Making your Physical Body into a Temple of Light: Welcoming the God and Goddess Home

by Celia Fenn

As we near the completion of our transition into the human angel or Crystal adult, we need to allow our spirit to enter fully into our bodies. This means being fully present in our bodies at all times. It means seeing your physical body as a temple of light that provides a home for your Inner Male and Female Essences, the God and Goddess.

Releasing the Fear of Being in a Body

So many of the clients that I see are not fully present in their bodies. Their spirit has not fully incarnated into the physical. This means the body is not fully energised, and this can lead to all kinds of problems and illness in the physical template.

But why are so many of us fearful of being fully present in our bodies?

And how is this manifest?

Many people imagine that they are fully "here", but their fear of being in their body is shown by their lifestyle choices. People who take drugs, drink excessively, smoke, or have other forms of addiction, including sex and work addictions, are all trying to escape from the reality of the physical body.

But Why? Well, in our culture we have some pretty unhappy beliefs about our bodies. We believe that they get sick, that they get old, that they suffer pain, and that they die. All of these processes we perceive as hurtful and to be avoided as far as possible.

Then there are specific experiences particular to male and female bodies. The female body has experienced many thousands of years of patriarchal existence, in which to be female is to be bound to reproduction, which is painful and limiting. Women also experience control and vicitmization by men, including violence and rape.

To live in a male body under patriarchy has meant that men have been party to this drama of control and abuse as their male rights.

We have all had both male and female lives, and so coded into our bodies and our soul records are many past lifetimes of pain, suffering and often violent death. When one reincarnates into a body and experiences life on Earth, these deep memories are part of our existence and reality, whether conscious or not.

Those of us who have chosen the path of spiritual growth have also often experienced persecution and execution, often in violent and inhumane ways. So often when there is a spiritual awakening, as there is now, many of these deep memories surface and need to be released.

Creating Another Reality: The Truth about our Bodies

It is time to replace this set of destructive and unhappy beliefs about our physical bodies with another more creative and light-filled set.

Our physical bodies are a perfect vehicle for our spirit. The physical body has evolved over a long period to be the means by which consciousness is able to exist and grow in the material planes.

The physical body was designed by Spirit to have the capability to carry the consciousness of the being and to reflect the beliefs and attitudes of that being. Your physical body is always a reflection of you!

It was designed to continue to regenerate and to be healthy and strong. There are certain ways of living and being that will enhance the physical body and ensure that it remains healthy and pain-free up to the moment when that being decides to transition to another plane of existence, without a physical body. But equally, there are certain ways of living that are almost guaranteed to produce degeneration, disease, and painful death. Most of these unhappy ways of living are what we call "normal" life on this planet.

When you "wake up" amd make your transition to the Crystal state, you will begin to change your lifestyle. You will cease to indulge in harmful practices such as drug taking and alcohol addictions, you will have the desire to eat well and to exercise your body, and you will begin to be conscious of the choices that you make about your thoughts and beliefs. And these choices will all contribute towards a healthy, pain-free body. This is our birthright - we were designed to be healthy and vital.

When you understand that your body was designed to be healthy, and that you can make certain choices that will keep it that way, you understand that you are not at the mercy of "random" disease processes. Then you can feel happier about entering into your body with confidence.

Also, if you do experience illness or injury, again you can have the confidence that your body has the necessary strength and ability to heal and regenerate.

And when it is your turn to leave the physical plane, you can be confident that you can achieve this with the most grace and elegance that is possible. Remember, you are now a human angel, spirit in a human body, and you can make the choices that ensure a happy and pain-free life and transition to higher levels. It is YOUR CHOICE now.

Achieving Balance: The God and Goddess

One of the key processes to "waking up" is to heal the imbalances between our Inner and Outer male and female energies. We are releasing the hold of patriarchy, and matriarchy before that, and moving into a place of balance with these energies.

We began the process by welcoming the Goddess and her return among us. This process began in the 1970s and 80s, with feminism, as we once again began to understand the importance of the Goddess or feminine energies in our lives. These were qualities such as nurturing, acceptance, unconditional love and gentleness.

Then, in the late 1990s, we began to release that we also needed to heal the "wounded male", and allow the male energy to be released from its role as victimiser and persecutor. And so we welcomed the God in us home as well! This allowed us to engage with our strength, our inner warrior, our confidence and our power, without needing to become aggressive or angry.

And so we achieved a place of Inner Balance, where Male and Female, or God and Goddess were equally balanced in our psyche. Neither was to dominate, but both to live in partnership, each celebrating the complementary qualities of the other.

Entering the Temple of Light

And so, when we are able to see our physical body as a temple of light - then we are able to welcome home the God and Goddess.

Our bodies long to be radiant and healthy. It is up to us to make the choices that will allow this. And it is up to us to invite our spirit into our bodies, to take up residence once again in a pure Temple of Light.

A visualization: I invite you to do this brief visualization to prepare your body for this process:

Lie in a comfortable place and allow yourself to relax. Breathe deeply and imagine that on each in breath you are inhaling gold and silver light through the top of your head (crown chakra). On the out breath you are exhaling old energies and past life beliefs about your body, and also your role as a male or female in all those past lives.

Now relax your body, starting at the feet and moving up to the head. When you are completly relaxed, begin the visualization.

Visualise the Gold and Silver light entering into every cell in your body until your entire body is glowing with the radiance of that light. Now say to yourself "I am releasing all Belief Systems about my physical body, both in this life and past lives, that require pain and suffering. And I am embracing the Belief that my body is healthy, radiant and a perfect vehicle for my consciousness". Then breathe out to release the old energies, and continue to breathe in Gold and Silver light.

When you have completed that process, then say: "I am now inviting my spirit to fully incarnate into my body. My body is a radiant Temple of Light, and I invite my God and Goddes to enter". Then imagine your Inner Male and Female energies as a God and Goddess. They enter in, hand in hand, into the radiant and beautiful temple that you have provided.

Feel yourself moving into perfect balance and know that you are now ready to move into a future of harmony and love.

When you have completed the visualization, allow yourself to return gently to the physical plane.

Drink a glass of water.

I would also advise taking Bach Rescue remedy, 3 drops in the morning and 3 at night for 5 days afterwards, since you will be releasing deeply held trauma from the cells to allow the new radiant light to enter.

Blessings on your Process and Growth, Human Angels!

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