Water Ceremony for Lake Constance and the Golden Temple of Light

Working with the New Earth Energies at Uberlingen in Germany, October 2008


In the first week of October I came here to Uberlingen to share in the work of Creating a Temple of Light for the Elemental energies here in southern Germany. This temple would be a home or anchor for the energies that would help to activate the Paradise Codes and create Peace and Abundance in this area through the Balance and Light created with the Elemental Kingdom. Lake Constance was an ideal place for this work, since it is a very beautiful area with a rich diversity of life, that borders on the Black Forest area of Germany, and also borders on Austria and Switzerland. In the picture above you can see our Lightworker team in Germany for this event, from the left, Christiane the organizer for Uberlingen, then Brigitte and Manfred from Trustgaia who organized my visit to Europe, then Manuela and Marcus who helped with the technical side, and then Gerda and Karin from the Uberlingen organizing team.

So, we started the work with an evening channel with Archangel Michael, followed by a day gathering in which we undertook the work of creating this new holographic Temple of Light. We worked with the assistance of the Angelic Beings of Light, and with Archangel Michael and also with the Divine Feminine energy represented by Mary Magdalene and the beautiful music of Hildegard von Bingen. Here is an image of the beautiful room that we worked in, with three special people, Georg who translates for me, Michael who is my German publisher, and Anja Ida who translates and runs the Starchild German site.


After we had done the work in our beautiful room, we moved outside to the garden where we undertook the Ceremony to create the Sacred Water. Here are some images taken from the Ceremony:


First, creating a center for the Ceremonial circle with the water and the roses. Then, we created a central circle with two men and two women, to hold the energy in the center. And then, two outer circles moving in opposite directions to create a vortex of energy to energize the water in preparation for its journey to the Lake.


Then, some music and dancing, to bring sound and joy to the ceremony:

germany 154

And then, the fun part, we moved onto a boat that took us out to the island of Mainau, where the Crystal Temple of Light had been anchored in the Etheric levels:


And so, as the culmination of the Ceremony.....Brigitte and Manfred give the Sacred Water to the Lake to share our intentions and desires for Love and Peace and Abundance on the Planet:


The two days of our events were cold and wet, but the rain performed the function of clearing and cleansing and helping to modulate the intense fire energies that we were working with at the time. The day after the Ceremony, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful New Earth Paradise day in Uberlingen. We took the opportunity to take a boat out to the Island of Mainau to explore the place that is known as the "Flower Island" because of the beauty of the gardens. It is an ideal place to be the location for a Temple for the Elemental energy. Here is an image of the Rainbow that appeared over the Lake on our Journey, as a symbol of Love and Blessings:


And some images of the natural beauty at Mainau: butterfly


And so, after this special time at Lake Constance, we are moving on to the city of Berlin, where we will be doing activations and ceremonies to bring this energy of Peace and Abundance to the capital city of Germany.