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Parenting a Crystal Child the Conscious Way: No 11

Gabriel goes to Portugal

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Hi all

20 September 2005

Phew, the energies are heavy and have been heavy for a while… tired is the word for us! :-) We are back from Portugal and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family. Our visit started off so so though, with Gabriel getting a ear infection and I heavy sinusitis… maybe adjustment and rebalancing to the energies on that side? Mind you having to stay in Amsterdam for 12 hours while waiting for our connecting flight to Lisbon was not that pleasant, the air conditioning messed up my throat!! :-)

Anyway once again it was nice to see how Gabriel interacted with the family; we initially stayed with my family for about 9 days and then travelled to stay with Inês' parents. The first couple days he wasn't so comfortable being held by them but eventually got used to it and gleefully accepted their love! Gabriel is also absorbing things very fast so he duly learnt the naughty things that his uncle Mário taught him… :-)

gabpor2.jpg When we were at Inês' parents, it was interesting to see how, when he was around his cousin Daniela, a very active Indigo, his energy started spinning around and he became a little uncontrollable. She eats lots of chocolaty stuff too, which I guess makes her even more active! :-) Nonetheless they also got on well. On the other hand, with his cousin André (Daniela's brother), a Crystal, thing were much calmer, almost silent and telepathic… except on a few occasions when Gabriel wanted to pet him a little roughly! :-)

25 September 2005

Eventually we made it to the beach and he really enjoyed that extra freedom. He learnt that the sea is a powerful force to be respected. But he also learnt it is a fun place to be, forging play friendships with whomever was on the beach, including this girl who had a burnt body. To the girl's delight (and her parents) he didn't even notice that physical aspect, simply enjoying the company and a playmate.

I also got the feeling we went to help ground the new energies there, especially during this period when the Sirius portal was opened. I actually felt the energies there to be slightly lighter than last year like it was starting to move things around and bringing to the fore what needed to be cleansed. Maybe it was also why there were so many fires in the country, not only a cleansing but also a bringing of people together for a common humanitarian cause.

Having come back to Cape Town, we took Gabriel back to day-care after a few days. But we decided it was time for him to move up to the new class, seeing that his other friends had already moved there and we had the feeling he was getting a little bored spending time with the younger children (even though he enjoyed their company, from what we had seen, the conversations seemed to happen telepathically, as they would all sit happily together and play without much fuss or noise).

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Anyway, in the bigger class, the energy was much more livelier and I think he felt threatened in a way as he now had to deal with bigger kids than him. Even though the school does not allow for guns, some of the kids would build a look-a-like using lego and make its noises, something that Gabriel of course copied and did at home… we tried to first explain what guns were and how they not a viable means to get things done, and then change the noise to make it sound like the guns were aeroplanes. ;-)

Actually on that same day, at the day-care I picked up an older child with a toy gun in his hand (his teacher wasn't happy when I reported it to her), when I told him he wasn't allowed to being those in the school, he said "But it's just a toy gun!", further showing that many parents still don't really think of the possible future consequences when they buy these to their children…

The one thing we have also notice is that he seems to get a little "jealous" when mommy and daddy are embracing or showing love towards one another. He tries and separates us and asks to be picked up by mom. We were a little startled but tried to explain to him that we all love each other in different ways and proceed to all kiss one another, he seemed to like that better! :-) even then would push me against mommy so we could kiss…

So this is it for now, sorry for the big delay… feel free to share your stories too!

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Much love and light
José, Inês & Gabriel

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