Soulmate Unions: Uniting Body, Soul and Spirit in the Fifth-Dimensional New Earth

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Ones, one of the greatest gifts of the Fifth Dimension will be the joyous and loving relationships that you will create and enjoy as awakened beings. When you awaken to your power and open your hearts, then you will create the most beautiful and loving soulmate relationships. You will not settle for anything less than a soulmate union.

Many of you ask "Who is my Soulmate?", especially those of you who are still alone at this time. And many find themselves alone or wanting to leave relationships that no longer work for them. This discomfort is because you are being asked to let go of third-dimensional relationships and move fully into fifth-dimensional unions. Those of you who are already in loving unions, may choose to upgrade them to the Fifth Dimension.

We say to you that your soulmate is not any one particular person. There are often several people who would offer compatible soul patterns to you. At this time of transformation and "upgrading", you may be offered more than one opportunity to form a soulmate bond.

The key is soul compatibility. This is energetic compatibility on the Higher Dimensions. The people who form a soulmate bond will have souls whose light and sound harmonics match closely enough for there to be the potential for the two souls to merge completely and form a Twin Flame Union.

This harmonic compatibility is felt as a deep magnetic attraction and harmony. You will know when you encounter a potential soulmate partner. Your soul will know, and the knowing of the soul and Higher Self will be passed to you immediately. In the Fifth-dimensional awakened state, the experiences of your soul and its choices will be felt by you as your own choices and experiences, for indeed the whole point of the transformation into the Fifth Dimension was for you to align your physical aspects with your higher aspects.

But what we would say to you, is that your soul chooses a mate fro a reason, and that reason is service to a higher good. Soulmate unions are not ego defined. They are not about the personal happiness of the ego, but rather about how the energy of the two souls can be combined to serve the greater good. And in this aspect of service is found the happiness and the joy that brings the two together on the material plane and forms the foundation for happiness in the physical world.

In the past, a soulmate union might be formed to do intense inner work. Not all soulmate unions were happy, for the work of two souls might have involved the clearing out of deeply dysfunctional patterns that were common to both. But that process has finished and completed. from this point on, soulmate unions are about creating joy and happiness through service. The New Earth unions will be about serving the planet in a state of joyous harmony where the two become one in their commitment to their work as light beings on the planet. This does not mean that they need to physically work together, but rather that their souls and energies will support each other on the higher level for the common good.

Grounding a Soulmate Relationship into the Physical : The Role of Sacred Sex

When a relationship is established on soul principles, the idea of service and spirituality is carried through to the physical or manifest realm. The physical bonding of the couple is seen as a sacred act in which the energies of the masculine and feminine, or yin and yang, are brought into loving and ecstatic harmony.

This means that in a soulmate union, there must be a decision made as to what kind of energy will be run by each partner within the relationship. Ideally, the male will run the Yang energy of the Divine Masculine, or God, and the woman will run the energy of the Divine Feminine or Goddess. Their union will thus be a balanced harmonic of Yin and Yang.

However, there may also be relationships where the woman will choose to be the Yang energy, and the male will claim the feminine or Yin energy. In Gay and Lesbian unions, the partners will need to decide who will run a particular energy in order to create the blending of Yin and Yang energy that creates the pathway to the Higher Dimensions.

The difficulty that many of you are having is adjusting to these new roles. The partner who chooses the Feminine energy will need to surrender to the active leadership of the partner who assumes the Masculine energy. This is not domination and control, but a necessary adjustment to allow for the flow of balanced harmonic energy from the Higher Levels that creates miracles between the two people. When the Feminine surrenders to the active leadership of the Masculine, Divine Order is established. Divine Grace can then flow. But, this is an act of mutual surrender, for the masculine partner must surrender to the love of the feminine partner, and in turn both partners surrender their will to higher guidance.

At the present, so many of you are resistant to this adjustment, because your third-dimensional experience has lead you to resist what you perceive as domination and control, or manipulation and co-ercion. But, beyond the dysfunction of the third dimension lies the fifth-dimensional realm of balance and harmony, where masculine and feminine exist in perfect harmony as perfect equals. There is a bond of mutual love and respect that keeps the harmony in that perfect balance. There is no fear and no anger in this place of balance, only acceptance and love.

This perfect balance will be reflected in the sexual union of the couple. In the New Earth, sex and sexuality will be spirit based and will be joyous and joyful. The old patterns of abuse and domination will vanish. Couples will learn about energy or chi in relation to their bodies and their sexuality. They will learn how to use sex not only as a procreative tool or an expression of love, but also as a way of remaining youthful and healthy. The old secrets of sexual alchemy will once again become common knowledge and will be practised as Sacred Sex, which will become part of all soulmate unions.

Opening the Pathway to Spirit and Twin Flame Unions

When a couple who are soulmates have come together in this sacred bonding of body and soul, they begin to blend their soul enegies. The pratice of sacred sex allows them to experience the ecstatic joy of the return to ONE-ness as a physical experience.

This joining and blending of body and soul energies creates a spiral vortex or pathway to the realm of Spirit and Source. This energy is then drawn down from the Higher Planes to activate and energize the souls and bodies of the two partners. In the ancient world, the rituals of the sacred marriage and sacred sex were practised by priests and priestesses to ensure the flow of Divine Grace to the community by keeping the balance in the microcosm in perfect order. In the New Earth, all soul-bonded couples will be given the opportunity to enter into "sacred marriages" where they will learn to blend their energies and bring the flow of Divine Grace and Love to the Planet.

When Grace flows through a soulmate couple in this way, they have access to the highest expression of Divine Unconditional Love, and they can then become Twin Flames. They become one in the energy of Source and Spirit. Their love for each other includes and is reflected by the Unconditional Love of the Divine Essence. They are then truly the God and Goddess united in the service of the Flame of Divine Unconditional Love and its manifestation on the Planet Earth. And, we repeat, this is available to all who form soulmate unions in the Fifth-dimensional New Earth. It is a gift of great joy that you have all worked for through many lifetimes of duality. It is the gift of Unity Consciousness in practice.

Unconditional Love, Sex and Spirit : An Ancient Egyptian Story

Dear Ones, as the wisdom of the ancients returns to your Planet, you will once again enjoy the wisdom stories of the Gods and Goddesses. We would bring to your attention a beautiful story from the ancient Egyptian wisdom. To demonstrate their understanding of the importance of sacred sex as service to the sacred harmonic of balance, they told the story of Geb and Nut.

Nut was the sky mother, the Cosmic or Galactic Mother Goddess. Geb was the Earth Father, and represented Planet Earth, which was seen as male ( an identification that will once again become evident in the New Earth as men resume their active shamanic roles). In this story, Nut and Geb, or Earth and Sky, joined daily in sexual union. From this union, Nut birthed the sun each day, which brought light to all. So, sacred sex was understood to bring light to the Planet. It creates the sacred balance that permits Divine Grace to flow. And when Divine Grace flows, then miracles are created!

So, dear ones, as you assume the God and Goddess roles that are your right as human angels, you will also be led, by spirit, to potential soulmate partners. If you so choose, you can then enter into a sacred marriage that will be part of your service in bringing light to the planet. It is the gift of joy that if offered to all Fifth Dimensional Human Angels!

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