The Stargates of 2005:Gifts to the Planet

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Ones, at this time we seek to bring you information about the flows of energy that will be affacting your planet in the first half of this year.

The energies that you are feeling now began to enter your planet at the 12:12 Stargate in December of 2004. At that time there was a powerful stelium of planets in Sagittarius, clustered around the Galactic center in relation to the Earth. The most powerful of these planets was Pluto, the bringer of transformation. But, even more important, was the increase in energetic impulses emanating from the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. These new transmissions we have termed the "Paradise" frequency, for the purpose of these incoming transmissions is to activate the Paradise Matrix on the planet. This matrix is part of the original Elohim blueprint for planet Earth, and has not been activated sice the Lemurian continent sank beneath the waves.

The First Stargate: 5th March 2005

The first major Stargate of 2005 will be the 3:5 gate which climaxes on the 5th of March. This date will represent the climactic moment when this incoming energy transmission will be grounded into the planetary matrix and grids. This event will be focussed on Hawaii as the closest land mass to what was ancient Lemuria.

But, as the energy vortex spirals down into the Earth, it will also be simaltaneously grounded and activated at other points on the planet. There are Lightworkers who are already taking up their responsibilities to ensure that the Crystal Grids are activated in their area. The Cetaceans of the planet are also working with humans to assist in grounding the energy into the Oceanic Grids of the Planet.

Beloved Ones, we invite you to join with us on the 5th of March in welcoming and grounding this joyous and beautiful energy. It will make such a difference to your planet, as we will outline later in this message.

The Second Stargate: 5th and 11th May 2005

The second major stargate activations will be the 5:5 and 5:11 gates on the 5th of May and the 11th May respectively. By this time, the energy of the 3:5 gate will have been anchored and activated on the planet.

The focus in this period will be on meditation, ceremonies and rituals to ground the energy into the planet. In this period there will be two major spiritual festivals celebrated on the planet, Easter and Wesak. These are key festivals in the Christian and Buddhist spiritual years. Both celebrate the death and rebirth of the Master Consciouness incarnated in Christ and Buddha respectively. This year these festivals will have special meaning and intense energies as humanity rebirths itself to Higher Consciousness along with the Planet.

If you celebrate these festivals, we encourage you to do so with an awareness of the powerful rebirth that is happening on your planet.

The gift of the 5:5 and 5:11 gates will be the key to reactivating the Sacred Spaces of the planet and to inviting the Devas and Nature Spirits to return to the planet in increasingly significant numbers. The spiritual guardians of nature, the nymphs, faeries and sylphs who once tended the forests and woodlands and rivers of your planet have long since retreated into the Earth, leaving only a few to maintain the planetary balance as best they could. From the time of these gates, they will begin returning to selected sites on the planet to begin working with humans again. There will be many new communities that will arise in different selected places on the planet to begin the human/devic partnership once again. The miracles achieved at Findhorn will be replicated again and again on your planet, as the devas once again join the planetary family on the surface of the planet. They too are your "family", and they will work with you to create the New Earth.

The Third Stargate : The Sirius Stargate 26th July to 8th August

In this period the Earth will once again feel the powerful energies of the 8:8 Sirian Harmonic as the Lion Gate Portal of Sirius aligns with the planet and is reflected in the heliacal rising of Sirius in the Northern Hemisphere.

At this point, the new energies of the Lemurian Paradise Matrix will be fully grounded and active. The Higher Consciousness that floods through the Lion Gate will be the trigger to begin the work of manifesting Paradise into 5th Dimensional manifest reality.

This will be a gradual process. Small areas of the planet will be "reclaimed" for the Paradise vibration. And we ask you to understand that while many of these will indeed be rural areas of mountain, woodland and oceanside, many will also be in cities and towns.

Yes, dearest ones, cities are a part of your present and your future! The Paradise vibration of Oneness,Love, Joy and Abundance, will enter into your cities and towns and gradually transform them.

Lightworkers whose mission it is will invite the devas and the nature spirits to bring their special magic into cities. You will find an increase in parks, gardens, quiet spaces, and an increasing emphasis on beauty and order in your cities. It will come gradually, but celebrate it when it comes for it will bring increasing peace and abundance to the Planet.

How these Stargates will Affect the Earth

The purpose of these stargates is to infuse and ground a powerful new creative matrix into the Planet. How this will affect you will be generally in a very positive way, if you are able to hold your consciousness at the Fifth Dimensional level.

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