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Message One: "Healing with the Elementals: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water". Quan Yin through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, as you move into this cycle of time, you are preparing to ground the energy of the New Earth into the Goddess Matrix. You are also experiencing a powerful Initiation or Healing at this time. First you went through the April Lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which brought up very deep past life issues that had still to be confronted and released. Immediately afterwards, with the activation of the 5:5 energies through the first 5:5 gate, you are experiencing a powerful surge of elemental energy that is being directed through the Crystal grids of the Planet.

The effects of this energy are potent, and will show you clearly where you are being brought into balance. The essential area of balance now, and in the weeks leading to the June 21st solstice, is the balance between the spiritual and the physical self, or between sky and earth. You are finally being prepared to enter the New Earth and to become fully fledged human angels, able to hold the Cosmic Balance between heaven and earth.

You have reached an important turning point, dearest lightworkers. You began the transition in 1998, and have passed through the first seven year cycle. The next seven year cycle will bring you to the end of 2012, and the completion of this cycle of change and transition. You will find, dearest ones, that after the Solstice of June 21st, the way will become easier and you will begin to bring into manifestation the dreams and desires that you have held in the first seven year cycle.

The focus of your spiritual lightwork in the first cycle has been to activate your Higher Dimensional Light or Energy bodies and to awaken to your true power as a multi-dimensional Creator. Now, dearest beings of Light, the focus will shift and in the second cycle you will manifest and create the New Earth on the physical plane. Therefore, the focus at this time is on creating balance by clearing and activating your "earth" energies and your lower chakras.

Once again you must remember how to work with and balance your elemental nature, for as beings in physical incarnation, you are held within an energetic matrix of earth, wind, fire and water.

As these powerful elemental energies surge through your bodies as the 5:5 gates are activated, you will feel intense shifts and cleansings within your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Depending on which of the four elements is more powerful in your being, you will feel or perceive the balance or imbalance in your system.

As Earth activates, you will feel the need to connect with nature, and to make your home attractive and comfortable. Where you have lost the connection with the earth, you will feel lost, out of touch and ungrounded. Being in nature and feeling your oneness wiht nature will help you to feel yourself as part of the matrix. You are an essential expression of Divine Energy in the matrix, and you are worthy of material support from that matrix. When you are in balance with the Earth element, you can draw that energy into abundance in your life.

As Fire activates, you will feel passion and energy moving through you. This may be a difficult energy to handle, especially if you have been in the habit of repressing your passions because of social conditioning. You may feel a deep despair, or you may feel as if you want to explode. But this means that you are allowing old repressed energies to be blown away so that you can connect with the true flow of your deep and fiery passion for life.

As Water activates, you will feel surges of emotion and feeling moving through you. Again, if you are in the habit of repressing your emotions and feelings, you will now have to deal with what comes to the surface as these powerful energies move through you. Allow the energies to flow, for once the storm is over, the water of life will settle into the gentle and healing flow it is meant to be when a being is in balance.

Finally, the dance of Air will activate streams of ideas within you. If you are out of balance, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated as you struggle to ground or work with all the ideas that flow into your mind with the surge of Air energy. Know that you do not have to act on all of the ideas, or any of them, they are purely potentials or possibilities. Let them flow through you at this time. Later, you will find focus and feel more settled.

Dear Ones, please do not resist these energies of fear them. Relax into them. As the month moves on, you will find that your bodies will achieve a balance. The work you have done on your Higher Dimensional bodies will help you to hold the Elemental energies in place. For that is the divine design, that the powerful elemental energies are held and directed by the grid or matrix of the higher levels. And once this balance between higher and lower energies is achieved, you are fully qualified to begin creating or running the powerful creative energies with the poise and assurance of the Master Shaman.

For indeed, dearest ones, these are the techniques of the Shaman, who can walk in the "other" world of the "sky" and bring the energies to the "earth". He or she focusses power into the community through the sacred marriage of sky and earth within themselves.

