The Dolphin Diaries

by Celia Fenn

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Friday 18th March


Last night there were thunderstorms out at sea, and in Cape Town. This morning it is calm and serene as Terrry and I set off to connect with the Dolphin Consciousness. We are driving along the coast to see whether we can spot a pod of Dolphins.

Everything seems soft and clear. The ocean is like a pond, and as we drive along the coast we feel that sense of anticipation and excitement, knowing that the Dolphins are near.

But today, despite the conditions being ideal, we don't see any dolphins at any of the three beaches we visit where they are known to come.

But - I am aware that they are working with us on the Higher Levels of the Sixth Dimension. They are inviting us into their world.

bettysbay4.jpg What is the world of ther Dolphin Consciousness? And what, in fact, are Dolphins?

There are many answers to that question, ranging from the Scientific to the Esoteric.

My own definition is Metaphysical. I know that the Cetacean Family of the Planet, of whom the Dolphins are a member, have been here longer than humans. They are more evolved and their communication system is far superior to ours. Together with their cousins, the Whales, they structure and maintain the Oceanic Grids of the Planet. Their current work is to link the oceanic grids with the land grids in order to expand Human Consciousness.

I see the Dolphin family as advanced souls. They are Starseeds from Sirius and the Pleiades. They are our "elder" brothers and sisters, and they are helping to guide us into the Sixth Dimension, where they have always lived.

Yes, those of us who have ascended into the Fifth Dimensions and are ready, are now being gently guided into the Sixth Dimension by the Dolphins.

So, I see my adventure with Terry today as an excursion into the Sixth Dimension.

Despite the fact that we encounter no dolphins in the physical, we certainly feel their presence teaching and guiding our explorations.

What did I receive from them today?

betty'sbay2.jpg bettysbay3.jpg I feel the energies of the Sixth Dimensional Space in which they live. It is, above all else, peaceful. I am very conscious of how so many of us rush from one thing to another, dominated by our minds and the needs of our minds. Always busy, always moving. And yet here, in this Sixth Dimensional space, I am aware of time flowing very gently and very softly. It seems expansive, almost as wide and all-embracing as the ocean itself. And there is, with it, a sense of "no need to rush, there is always plenty of time for what is important - finding a sense of yourself in the Cosmic Flow of All That Is." And the mind is quiet as consciousness expands into this new reality.

I feel the Dolphins also urging me to be present in the moment. Perhaps there are no Dolphins to be seen today, but there is a beautiful translucent ocean and a soft blue sky. There is peace, and beauty, and I become so intensely aware of the elemental beauty of this place where I live.

And then, also, the company of wonderful friends. Terry and I are joined by our friend Regine, as we stop off at her Beach house. We all walk along the shoreline, enjoying being with each other and with the energies provided by the Dolphin Consciousness. Regine says she is also aware of the presence of the Dolphins. We feel them urging us to lift our vibration into the Sixth Dimension.

And , finally, I feel extreme Gratitude as a gift from the Dolphin Consciousness.

Gratitude for the gift of Life
and the beauty of the Planet

Gratitude to the Source and All That Is
that we can grow and evolve
on such a wonderful world

Gratitude to the Dolphins and the Whales
and the Angels and the Devas and the Elementals
who guide us and sustain us
on our Earth adventure

And Gratitude for the friends
who Love us and Support us
and walk with us
a little way.

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