The Keys to Heart-Centred Living: Sharing and Trust

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In this time of major shifting and transition, many of you are feeling great pain because you see the abundance disappearing from your life. We, the Hathors, encourage you to seek beauty in your lives, but we understand that many of you are frustrated and angry because you cannot understand how you can create these things in your lives when you must struggle just to survive. We want you to know that we in the spirit realm can see your struggles, and we offer this understanding to assist you on your path.

What has happened to the concept of "Abundance" In the "old" way of spirituality, before you entered on the path of heart-centred multi-dimensional living, Abundance was often seen as the measure of spiritual success. It's presence in your life, most often measured in terms of material comfort and good things, was seen as an affirmation of spiritual health and well-being. We wish you to be assured that these comforts and material goods are not the issues in themselves - we are not judging material afflence at all. BUT - when you agreed to shift into multi-dimensional functioning and open your hearts, you also agreed to forgo the old paths and venture into new ways of thinking.

The old concept of abundance, much loved by "positive thinkers", was based on "separation" thinking. You were encouraged to seek abundance and not to concern yourself with where it came from or whether those around you were equally sharing in your abundance and joy. It was all about you, and making sure that you were ok. And in a spiritual paradigm based on POWER and Third-Dimensional Solar-Plexus energy, this was an acceptable place for you to be. And indeed, we rejoiced when you were able to create material beauty and joy in your lives.

Abundance in the New Heart-Centred Paradigm....

When you agreed to open your hearts and experience UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and the ONENESS of all things, you also agreed to walk the path of Christ Consciousness - the master who experiences and understands COMPASSION.

We say to you now that the experience of COMPASSION has replaced Abundance in the New Paradigm. And the best way to learn compassion is to experience and feel what others feel. When 80% of the planetary population struggle to survive and feed themselves, can you honestly and in integrity seek to create abundance for yourself? Do you not realise that so often this "abundance" that you so glibly manifest using your basic "magician's tricks" of visualisation and naming, is taken from those who barely have enough, and often do not have enough.

Those of you living in developed countries are WAKING UP to realise that if there are hungry and unhappy people on the planet, then you will be hungry and unhappy as well. YOU ARE ONE. And while you may not suffer physical hunger, you will feel hunger and deprivation in other ways - until you learn compassion and the balance is once again achieved on the Planet.

No one needs to go without - the Planet can provide for the needs of all who live on her. That is her contract with you, her human children. But those of you who demand more than your needs and in fact define yourselves by what you consume and own, are making it difficult for the Earth Mother to honor her contract with all her children.

Do not Feel like Failures....

Please, do not feel like failures if you see you "abundance" dwindling. Rather celebrate that you have found the path of the Master, and that you are learning compassion and helping to achieve the balance on the planet once again.

Most of all, do not judge yourself spiritually, as so many are, and assuming that the angels and guides have abandonned them to their fates. Not at all, this is evidence of your spiritual growth and your willingness to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

The Key of Sharing

We do not want you to feel that you are alone on this path, or that you will not survive. You are Lightworkers and YOUR NEEDS WILL BE MET. Often in miraculous ways. But we do need you to understand that the old paradigm of "giving" in order to "receive" will no longer work. That is obsolete. NOW - in the new energy, you give without expectation because it is your nature to give and to give with love.

The essence of Heart-Centred living is SHARING. And this is not so much money or material goods, but sharing who and what you are. Giving of yourself, of your time, of your kindness and compassion, and then if you have, of your money and material goods.

But primarily it is sharing yourself and your gifts. Without expectation of reward or fame or wealth. Just because you ARE and you need to express who you are through SHARING.

The Key of Trust

You may ask, but if I am to expect nothing in return, how will I survive?

This is where TRUST and ACCEPTANCE and SURRENDER to a Higher Plan come in.

We are all being taught to TRUST - that we will be cared for. Rest assured that each one of you has a DIVINE RIGHT to exist and to be cared for. Your material needs are known and will be met. But, you must walk in trust and not fall into fear. For if you start to imagine fear scenarios involving lack and scarcity, then you will most likely create those in your life.

It is a path of COURAGE and BEAUTY. And each one of you MASTERS OF LIGHT who walks this path is urged to see the beauty of who you are as you strive to bring love and sharing and beauty back to Humanity.

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