As you take on these energies in the coming weeks, each and every one of you who is ready will become a powerful focus for Divine Energy to flow into your communities. The power of Light and Creativity will open the portals of the New Earth.

So, dear ones, let your courage and perseverance be with you in this difficult month, for the rewards will be great!

Message Two: "Holding the Balance at the Second 5:5 Gate - Monday 23rd May". Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

crystalpower1.jpg Dearest Lightworkers, the energy that has poured through the first 5:5 gate onto your Planet has been incredibly powerful and very difficult to handle.

Many of you have been feeling the effects as you struggle to hold your balance on the Physical level. The 5:5 energy moves and penetrates deeply into the physical, and requires that the body and the spirit be in balance to flow with the energy.

You have felt, have you not, the effects of this testing of your balance. Some of you have felt severe physical symptoms and pains, including pains in the chest, abdomen and lower areas of the body. Some have felt emotional imbalances, mood swings and depressions. Others have had to deal with shocks and upsets to the point where you feel that life is testing you to the extreme.

Indeed, dearest ones, you are being asked to see where you need to hold the balance in your own lives. So many of you in your contemporary culture have lost touch with your physical and emotional realities. You live in your heads, and suppress the emotional and physical flows. What is happening at this time is that you are being compelled to face up to your physical and emotional realties through the influx of the 5:5 energy and its powerful effects on the physical levels of the human body.

The key, Dearest Lightworkers, is BALANCE. Where your life is out of balance, you will feel it now. And you will have to deal with and process whatever feelings and issues are still repressed on a deep level. It is the balance between body and spirit, and learning to give the body and its needs and feelings as much attention as you give the mental and spiritual aspects of yourselves.

It is learning to be in your bodies, and to celebrate your physical existence on this beautiful planet. And to accept the flows of life, and to learn to cease creating dramas of pain and suffering. All these things are part of the reality parameters of the 5th and 6th dimensions that you are learning right now.

And for many of you, learning to accept the nature of endings, whether of relationships or of lives of dear ones, has been a part of this process. Learning to live lightly, to allow endings, but to have a deep appreciation of love and life while they are there. To love and support others where you can, but also knowing when to let go if you cannot. Always remembering that Spirit and the Higher Aspect of each person and each being on the Planet will ensure that everyone is cared for and held in light, no matter how hard things may seem on the outer level.

Dearest ones, this message is to bring you comfort in these difficult times, but also to ask that you continue to hold the inner balance that you are working with now. For the second influx of 5:5 energy at the Full Moon on the 23rd will be even more powerful. It is necessary that you find your center and hold your peace. Be grounded in your physical body, be aware of your feelings and your emotions, whatever they are, but also hold the knowing that you are cared for and loved and held by the Higher Levels.

It is your choice, as conscious creators and human angels, to allow this process so that you can learn to hold the energies, not only for yourselves on the individual level, but also for your planet on the Collective Level. Yes, it is hard, but many of the things that you are letting go of now are things that needed to move out of your lives. Changes that needed to be made, but were not, because you were not in touch enough with your deep feelings. These deep feelings have emerged now like a volcano, and the eruption is washing away whatever is not needed in your lives any longer. And producing the mirror into which you may look and see your own reality creation.

If you do not like what you see, dearest ones, then choose again. This is the great gift. Nothing is permanent, and you can keep choosing again and again. As you change and grow, so your reality will change and grow. This process of flux and flow has been lost to you for many lifetimes, since you created 3D structures that were solid enough to hold back the flows and produce the illusion of permanence. But now that you have moved into the 5th Dimension and higher, you are reconnecting with the natural cosmic flows and pulses that bring change and growth on ever higher spirals of existence.

Can you learn to celebrate the changes, and let go with gratitude and grace? It will be your perspective and attitude to life that will determine how you are able to hold your energy at the second 5:5 gate on the 23rd May. We, on the Higher Dimensions, are here to support you as you learn to hold your inner balance while the waves of creative cosmic light swirl around you and over you, bringing the changes that you all have helped to create on the Planet.

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