Solstice and Christmas 2006

The Emergence of the God and Goddess of Light and the Power of the Sacred Heart

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, at this Sacred and Beautiful moment - the full potential of the seed that was planted two thousand years ago is emerging. The Sacred Heart within each human is being activated into becoming a vessel for Divine Source Love and Light. The powerful Earth God and Goddess of Light and Fire emerge now as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine cosmic energies return to balance within the Collective Consciousness and also within individual human beings of light.

Truly, dearest ones, this is a Miraculous and Light-filled time! If you see with the "eyes" of Love and perceive with the deep feelings of your heart, you will enter into this Miracle of Love that is now taking place.

The great emissions of Solar Light that were sent forth from your Sun in early December originated from the Galactic Center and were sent to your planet via the magnification of the Sirian suns. Their Spiritual and Evolutionary purpose was to transmit powerful Light Codes that would fully activate the Solar Divine Feminine in her Archetypal return to the Earth. And, as her energy once more flows forth in all its power and passion and creativity, it requires too that the the Divine Masculine energy also reclaim its lost balance and power and become whole and complete once again. Right now, both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are being activated and balanced within many who have opened themselves to this miraculous transformation and balancing as a way of serving the planet in her transformation.

You see, dearest ones, many thousands of years ago, the Human Collective Consciousness decided to "switch off" the power of the Feminine by no longer receiving and transmitting the Solar Light Codes or energies of the Divine Feminine. The Feminine was limited to the Lunar Codes only, except by a very few who held the flame of the Goddess within their hearts and kept it alive.

But, when the Feminine became unbalanced in this way, so did the Masculine. For the duality of "Masculine" Solar energy and "Feminine" Lunar energy was created in your consciousness. And so, you became locked into a duality that created imbalance, for the Solar power was perceived as greater then the Lunar power, and it was held by the Masculine. So, generations of power struggle and abuse resulted as men and women tried to unite without being able to achieve spiritual balance within themselves. For men were solar and women were lunar, and they were unable to find balance and harmony within themselves, and so this was projected onto their relationships. And so, in this period of Ascension back into Light, you have worked hard to re-admit the Solar Codes and re-establish the balance in your subtle and energy bodies.

The Higher Dimensions had forseen this path more than two thousand years ago, and so they sent the great Teacher, Yeshua ben Josef, and his Twin Flame, Mariam, to the Earth. These ones were known as Jesus the Christ, and Mary Magdalene. Their roles were to teach the truth of the Sacred Heart as the Temple of Divine Love, and to lay down Archetypal templates in the Earth's Akashic records, through their lives, of the balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine.

And so, beloved ones, despite many attempts to hide this truth and continue the dominance of the Solar Male, the Truth and the Light have emerged. The Collective Consciousness has once again opened to receive the Radiant Light of the Goddess or Divine Feminine as the Light Codes are transmitted by the powerful Solar surges. The Divine Heart within the Collective is activated, and the balanced God and Goddess of Light emerge.

What does that mean, right now, dearest ones? It means that each and every one of you now has the ability to balance the Divine Masculine and Feminine within and to enter into a Twin Flame Union and experience the Sacred Love and Ecstasy of the Source while in a human body.

This was the true gift of the birth of Christ. For when the Light returns, then balance returns, and then Peace returns. When Love flows through the Sacred Heart into the Collective Consciousness, then Peace returns. When humans once again transmit the Sacred Fire through their Sacred Unions of Love and Passion, then Peace returns.

So, dearest Lightworkers, at this time of the Solstice and the return of the Light, you can truly celebrate the return of the Light Within. Know this as a moment of great Empowerment and Truth. This is the gift that humans have waited for so very long. Celebrate, dearest ones, for your achievement is great!

So this Solstice and Christmas of 2006 come at a powerful and blessed time. You are now truly reborn, and have returned "home" to your birthright as the bearers of the Divine Light! You are the Christed men and women who are the Gods and Goddesses of Light. You are balanced and whole and perfect bearers of the Cosmic Light.


Let yourselves become vehicles for the transmission of this Divine Love. You are the Sacred Heart! Its truth is revealed through You! The more you claim your right to transmit the Divine Masculine and Feminine Light Codes or Energies in their new balanced forms, the more you will become the "Light of the World".

And, as the Great Teacher said, do not hide your Light, but let it Shine forth where All can see its Radiance. Now, more than ever before, your Light is needed in the World. This is what you came to Do.

Celebrate.... for You are the Child that is Born!

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