by Celia Fenn

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In the past few years we have heard much about Indigo Children, Star Children, Psychic Children, and more recently, the Crystal Children. Whether people accept these categories or not, most will agree that the current generation of children is very different to their predecessors.

These children seem somehow smarter, brighter and wiser. They are attracted to and easily master difficult and complex technologies. They are passionate, focussed and honest about their feelings. Relationships are important to them.

These children have strong wills, a strong sense of their own self-esteem and often refuse entirely to be dominated by authoritarian systems, whether they be schools or families. They have problems at school, often being labelled ADD or ADHD, and as teen-agers they tend to get involved with drugs, alcohol and other forms of "extreme" dysfunctional behaviour.

But who are these children and why is their behaviour so extreme and so difficult for parents and communities.

A Global Crisis

In order to understand why these children have come to planet Earth at this time, we need to understand why their special gifts are needed at this time. Our beloved planet, Earth, has reached a crisis in her evolution.

We, as her children, have reached a point of impasse or stagnation in our growth. We have hemmed ourselves in with systems that have become impersonal and no longer function for the greater good of the human community.

We have created systems of economics, education, and health that were once focussed on assisting communities, but now seem nore interested in greed and profit. More and more of the world's people are becoming impoverished in both material and spiritual terms as a small minority accumulate more power and wealth for themselves.

As humans we have forgotten that we are a family, and that we share a common home, our planet Earth. We continue to trash our planet in the name of development and to kill each other in senseless wars often fought in the name of religion and "freedom".

It is into this situation that the Indigo and Crystal Children, the "starchildren", have been sent. They are spiritual warriors who have come to shift our consciousness. They are here to make us aware of what we are doing to ourselves and how we need to change our community life in order to create more nourishing, peaceful and loving situations that will foster our continued growth as a human species.

Enter the Indigo Children

First came the Indigo Children. They are spiritual warriors whose function is to smash the old systems so that something new can be created. They are the "systems busters" who will liberate us from our "prisons" of belief.

They do this by incarnating into our families and communities. They bring with them their gifts of advanced spiritual development - their soul's of " indigo" light, indicating a high level of consciousness and wisdom. But, because they are so "aware" and "awake", they refuse to allow themselves to be constrained or enslaved by the impersonal "systems" of Earth.

They show us that gentle, wise and high level beings cannot flourish and thrive in the systems we have created. The high level of adolescent and teen-age dysfunction among Indigo children in our society is a signal that our society is dysfunctional and needs to change to accommodate beings of higher ability.

Enter the Crystal Children

The Indigo Children are the trailblazers, the ones who shock us into awareness and instigate change. They are followed by an even more powerful group, the Crystal Children. These children are "Warriors of the Heart". They are here to teach us the ways of love and peace.

Crystal Children are considered to be fully developed "masters" who carry the "christ (christos) consciousness" seed within them. This term denotes a being who is aware of his or her connection with divine source and chooses to live in harmony with this knowing.

Because they function at such a high level of consciousness, these children are extremely sensitive both to their environment and to the feelings and emotions of others. They have come to teach us about tolerance, repect for others and for our home, Planet Earth.

Teachers of Conscious Awareness

It may be true to say that advanced religions and philosophies have taught these truths for centuries, and the human race as a whole has still not been able to learn the lessons.

This is probably because the concepts have been understood as mental ideas, but not lived as a reality.

The Indigo and Crystal Children are here to confront us with these realities on the level of our families and communities. They are forcing us - through their very presence - to wake up to what we are doing to ourselves and to the planet. They do this in the way of the spiritual warrior, by living their truth and making us aware of our truth.

The Indigo Crystal Adventure

For these beings of Higher Consciousness, incarnating on planet Earth at this time is an adventure. It is a "group project" in which thousands of these souls are arriving as teachers and healers for the human race.

They are here to wake us up and they do whatever they need to shock us into conscious awareness. But they are also here to have fun. In the years that I have worked with Indigos, a constant theme in their lives in the desire to have fun.

They generally don't see their mission in a heavy and "responsible" way, and for this reason they are quite often underprepared and run into trouble with Earth systems and beliefs. It is our role to assist them to understand the nature of life on Earth and to help them to create the fun and joy that they seek. We need to affirm to them that we are hearing them and are willing to help them with their "mission" of conscious evolution.

Creating the "New Earth"

The purpose of conscious evolution for the Human species as a whole is to create a "New Earth". With the assistance of the Indigo and Crystal Children we, as a species, will rediscover our Oneness, our common humanity.

And we will use this knowledge to raise our consciousness and to begin to create a "New Earth". This will be a place where every living being can thrive and be respected for what it is. Where humans will learn to respect the similarities and the differences between them, and to live with loving tolerance of those differences. In fact, to celebrate the incredible diversity that characterises our "Oneness" and makes life an "adventure" in consciousness.

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