The Twin Flame Energy and the New Earth Geometries of Light

Report on the Group Retreat at Montsegur, and a Visit to Lourdes, South of France, October 2008


by Celia Fenn

sacred rose1

I have put off writing about the Montsegur Retreat in Southern France for quite a while. This was because it was one of those events within such a special framework of Time and Space, and with such a powerful thread of Light running through the work, that I find it hard to quite gather together the words and the images and the feelings into something that is coherent and makes sense to those who were not there and might like to share the experience and the energies. We gathered together in the Languedoc region of France, in the Pyrenees village of Montsegur. Montesegur is, itself, very special to me. It is one of those places which capture the imagination and the Spirit by the sheer grandeur of the landscape. The village lies in a "bowl" created by the Sabarthes mountains, with the majestic chateau at the very height of Mount Pog, still looking down on the village in the valley below. None of the images that I took seem to do justice to the wonderful energy that still lives here in the place of the "secure mountain", despite its rather gloomy place in the history of the Cathar resistance. The air is pure and clear, the river runs clean in the valley, and at night the heavens are a vault of stars shining down from the Milky Way. A most wonderful place to experience the energy of the Divine Feminine through Mary Magdalene, and to work with the Energy of the Twin Flame and the Light Temple of the Sacred Rose that was activated in the etheric levels above Montsegur during our week together. I am going to share with you the nature of the experience, and some of the images and energies, in the hope that it will convey some of the wonder of our experiences together in the week long Retreat that was a celebration of the Sacred Geometries of the "Sacred Rose" the new emblem, or "flower of life" that carries the power and the expression of the Divine Twin Flame and the Sacred Teachings of the Twin Flame Love as the basis for the New Earth.

The image above was taken in the Church of the Madeleine at Rennes-le-Chateau, which we visited as a group. There is much "mystery" around the story of how this small church in rural France suddenly came into great wealth and became a shrine for the energy of the Madeleine. As you enter the church, you can feel the energy of Mary Magdalene that still shines within this chapel built in her honor. This is the image from the window behind the nave, and it depicts Mary Magdalene annointing the feet of Christ with precious oils. In traditional christianity, this action is seen as an act of humility and submission by the Magdalene. But, to those who know the energy of the Twin Flame, and that the Magdalene was in every way in the equal of Christ, that she was in fact, the Feminine Christ energy, then this image has a different significance. It is the moment when the Magdalene chooses Yeshua to be her Christed or Twin Flame partner, and the annointing is that moment when he becomes the "king" because he has been annointed to this role by the "queen" who is the representative of the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine...the Spirit of God flowing through this woman who was the channel for the Divine Feminine energy in her role as the Twin Flame of Yeshua, the Divine Masculine. In these Sacred Spiritual Unions, it is the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, who chooses her partner and who "annoints" him into his role as the "Christ" within the Union. Indeed, this may be news to many women. I get many letters from women who have made soul mate connections, but then the relationship ends and the problem always seems to be with the man who leaves and who isn't "ready". Well, on the deeper or higher levels, it is the woman who has made that decision, and that is what has manifested in the outer reality. So....

Well, let's begin the story of Montsegur at the beginning. We arrived in Montsegur after our work at Montserrat and the Water Ceremony at the Chapel of Archangel Michael. Montserrat is the home of the "Black Madonna", and there is a perfect copy of that Black Madonna in the village church of Montsegur. So, there are spiritual connections between the two places, linked by the energy of the "Cosmic Mother" aspect of the Divine Feminine, who is represented by the Black Madonna.

sacred rose2

and this is an image taken from the outskirts of the village of Montsegur.....

