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Parenting a Crystal Child the Conscious Way: No 6

Gabriel starts to Crawl: He's mobile now!

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Dearest friends

Life has not been easy these past weeks, with all the changes, Blue Moon and all! :-) It's been a time of inner growing and letting go of old patterns. Throughout it all, Gabriel made it seem easy, even though at times we could clearly see he was affected, and I think not because of him upgrading himself because he's already there and has no past issues or old patterns to let off, but because I think he feels our releasing and pain and is perhaps not yet fully adapt to "deal" with it efficiently. A case in point was on about the 14th of August (during the period of the Blue Moon) when I suddenly felt this stinging pain on the right side of my chest and on my left wrist. It was weird and reminded me of that symptom that Archangel Michael spoke about - of extreme pain in certain parts in our bodies due to re-wiring. Anyway, immediately Gabriel started feeling uncomfortable and started crying. It eventually went away…

A bit earlier in July we had a group, (led by Henrique and Simone from the "Academia Despertar" ,"Awakening Academy", in Brazil, who had come to Cape Town to perform a spiritual ceremony on top of Table Mountain (meant to help with the distribution and anchoring of the New Energies so that African people can better learn from the Crystal and Indigo children), which came and had tea at our home. Henrique had heard about us through the "Starchild" website and contacted us prior to coming from Brazil. It was so interesting to hear Henrique talk about the work they do and events happening on that side, different words for very similar events and workings happening on this side! :-) … I guess spirit is hard at work making sure the new energies are grounded everywhere. The group thoroughly enjoyed Gabriel's presence! Henrique later revealed that Gabriel and he had shared a past life when Lord Sananda (Jesus) was among us physically the last time, and they both had learned very High teachings from the Order of Melchizedek. He mentioned Gabriel was bringing a message from the Stars and that anyone willing to listen would benefit greatly from his powerful energy (please note I'm not at all bragging here just sharing what I was told). I guess if all people were willing to listen to all Indigo and Crystal children then Earth would greatly benefit. ;-)

We did find an homeopath from whom Gabriel is now taking his "vaccines"… it's actually drops, which he takes in the morning and evening. It might take a lot longer to complete the vaccinations but at least there are no side effects and he doesn't cry of pain. The homeopath doctor confirmed she would sign the vaccinations card, which she said most schools are fine with. If you are interested you can do some more reading on:

gab6b.jpg Gabriel is now crawling (he started at 7 ˝ months) and he's a joy to watch… well as most parents would know, it's sort of a constant watch! :-) not that it stops him from now and then getting some bumps on his head (which he amazingly recovers so well from… after a major cry of course!)! But they all learn fast and he now knows how to use his hands to balance and to lower his knees first if he wants to crawl from the standing position… of course now and then he still loses his balance. He's also got a fascination for the toilet seat and the cat's food bowls! :-)

Talking about cats, he's developed a playful "relationship with our cat Luna… she's extremely patient with him, even when he's pushing her tail big time or sitting on top of her! :-) We have also exposed him to as many textures and colours as possible; we feel it's important. It's so funny to watch him in the garden, grabbing the grass and the soil… just need to stop him when he wants to taste it!

Gabriel has had an immense effect on us, on me personally, my inner child is beyond happy! :-) We are also amazed at how much he absorbs from just watching… Inęs has started studying to become a Montessori accredited teacher and we feel the teachings of Maria Montessori are very much in line on what should be the basis to educate these precious beings (and of all children). Maria Montessori believed that we should start educating from birth as children have their highest psychic abilities from 0-6 and learn by absorbing knowledge through these abilities (I actually think they can maintain this high level of these abilities if they are acknowledged and accepted rather than being frowned upon). She further believed that a Man is made not during the university stages of their lives but during this crucial time of growth and if we wanted to build a better world then education must start a lot sooner. We certainly resonated with this and we can recommend one of her books as an intro, "The secret of childhood".

gab6c.jpg I have one more thing to share and although I was not proud of it, it might help other fathers understand their behaviour. A couple of times when I got home and I was spending time with Gabriel, he slipped and fell and of course started crying. As I was comforting him, Inęs came and, as one would expect from a caring mother, also want to hold him to comfort him. I found myself pushing her away rudely telling her it was my turn to comfort him seeing how she spent the entire day with him and I didn't want him to get used to Inęs always being there… of course that hurt her… we immediately discussed it the first time it happened but somehow I didn't understand why I did it… so three days ago (26/08) it happened again. This time Inęs was even more hurt and while she went off I asked myself why did I act that way and I understood there and then it was my fear that Gabriel might love Inęs more than me, which is pretty silly, but of course it meant that I still have a little lack of self-love. I then approached Inęs of course and I apologized and promised I would work on that aspect of myself a little more. So yes I guess it's Gabriel's high vibration that brings to the fore all these hidden fears and helps them get released and healed…

Anyway, that's it for now. We thank all the people who have shared their stories and what they've learned through experience… it's highly appreciated! :-)

Love and light
José, Inęs & Gabriel

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