June Solstice 2006

Celebrating the Sacred Earth

by Celia Fenn (Cape Town, South Africa) and Jan Custers (Eijsden, Holland)

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Today, June 21st has been a day of powerful energies. Jan and I decided to share in a project suggested to me by Archangel Michael. We called it "The Power of One", and the idea is to illustrate how one person can make a difference by creating a Sacred Space for a Ritual or Ceremony to Celebrate and Honor the Sacred Earth on this important day! For , of course, we are all ONE, and so one person can connect with all the others and create a powerful energy of love and celebration that can be shared by all. And, of course, many Lightworkers will be celebrating and creating Sacred Ceremonies on this day. Remember, whether you are part of a group or just "one" on your own, your ceremony has great power as part of the "One".

Originally Jan and I intended to do our work at the same time, but as things turned out, when I woke up it was gray and raining and there was no sun. So Jan did his ceremony at sunrise, and I did mine at midday. I decided to work indoors, using light as the theme. I prefer working outdoors, I am something of an "outdoor shaman", but I did not feel like doing a ceremony in the rain. So mine was an indoor midwinter ceremony of Light!

The images above are the crystals that we worked with. Mine is a Lemurian Seed Crystal that was given to me as a gift by Jan. Jan's crystal is an ancient skull called Zuma, that was also gifted to him recently. Crystals have a special energy if they come to you as a gift! It means that they called out to you and were sent on and "shared" with you by the person who was the original "keeper" of that crystal and who now gifts it to you.

Midsummer in Eijsden,Holland with Jan Custers

jan.jpg Jan worked with Zuma, his skull, in the fields outside of his home village in Holland.

Jan lives in Eijsden, which is the southernmost village in Holland, on the border with Belgium.

He arrived in this country setting at 5.00 am, just as the sun was rising over the land. His skull seemed to be calling to connect with the ancient energies of Europe. With the peoples who had lived there thousands of years ago who had also celebrated the Solstice and the movement of the Earth around the Sun, just as we do today.

It is these celebrations of the Sacred Earth that keep us grounded and centered in the continual spirals of the Earth's dance around the Sun.

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I love these images of Zuma, she looks as though she is staring out across time and space and seeing Infinity!

Midwinter in Cape Town, South Africa with Celia Fenn

celia06.jpg Well, Midwinter is traditionally a festival of lights, although in the Northern Hemisphere it occurs at Christmas. Here in July in the South, there is no real tradition of a festival of light at this time, but there is no reason why not. So here I am with my own home altar, celebrating the mid-point of winter and the return of the Light!

The altar has an African Ndebele doll that was a gift to me from my sister many years ago, and for me it represents the women of Africa. The shells connect me with the Ocean, and they were all collected on my various walks along the beaches of our coastline.

The tortoise represents the energy of the Earth the great turtle in Native American creation stories.

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I put on some Native American chanting and music, and began the meditation. I soon saw an image of a dancer, like the image of the "World" from the Tarot deck. And I knew that this was the Earth herself on her dance around the sun. After the meditation, I danced myself, and intuitively I did a spinning dance, first one way and then the other, to honor the dance of the Earth around the Sun, the spiral dance of the Great Earth Goddess!

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These are some of the crystals I have been drawn to work with recently. The large Lemurian Seed Crystal, and the "new colors" represented by an Aqua Aura crystal, a gift from a friend in Israel, a pink/orange crystal, a gift from a friend in Hungary, and an opalescent crystal.

The crystal flower that I inlcude in many of my ceremonies was also a gift from another friend in Hungary. It has a wonderful energy and I love to work with it!

I thought I would end with another of Jan's images.

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This beautiful image combines Lemurian Seed Crystals in a flower form with an ancient earth spiral from Turkey.

The Spiral Dance of Earth continues! Let us continue to Celebrate and Honor the Sacred Earth and and her Dance through Time and Space!

© 2006-7 Celia Fenn and Jan Custers

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