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1. Basic Information for Parents of Indigo and Crystal Children.

2." Awakening the Crystal Children : Becoming Crystalline" by Steve Rother and the Group.
Key article on the qualities of the Crystal Children and Adults.

3. Meeting the Holographic Child.
Article channeled through Salandra by Carmen Dorsey. First appeared in "Sedona Journal of Emergence."

4. Indigo and Crystal Children : Pioneers of Conscious Evolution. by Celia Fenn.


5.The Indigo Crystal "Human Angel". by Celia Fenn.

Spanish /Espanol

6. The Systems Busters : The Way of the Indigo Warrior. by Celia Fenn.

7.Warriors of the Heart: The Way of the Crystal Peacemaker. by Celia Fenn.


8.Parenting Indigo and Crystal Children: Parenting from the Heart. by Celia Fenn.



1. The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis. by Celia Fenn. Article deals with the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of the transition and offers advice.

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2. Why we Feel so Tired, so Often. by Celia Fenn. Articles explains the symptoms and fatigue and tiredness experienced by so many as part of the transition.

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3.The New Earth is Here Now! by Celia Fenn. Exploring the reality of the New Earth and how we can access it now.

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4. Navigating Multi-Dimensional Reality: Tools for a New Way of Living". by Celia Fenn. Looking at what we need in order to work with as new kind of reality grid.

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5. Dancing with the Goddess; But Please Don't Dance too Fast, Just Yet ...." by Celia Fenn. Looking at how expressing creativity is also a tool for multi-dimensional living.


6. The Transition: If this is a Spiritual Process, Why do we Feel Anxious and Depressed so Often...... by Celia Fenn. Looking at ways of coping with the intense feelings and emotions associated with the transition, and tools for positive living in the New Energies.


7.The Sacred Dance:Multi-Dimensional Relationships in the 21st Century. by Celia Fenn. Tools for dealing with relationships in the new Multi-Dimensional energy of the Crystal reality.

German Translation: Italian Translation Hungarian

8. The Harmonics of Consciousness. by Celia Fenn. Article that explains the relationship between the chakras, energy, colour, sound and mutli-dimensionality.

9. Becoming Light(er): Your Crystal Body and the New Energies. by Celia Fenn. Article that outlines way of living that will nourish and support the new "lighter" Crystal body.

German Translation

10. Moving into Holographic or Multi-Dimensional Time: The Next Phase in the Indigo-Crystal Transition. by Celia Fenn. Article explains the time/space shift, from Linear time to holographic time.

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11. Making your Physical Body into a Temple of Light: Welcoming the God and Goddess Home". by Celia Fenn. Articles outlines the need to be fully present in your physical body and to integrate and align the male and female energies.

12. Reinventing Relationships for the 21st Century: Entering the Heartspace. by Celia Fenn. Looks at new ways of relating in the New Energy.


13. Entering into your Heartspace: Emerging into Authenticity. by Celia Fenn. Ways of entering into your true and authentic essence as a loving and creative being.

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14. The Keys to Heart-Centred Living: Sharing and Trust. by Celia Fenn. Understanding how Compassion is now more important that Abundance in Multi-Dimensional living.

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15. Moving Past and Through the Armageddon Scenarios towards Rebirthing the Earth. by Celia Fenn. Choosing which reality you wish to inhabit.

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16. Re-Patterning our Sexuality: Preparation for Living on the New Earth". The Hathors through Celia Fenn. Looks at gender relations and spirituality in the New Energy.

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17. Non-Sequential, Non-Logical Reality and the Role of Miracles in your Lives. Channelled information about new modes of Reality Creation for a Multi-Dimensional Earth.

Dutch Translation, German Translation, Spanish Translation Hungarian Translation

18. The Disintegration of Traditional Family Structures and the Rise of Partnership Contracts, Parenting Contracts and Soul Families. by Celia Fenn The creation of communities in the New Earth.

19. New Earth Healing Techniques for the 21st Century. by Celia Fenn. The shift to Crystal energy means new ways of healing and shifting energy.

20.Gods and Godesses of the New Earth. Article channeled from Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley. Information on the new balance of energies in relationships.

21. "Soulmate Unions: Uniting Body, Soul and Spirit in the Fifth-Dimensional New Earth. by Celia Fenn. Article on the new Fifth-Dimensional Soulmate relationships, from Archangel Michael.

22. "The New Earth "Creating Miracles" Series.......Key No 1 : Creating and Grounding Dreams. by Celia Fenn. Tools and Techniques for Manifestation in the New Earth.

23. An Historical Overview of the Whereabouts of Gnomes and Elves, Fauns and Faeries, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls and Bogies, Nymphs, Sprites, and Dryads, Past and Present. By Buck Young. Article about the Elemental Energies on the Planet.

24. Article:" Welcoming the Solar Feminine Energy to Earth : An Aspect of the Divine Feminine" by Celia Fenn.
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March 5 Paradise Matrix/Phi Gate Meditation : A Photo-Essay by Celia Fenn.

Elementals and Earth Changes: A Photo Essay by Celia Fenn. Italian/Italiano Spanish/Espanol

Walking the Sacred Spiral: Connecting Heaven and Earth. A Photo Essay by Celia Fenn.

Photo Essay: The Lemurian Star Seed Crystals by Jan Custers and Celia Fenn.

"The 11:11:11 Energies : A Photo Essay in Crystals" by Jan Custers and Celia Fenn.

JOSE AND INES'S DIARY: Parenting a Crystal Child the Conscious Way

No:1 : Waiting for Gabriel.

No:2 : Welcome Gabriel.

No.3: The First Month: Learning to Parent together.

No.4 : Getting to Know Gabriel.

No.5 : Gabriel goes to Portugal with Mom and Dad.

No.6 : Gabriel starts to Crawl: He's mobile now!

No.7 : Happy Birthday Gabriel; One year old on the 10th of December.

No.8 :

No.9 : Gabriel discovers the World Out There!

No. 10 : Shifts and Changes in Gabriel's Life.

No. 11 : Gabriel Goes to Portugal.


"Writing Blue Treasure" : An Interview with Author Gabrielle Silva.

Abigail Wright interviews Gabrielle on her experience of writing Blue Treasure.

"PLAY-fuLiving" by Jenny Ward.

Jenny Ward of California in the USA is a "Play Activist". She offers playful suggestions for bringing the magic back into everyday life.
Go on - read it - we dare you!

"What Happened to Pluto"? by Marielle Croft of Vancouver, Canada.

The recent demotion of Pluto from Planet status to "dwarf" has led to much speculation as to the significance of this move for the transformation process of planet Earth. Our guest astrologer, Marielle Croft, provides some insight.

"Physical Transformation - The Time has Come" by Patricia Cota-Robles of the USA.
At Last! Assistance with the Physical symptoms of Ascension from Patricia and the Elohim Angels!