sacred rose3

Well, when we arrived there were definitely some "adjustments" to be made by those in our group. We had, of course, mentioned to participants that this was a very small village in the Languedoc, and that modern comforts would probably not be available. Hmmmm....we all still had to deal with culture shock to some extent, and the first few days we had to deal with unhappy people and people shuffling from one place to another. It was actually very funny, as long as you kept your sense of humor and realized that this was exactly that, a internet, no shops, no pizza, no restaurants, nothing...just the countryside in La France, the Hotel Costes and the gite Lou Sicret, and the food prepared by our hotelier and chef at the Hotel Costes, Pierre, who will indeed be remembered for his high points and his lows, as will Madame Couquet, the other hotelier in the Village!. But, we were deeply blessed, we were able to hire the council chamber of the "Mairie" for our work, and that was such a good venue for our work as a group. The people of Montsegur were considerate and friendly and helpful, and my assistant, Paloma, who handled all the group administration is now a minor celebrity in the Village! The Villagers were somewhat perplexed to have 50 strange people descend on their quiet village at the end of October, and were not entirely sure what we were up to, but they were willing to be helpful and friendly. Here is a wonderful image that shows the warm, golden energy of the Montsegur group in front of the Sacred Heart emblem that was created by Brigitte for us after our group connection with the Energy and Light of Mary Magdalene:


The Ceremony of The Temple of the Sacred Rose....and... The History of Occitania and the Cathars at Montsegur...and Space Ships and Helicopters....

We began our work as a group by connecting with the most recent history of Montsegur and the history of the Cathar resistance. The Chateau above Montsegur is known as the place of the last stand or resistance of the Cathars against the Catholic crusade that was launched against them. The Cathari that held out through a long winter in 1244 were eventually forced to surrender to the forces camped below, and according to history they were then executed by being at the stake in the field known as the "burning field" in the meadows below the chateau.

Now, this somewhat grim story was known to me when I first visited Montsegur in 2007. When I began my spiritual awakening in the 1990s, one of the first past life memories that came back to me was that of Montsegur, and I knew that on some level I was connected to what had happened in this place. So, I filed it away and did not think too much of it until 2007 when I was able to visit Montsegur. I was expecting to feel the trauma and the misery of what had happened, and was surprised to find exactly the opposite. This was a beautiful place with a deep and serene energy, far deeper in fact then the very recent trauma of the Cathar resistance, which had in any event been healed by deep Lightwork over the years. The village of Montsegur was ready to become what it was before, a haven, a safe and secure place for the energy of the Divine Feminine.

And this brings me to the history of Oc, or Occitania, as this region was known before. I had never even heard of Occitania before I went to the Languedoc, and I had studied medieval European History at University! But the history that we learn is the history of the conquering Graeco-Roman stream of christanity that followed the eastern path across Europe, and it is one of control and conquest by the Catholic Church. The history of Occitania is one that I recently connected with, mostly through selective reading and then by connecting with the Akashic records of the Languedoc. This information was confirmed by Archangel Michael. The history goes like this. After the death of Christ in Palestine, Mary Magdalene fled from Palestine to the south of France, where it was her mission to hold the Light of the Christ Consciousness and the teachings of the Christ, namely Peace and Abundance. In her lifetime, she travelled extensively in western Europe, also establishing a center at Glastonbury in England. But, it was at Montsegur, this place nestled in the mountains, that she felt the most safe and secure and happy, and she returned to this place many times in her lifetime. It was she who gave the place the name "Secure Mountain", because that was how she felt when she visited this place to teach and to perform Sacred Rituals, once a year.

Occitania was the name given to the culture that grew up around the christian teachings of the Magdalene. The western land and the language of the people of the western land. They were highly cultivated and educated with their own wisdom, music and art. They travelled extensively, and traded, and lived in Peace and Harmony with nature. It is this deep harmony with Nature and the elemental energy within the Planet's Heart grid that was initiated by Mary Magdalene as she brought her new Christ consciousness but also respected that which had been there before, that very ancient elemental wisdom, and which survived the later violence between the Cathars and the Catholics.

I know it has been fashionable to glamorize the Cathar teachings, but I find little evidence that they were based on the energy of the Magdalene Christ consciousness. By the time the Cathari arose in Occitania, the true Magdalene teachings had become distorted, and the Cathar beliefs do include aspects that have no place in the Magdalene teachings. In fact, according to my research, the Cathar beliefs were supposedly imported from Zoroasterianism, which was a belief system from ancient Persia. So, by the time the Cathars and the Catholics faced their final showdown at Montsegur, the energy of the Christ had already been lost to all of them, leaving them weakened and vulnerable.

