By Celia Fenn

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Archangel Michael has asked me once again to share with you the extraordinary adventure of consciousness that I have experienced in the last few days. It is about the New Earth, Terra, Tara or Terra Nova, whichever you prefer. And it is relevent to all of you who are undergoing the stresses of your Indigo-Crystal intiation or transition.

One of the questions I am frequently asked by people in the transition is "When will it end?", or alternatively, "How long does it last". In the past I have had no idea, since I have been in mine for nearly two years and hardly want to say to someone just starting that, well, there isn't an end in sight so far. But now there is! And I want to share it with you in the hope that it will lighten your journey and help you to understand what is happening to us all in this wonderful adventure of co-creation.

In my previous article on "Why we get so Tired so Often", Archangel Michael asked me to explain to you that your brain wave frequencies are shifting and your subconscious is releasing old fears and traumas. All the hard work you have done to clear your emotional bodies in preparation for ascension has enabled you to access higher frequencies in your waking states, hence the spaciness and dreaminess. But we are also accessing higher frequencies in our dream states, and it is here that I first expereinced New Earth, in the Dream Time.

After Harmonic Concordance I was hit with a severe chest and throat flu that put me into bed. I was deeply disgruntled, muttered about how it was not supposed to be like this, and was generally ticked off. But I realised that bronchitis was a childhood illness for me, and that I was healing deep childhood trauma. What was interesting was that I could take nothing to ease the symptoms. My new Crystal body has avoided all pharmaceuticals for at least 18 months on instruction from higher guidance. When I gave in and took a dose of Vicks Medi-Nite, my body identified it and eliminated it in five minutes. I was astonished. But I eventually coped with the pain and discomfort by treating myself like a child. I massaged my head and neck, did Reiki on my body, and generally told my 3 year old inner child that I loved her and that all was well. This act of deep love for my child seemed to have cleared the trauma and provided the key to access the new Earth in the Dream State.

There were several dreams over several nights, all in what I would term "widescreen and technicolour" or "larger than life". The colours were deep and brilliant and everything seemed "bigger" and clearer. I did not pay much attention to the first dream, because there I met a dear friend who is here on Earth now although I haven't seen him for a year. But a few dreams later I started to take note, and realised that something special was happening.

In the last dream I found myself in a beautiful house visiting a couple with thier child. She was a crystal child, very beautiful, about ten years old, but she had some problem that I was discussing with her parents. The house was simple but had huge glass windows that looked out onto a mountain. It was very beautiful and tranquil. But as I looked closely at the rocks of the mountain I saw that they were cut "by hand" like bricks, and that the entire mountain was "man made". Then I realised that everything is made by us as creators! Every atom and molecule is pulled into place by our creative will. And I also realised that this beautiful place already exists on a higher frequency that I can access when I am in a certain state of clarity.

Angels of the Second Planet of Free Choice

When I read Steve Rother's channeled messages from the Group, I often wondered what he meant when he said that we are to be the Angels of the Second Planet of Free Choice. Now I know. That planet exists in the "future", and we, the Crystal Humans becoming Angels, are already visiting that future to assist our children and their children. And they in turn, are assisting us by being born here as Crystal Children.

So, dear fellow travellers, as you battle with your symptoms of fatigue and dizziness and other things, know that you are adapting your body to become a magnificent multidimensional frequency player that can access and transmit the frequencies of the New Earth. And, as more and more of us reach the frequency of the New Earth, whether in our dreams our our "waking" state, we make it possible for that frequency to "come down" to Earth and anchor here. So Heaven, or the higher frequency, comes to Earth. But this dance between future and present is all happening simaltaneously in the place of "no time", the eternal present. And we, the Crystal Co-Creators or Human Angels, are learning to bend and manipulate time and space to achieve this new reality.

We are literally magnetising a new octave of creative experience into our frequency by a pure act of intention. We intended to ascend and to be in the New Earth, and so it is - well almost! But hang in there, its coming. What a miracle of conscious evolution. We don't have to do anything other than adapt our consciousness so that we can perceive out new creation that comes to us as a gift from our children.

And that, dear ones, is the gift of the process. It ends when we have fine tuned our consciousness enough to access the New Earth. Which is here Now!

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