by Celia Fenn

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Saturday 2 July 2005
11.00 am
Rustenburg Farm
Stellenbosch, Western Cape
South Africa

Working with stone spirals and circles is a very ancient shamanistic technique for connecting the galactic and cosmic energies of the Universe with the energies of Planet Earth. The use of sacred geometric designs and patterns on the surface of the earth as meditative and ritual tools is known in many cultures and includes the Medicine Wheel of the Native Americans and the Labyrinth of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

Today we are working with a group of people who have gathered to experience walking the Labyrinth both as an individual journey of self-healing and self-realization, as well as a group meditative activity. We are walking the Labyrinth designed and created by Labyrinth designer and creator Terry de Vries Nel on the Rustenburg Farm outside Stellenbosch. Terry is leading the group. This particular Labyrinth is patterned after the one at Chatres Cathedral in France.

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The individual journey or activity of walking the spiral of the Labyrinth produces two major effects. Firstly it connects the individual with the earth and it shifts you into a meditative state while experiencing your journey on the surface of the earth in a very literal way. Secondly it activates the Right Brain, which processes the holographic and the sacred geometric shapes of the Energetic Matrix of Creation. It switches off the linear and rational processes of the lower mind to allow these spiral and sacred shapes to activate the Higher Aspects of the being.

Walking the Labyrinth is a form of meditation and connection with All That Is that is an experience of the whole body, rather than just the mind as is so often the case in sitting meditation. You are connecting with the Earth while experiencing the cosmic flows that are accessed by the Right Brain. This means that you are grounding the energy through your body and into the earth. This process shifts and releases blocked energies deep within the psyche. It does this by bypassing the linear time programs in the body and shifting you into spiral time or galactic time. In this space of the eternal present, issues that might be "stuck" down a time line can be accessed and released.

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Walking the Sacred Spiral also allows you to experience spiral time or holographic time. The Cosmos is structured on a matrix, or several interconnecting matrices called dimensions. Each of these is patterned according to the designs of Sacred Geometry. The Spiral is the most persistent design or form in the Cosmos, being seen in the shape of a galaxy at the macro level, to the spiral of our DNA at the micro level.

Moving into an experience of the spiral allows the body to feel the true nature of galactic time, which is actually the movement of energy through space. Being within a labyrinth allows you to escape momentarily from the limits of the third-dimensional linear time, and experience the Higher Dimensional Consciousness of Spiral Time.

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Feeling this journey through spiral time will help your body and mind to align with the natural flows of galactic time and will assist in the process of manifestation, for manifestation also moves along a spiral trajectory.

As you can see from the images...walking the Labyrinth involves concentration and focus on the inner processes as well as the outer journey. A true metaphor for life itself and the journey through time on Planet Earth.

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Working together as a group introduces a different dynamic!

Terry has the group form a chain, and then she leads them on a circuit of the Labyrinth.

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Terry is the only one who can see where she is going. The others all have their eyes closed and have to trust that the person in front of them will lead them and keep them on the path. This is certainly an exercise that requires trust, connection and intuition. It helps to develop these qualities in the participants. For indeed, on Planet Earth we are walking the spiral path together as a group, and often we require others to lead us and support us, as we in turn are asked to lead and support others.

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As you can see from the expressions, intense concentration and participation in the "group" energy!.

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If you have any questions about Labyrinths, please click here to send a mail to Terry.