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Barbara's Diary for Indigo-Crystal Adults

No 3 : The Palms of Christ

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Golden light beckons between night and day, that moment between worlds, the silence between thoughts, the window to remember. Do you remember the Palms of Christ? How they can be used to upgrade the spirit of yourself and the planet? Would you like to restore them if forgotten or strengthen them if already remembered? Let's explore that in this diary. All of us who use our Palms of Christ have seen what some call incredible miracles: Physical healings, harsh legal sentences suddenly reversed, the rememberings of higher ways of being. For those seeking even more information beyond this diary, please visit me at

In our quest to reconnect ourselves and others, many of us are choosing to restore our Palms of Christ, the ability to heal and draw down higher energy through the palms.

Some of us came here with the wiring to remember and retain this ability. Others lost the remembrance or at least the confidence. But look closely, and see that the earth and beautiful humankind just as it is has many readily available keys to its restoration, some for no cost but a trip to the local library. Choose one or two, focus and practice, and while at first they may not seem as powerful as what we remember, they will grow. One step will illuminate the next.

Three good ways to begin which are readily available are Reiki, Quantum Touch (QT), and Jin Shin Jyutus (Translates to The Art of the Creator through a person of compassion). The first can be received and learned from a master, the other two easily from a book, with deeper study and certifications available in workshops for those who desire.

Below are some links to Reiki, QT and Jin Shin exploration. With Reiki, people argue whether self-attunement (achieved via an online book by a Reiki master), distant attunement (offered by a master) or the passing on of attunement directly from master to master are the best. Experiment and let your meditation guide you. Quantum Touch (see link below) is another method of turning the body into a conduit of Life Force Energy conducted through the palms. It takes no attunement and requires, instead, a method of breathing and focusing which can be learned from their book. It is more scientifically oriented if this fits your personality better. In another book listed below, Jin Shin has been translated to English and explains very clearly how to use ones palms and hands as jumper cables to reconnect to the higher dimensions and clear energy meridians. With Jin Shin, no attunement nor special breathing and focus is called for to reconnect with life force energy, but rather, as a jumper cable in a car, palms must touch specific areas to make the powerful, specific connections.

If you lean towards more of a Christian slant, I can put you in touch with a group of Christians who have at last opened up to the fact that we can all put our hands on others to heal (previously, many conservative religions believed that no one but Jesus should perform this task). This group of Christians tends to call it the Holy Spirit rather than Life Force Energy. Also, if you lean towards Native Spirituality, I can put you in touch with one who has brought hands-on healing to their own ancient North American healing ways to enhance them.

Dealing with the Ego as a Healer

Indigo warriors, remember, a warrior is not gifted per se, a warrior is a warrior, and is a benefit to self and planet depending on whether or not the warrior serves the heart or the ego.

In spite of how our fear and ego loves the old paradigm of seeking superior external saviors outside of ourselves to come save the masses (and Indigos are the big super-heroes, this time), the external savior drama has been played out over and over and over in human history, and it's time that we evolve enough to know it is not complete in its methods.

If you explore hands-on healing, you'll most likely be much happier if you keep your ego in check. If one who is healed with your assistance allows the healing to see you as his or her equal but unique Sister or Brother, feel the joy in connecting on earth with a soul sibling. If, however, that person sees you as a god above her, or a chosen one, an external savior with a gift that he cannot ever possess, don't allow the ego to fool yourself into thinking you've done this person much of a favor. Physical and other ailments will manifest from disconnection, and if one thing is "healed by a great external savior," yet another will appear later, until the lost connection within that one is found. If a healed one looks at you with "gaw-gaw eyes," as though he or she is a low-life lucky to be in the hands of such a great one, shut down the ego which loves this, and try looking back at them in a manner that sees them as the same as you, with the same connection you have. To help yourself, say to yourself or to them, "Thank you, for the part of you that led you to a physical healing. It's my honor to help that part of you grow." Or simply remember Namaste, allow the God/dess in yourself to see past their fear and ego and into the God/dess that is within them. That inner Christ connection of yourself will also grow each time you choose love connection over ego thrill.

But even those connected need the helping hand of others at times, Brothers and Sisters helping each other. Seek hands-on healing for your own self as well.

Explore the Palms of Christ with love and curiosity. It can also be taught to children open to it. Be sure not to pressure children to be adults, masters or healers beyond what their intellect is able to make sense of in the density of their earth-language considering the vast universe that pulses through them at this age, as is happening with some of the inappropriate power given to very young Indigo children, such as expecting them to solve divorce decisions for their parents: problems that childhood is not meant to solve. When this happens, I've seen too many young Indigos rebelling angrily at very young ages even against others and parents who are very divinely connected and in tune with nature and light. These children are not reflecting a higher way of being, are not showing the "enlightened warrior," but are reflecting back, in the Indigo-amplified style, our society's current inability to trust that all is okay and to recognize the guidance that comes towards us through other people, even the "dumb, grown-up unenlightened ones." They are, rather, mirroring the extended, violently conditioned and mis-targeted adolescent collective conscience which has crept far deeper into childhood than was ever intended by universal law, and are making it uncomfortable for society to be weak-willed with them instead of confident elders, so that they may have their free and trusting childhoods back again.

But this too, can pass with love, reconnection, and healing. Enjoy the love and light waiting to pass through you onto earth.
Book: The Touch of Healing, by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte (Jin Shin)

With love,

Barbara Adams

The copyright to the text and images is held by Barbara Adams, and neither may be used without her permission.

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