But, it was also this event that led me back to Montsegur, for the last Cathar to be executed was reported to have prophesied that after 700 years, a new energy and life would spring up to replace what had died. This seemed like a good time to be bringing the New Earth energy to Montsegur, and to reconnect with the deep energy of the Magdalene teachings and to allow the violence and suffering of the Cathar times to become a thing of the past that would no longer have any power over those who would come to the "Secure Mountain" to celebrate the energy of the Divine Feminine and the teachings of the Magdalene and her Twin Flame partner, Yeshua the Male Christ energy. And to connect with the powerful elemental energy that I call the "deep magic" that still lives in the forests and mountains of the Languedoc and southern France.

So, we began our first work together as a group by creating a Temple of Light dedicated to the Sacred Rose, or the Geometric patterns of Light that hold the perfectly balanced Divine Energies of the Masculine and Feminine. This etheric temple was then placed into the etheric field above Montsegur and above the chateau, to function as a Light Beacon for the energies of Sacred Union and to assist in activating the New "Sacred Rose" flower of life geometries for the New Earth sacred heart grids. Then the next day, the entire group got fit and physical and we all climbed the mountain to the chateau to for the activation ceremony for the Temple of Light. Here are some images from the group work together.

Here is a view of the chateau and the mountain, with the beautiful gold and brown colors of autumn:

sacred rose 13

The Group arrives at the bottom in the early morning sunlight. A clear and beautiful day....and yes...we do have to go......UP THERE!

sacred rose 4

So.....we begin the ascent. Actually, the first part is the climb up very rapidly....

sacred rose5

Stopping at the Cathar Monument after the first ascent:

sacred rose6

Stopping half way up for a breather...and to see just how far up we have come!

sacred rose7

And so we reach the summit...all of us.....

sacred rose8

These are the ruins of the castle or fortress. This was not the original Cathar fortress, it is a later fortress that was built over the site of the Cathar chateau. We chose to do our Activation Ceremony on a clearing just below the fortress. The point of the Ceremony was to activate the Temple of Light of the Sacred Rose through Joy and Celebration. we go....Dancing and Celebration....

sacred rose9

sacred rose10

sacred rose11

sacred rose 12

It was at this point that things became interesting. Suddenly....a French security helicopter appeared out of nowhere and circled around us! We were surprised. I have to say that I have been leading Ceremony all over the Planet this year, and this is the first time anyone in officialdom has taken any real interest in our activities! The helicopter flew around the mountain and came back for a second look, and since we were not breaking any laws on French soil, we all smiled and waved! I hope that they got some really happy and smiley photos of us!

Of course, the next day in our Group meeting, we did discuss the how and why. How "they" knew we were up there having a ceremony, and why they were interested. You have to realize that Montsegur is a very long way from anywhere, and helicopters don't just appear in passing. So, we were obviously being watched, and when we took off up the mountain as a group, "they" knew and came to have a look to see what we were doing. The reasons put forward by the group were interesting. The first speculation was that French security was interested in the connection between Montsegur, the Grail legends, the Cathars and the Nazi's, and whatever people and activities were drawn to this area. It is known that the Nazi's were interested in the "secrets" of Montsegur and believed that the "Holy Grail", a Chalice of Pure Gold, might have been the "Cathar treasure" that was hidden here when the fortress fell. It is also known that the SS were interested in the "power" of Montsegur, and that during World War 11, on the anniversary of the fall of Montsegur, a squadron of German fighter planes flew over the Chateau. Hmmmmm....interesting. Of course we were there for the "Grail", but our conception of the Grail and its treasure are vastly different to anything that might have been held by those who sought power and control through "dark magic".

Then, one of the French members of our group also told us that in these mountains, it was known that a UFO or Spaceship had been found in perfect condition, but hidden. Apparently, the ship was being activated and "coming online" with the new energies, and that the French security were interested in any activity in the area that might have a connection with the UFO. Hmmmmmmm...interesting. It's quite a place, this Montsegur!

Anyway, we completed our Ceremony without any further disruptions, and when we arrived at the bottom of the mountain, there were no gendarmes waiting for us, so all was well. We spent some peaceful time resting in the "Burning Meadow", and I had a strong feeling that many of us had been there before and that we were allowing the old energies to be "transmuted" in and through us and reborn in a new and more joyful way. Here is an image of the meadow:

sacred rose14

So, we completed the first phase of our work with Mary Magdalene and the Activation of the Temple of the Sacred Rose!

Coming soon.....PART TWO of the Report on Montsegur....