, and the energy of Pisces allows you to access your deep inner beliefs and your spiritual consciousness. In addition Pluto is still conjunct the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, providing a powerful impetus for the deep shifts and transformations that are taking place in the Collective Consciousness right now. The lunar eclipse will also allow for new ideas and information to be encoded into the planetary consciousness at a very deep level.

The New Moon falls on the 22nd of September and is accompanied by an annular Solar Eclipse, another powerful moment for new ideas. The New Moon will be in Virgo this month. Virgo is an Earth sign, and focusses energy into the changes and transformations on the physical Earth plane.

The Equinox falls on the next day, the 23rd of September, and this will be a powerful moment for holding the balance of peace and love on the Planet.

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